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Portable Truck Platform

Nothing proves quality service like good customer reviews from satisfied customers. And that's just what we get on a regular basis!

A product engineer from South Georgia said "Everything was great in all our relations with SafeRack. Thank you all very much! Chris is always very responsive and more than willing to do anything necessary to satisfy our needs. The mobile rack, self supporting is what we like most about the product. The construction and the craftmanship in which the equipment is made is impressive."

The< Mobile Access Unit (MAUI-I) Portable Truck Platform serves as a railcar loading rack for the inspection or venting of railcars. The stable design and quality construction provides a safe, dependable rolling platform and with fall protection. While SafeRack's Portable Truck Platform and loading ramps are easily adjusted and highly maneuverable, the base of the rolling platform is exceptionally stable to ensure on-the job safety. That's #1 with us and says it all.

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Soaring To New Heights

Caramel-coloring supplier D. D. Williamson takes safety to a new level thanks to a portable platform.
- Processing Magazine - December 2009


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