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Is Your Fall Protection Plan Lucky or Safety?

When a worker survives a fall unscathed, we often hear someone say he or she was "lucky." While that may be true, luck, good fortune or guardian angels are no substitute for an effective fall protection plan. We talked to numerous customers about their fall protection plans to come up with the following four pillars of our SAFE fall protection plan. Think of them as your lucky four leaf clover.

1. See This first pillar involves identifying where the greatest risk of fall lies. Conduct a fall hazard analysis of the work area and identify the extent of the hazard and what you can do to eliminate or mitigate risk.

2. Act Assign and empower a safety team. In many companies the safety team has the authority to act on safety issues, especially issues that can be remedied quickly. For those safety issues that may require additional investment, the team acts as a liaison with management to escalate the safety issue and work toward a remedy.

3. Follow-up This pillar refers to issues previously addressed as well as changes that may have introduced new safety issues. Follow-up is the equivalent of continuous improvement. It's about continuously seeking to improve safety through policy, practices or new / improved personal protection equipment (PPE).

4. Engage Companies with the safest records also have a high rate of engagement and awareness in safety among colleagues. Whether it's through safety-specific training programs or operator training programs that integrate safety, these companies continually cultivate a safety mindset into everything they do.

Stay SAFE. That's our motto. Leave luck for the lottery, and plan for effective fall protection. Often a safer workplace involves small common sense changes or investments that far outweigh the effects of a fall. Changes to a procedure, the addition of PPE or a safety gate or work platform--all can significantly improve safety. Learn how SafeRack can improve fall protection at your workplace.

The product was delivered within 10 days - Great!

The product is excellent. I used it before in another facility - It's easy for my employees to operate. Mark Gardner was responsive - Everything was smooth sailing, from sales and delivery. I recommend this product.

Product Description: Aluminum flat ramp gangway with one week expediting fee
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The product was delivered in an extremely timely manner, much faster than I had anticipated

I found to what extent SafeRack was willing go to in order get our business & start a relationship. Very happy with the experience. What I like most about the product the workmanship. But this was an aspect I was already familiar with from a past relationship with SafeRack. Your product looks as good as it performs.

Product Description: Gangway and cage for Boiler room scale
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Gangways Provide Expanded Fall Protection Needs

Article posted in Canadian Process Equipment & Control News magazine - June 2009

Gangway fall protection

Douglasville, GA based Asphalt Refining & Technology Company (ARTC) utilizes the SafeRack G4-series gangway and platform system in their truck and railcar loading and unloading areas.

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