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Fall Protection Safety

The SafeClosure railing system prevents falls from tank trucks, rail cars and isotainers where operators require access to multiple hatches or washout caps. The system can be paired with loading arms, a wide variety of gangways, grounding and vapor recovery systems or other specialty loading requirements.

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Elevating And Articulating Handrail Systems

Easy to Raise and Lower

The light weight aluminum construction and SafeRack’s unique engineering makes the SafeClosure easy to raise and lower, while it’s robust engineering eliminates downtime and repair costs.


SafeRack is on a mission to eliminate one of the leading causes of workplace fatalities and injuries. Our goal is to make OSHA fall protection compliance fast, easy and cost effective.

Whether you're complying with General Industry (OSHA 1910), Maritime (OSHA 1915) or Construction (OSHA 1926) requirements, SafeRack fall protection systems support workplace safety without compromising productivity.

Elevating Amd Articulating Handrail Systems

Field adjustable

The patent pending enclosure is versatile in the field. Adjustments of both cage size and working heights make the unit repurposable for a variety of vehicles and loading conditions. For weather conditions are not ideal we offer canopy and platform additions.
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Our knowledgeable sales, engineering and customer service staff are experts at reviewing your operation and recommending or designing the correct solution for your needs. Contact us today and let our experts help you select the best fall protection for your plant’s requirements.

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Fall Protection Elevating Handrail Systems With Cage Enclosures