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Enable workers to perform their jobs with confidence knowing they’re protected from falls. Our elevating handrails operate with effortless pneumatic lifts or easy glide winches. Give workers fall protection even in low clearance applications, thanks to our articulating handrail systems.

There’s an elevating handrail system to meet fall protection requirements in a variety of applications including:

  • Railcar fall protection – SafeRack elevated handrails extend a foot above typical crash boxes to provide 42 inches of fall protection height and minimize gaps along the contour of the railcar.
  • Tank truck and isotainer fall protection – Our elevated handrails can extend the length of the truck for the most flexibility to unload from multiple hatches.

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Fall Protection Elevating Handrail Systems Tank Railcar With Adjustable Platform

Fall Protection

SafeRack is on a mission to eliminate one of the leading causes of workplace fatalities and injuries. Our goal is to make OSHA fall protection compliance fast, easy and cost effective. Whether you’re complying with General Industry (OSHA 1910), Maritime (OSHA 1915) or Construction (OSHA 1926) requirements, SafeRack fall protection systems support workplace safety without compromising productivity.

SafeRack products are proudly manufactured and assembled in the United States
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Elevated Handrail System, used 80 times per day. Unit can cover entire tank truck for multiple hatches.

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Adjustable Railcar Platform With Fall Protection