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Good quality product

Spot on, responded to my email right away. Very fast delivery and good quality product.

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Very fast and responsive turn around

Very fast and responsive turn around, even when we had a few design changes and had to come back to the plant to measure and review our change request. The ease and smooth use of the hydraulic lifter and the added safety of the cage, brightness, safety message on ramp in closed position.

Product Description: (2) FRT GANGWAY AND SAFETY CAGE
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Very responsive

Katie Kelli was very responsive from the moment I sent her an order and following up with shipping information.

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Value for the money and long life

Jon Verlander was supportive and very co-operative during our purchase process. We like the golden cage, which gives additional security to the operator. SafeRack products offer us value for our money, long life, space saving and flexible use almost anywhere.

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Looks good, solid, feels good, safe

Our cross over stair was expedited as per our request....Our salesperson worked with your inside sales and got it thru customs quickly....great service....great product. The product is flexibility, looks good, solid, feels good, safe.

John Nance is great....he assisted in design and ensured the warehouse has our product and expedited shipping....he is a super representative for SafeRack.

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A perfect fit

Great easy to read shop drawings, aluminum construction and OSHA Certified. Shipped immediately. The product went together well and was a perfect fit.

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Finished product makes us look good

They were very helpfull in helping us get what we needed.They also made phone calls to confirm the order was right and what we needed. Cost is right.Your people are easy to work with.

Saves our insulated piping, safer for our personnel, easier access to our inner tanks. High quality, easy construction, and the finished product makes our tank farm look good.

Product Description: ERECTASTEP SYSTEMS
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Ergonomics Drives Work Place Safety and Productivity

Workplace safety at loading and unloading terminals is enhanced when ergonomics is a consideration. SafeRack work platforms and gangways support ergonomic operation and help reduce strain and sprain injury.

We see a lot of loading and unloading terminals, but one thing that impresses us is when leadership engenders a workplace safety culture. True, every company has output requirements to maintain, as well as, EHS and OSHA compliance requirements. However, in our experience, those leaders who place an emphasis on workplace safety are also top performers in OEE and other performance metrics.

Many managers are taking workplace safety a step further and incorporating ergonomics into their safety programs. It's a growing concern among EHS professionals because of an aging workforce.  According to the U.S. Department of Labor, one in three workers is over the age of 50, and the concern is that the older the worker, the greater the risk of injury.

Regardless of age, ergonomics considerations can significantly reduce the risk of strain and sprain injuries. These injuries are often caused by overexertion. We’ve seen cases where it’s not the aging worker, but aging equipment that causes workers to require more physical energy to operate.

How can you improve industrial and manufacturing ergonomics?

Take a look at your loading equipment and consider ergonomic improvements. Can you adjust the equipment to help it operate with less effort; for example, replacing or lubricating weathered industrial parts that no longer operate with ease?

Consider the age of the equipment and conduct a cost analysis to see if the productivity improvements of replacing the equipment outweigh the costs. Keep in mind that part of the cost includes any downtime. Often we find that aging equipment malfunctions and leads to downtime. For most busy terminals, the costs of downtime are significant and far outweigh replacement costs.

Should you decide to replace equipment, factor in delivery and installation to make sure you minimize any potential downtime or supply disruption. For some terminal operators there's a brief lull during certain seasons when they conduct planned maintenance. If you’re unable to leverage shutdown periods, then consider a supplier who can delivery quickly and whose installation is easy and the process efficient.

Learn more about ergonomic solutions for loading terminals.  Contact SafeRack today!

Design, ease of assembly and installation.

Outstanding delivery time. If it wasn't in stock for immediate delivery, I would have gone to another supplier. SafeRack had the item ready to go. My salesman John Nance is very efficient and responds almost immediately.

This product improves safety for my staff, cutting down their time moving around the yard. This product is weather protected, with no maintenance, plus saves cost on designing, engineering and building in-house. Always a positive experience. Price is good.

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Durable and lightweight design

Every question i had, i received an answer within the same day. SafeRack worked closely with us to provide the correct product for our application. The durability of the load out, and the lightweight design even with stainless make this product great.

We have more than 3 of these loadouts in our plant now, and they have been the most durable and easiest load outs to work with, period.

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