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OPW Swivel Joints and Fittings

Break Away Couplers

OPW Safety Breakaway Coupling

The new OPW safety breakaway coupling is designed specifically to provide the ultimate safety in the transfer of hazardous materials such as LPG, LNG, acids, solbents, petrochemicals, gasses and other toxic liquids. With and innovative double-poppet design, this new breakaway coupling provides protection against potential catastrophic damage associated with drive/pull away incidents.

High Performance/High Flow

The patented OPW breakaway utilizes a straight-line design resulting in maximum fluid transfer performance. With minimal restriction or pressure drop in the easy-flow interior, this coupling is ideal for high-flow line applications.

Break Away Couplers

Drive/Pull Away Safety

For hose or loading arm applications, the OPW breakaway is designed to separate at any angle when subjected to a designated pull force. In the event of separation, its patented double-poppet valves seal automatically to stop the flow of liquid on both ends, limiting spillage while protecting equipment and personnel.


This durable, compact coupling can absorb the effects of normal line shock while protecting the system from external overload. Shear bolts can be supplied in a variety of sizes and materials to meet specific pressure and load requirements. With the use of a rebuild kit, the coupling, upon separation, can be reset and returned to operation.

Available in 2" and 3", the breakaway is supplied standard in 316 stainless steel. It can also be specified in Alloy 20 or Hastelloy C - with end connections NPT, BSP, ANSI flange or butt-weld.

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