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  • Locking 8" swivel casters allow for safe and easy mobility
  • Safety-yellow, powder-coated handrails provide greater visibility
  • Modular design reduces shipping costs and makes on-site unloading simple
  • Platforms can be repurposed for other uses as your needs change
Flatbed Truck Fall Protection

Fall Protection Made Simple

Loading and unloading flatbed trucks poses significant risks to flatbed trailer drivers. When those loads—everything from pipes and cement to sheetrock and lumber—need to be wrapped or tarped, the drivers or operators are frequently required to do the work. And that work entails crawling over irregular surfaces and spanning voids in uneven loads. Falls from atop those loads, which routinely reach 12 or more feet, can be fatal.

On top of that, OSHA mandates that fall protection be provided for employees working at heights greater than four feet. Plus, you may be legally liable for workers on your site even if they aren't employed by you. In other words, fall protection is more critical than ever. And no one is better equipped to provide the compliant fall protection you need than SafeRack.

Dual Truck Flatbed Fall Protection

Easily Mobile, Completely Compliant.

SafeRack rolling platforms provide a safe walk surface beside the flatbed trailer. With large, swivel casters, you can easily roll the platforms alongside the flatbed and roll it away when the truck leaves. The systems are available in a wide variety of lengths and are offered as either a manual or powered system.

SafeRack rolling platforms have been installed all over North America to provide workers with OSHA-compliant fall protection. Regardless of where you're located, our experts can help your operation achieve the same level of safety. We'll visit your site to analyze the type of work done on the flatbeds, including how the truck is loaded and what the operator typically does on top of the truck or load. After that, we'll present you with a solution that will ensure your compliance and—more importantly—your workers' safety.

Truck Tarping Systems

Tarping loads can be particularly dangerous, as it requires workers to climb on top of loads, navigate any uneven heights, avoid hidden voids, and strap down bulky tarps. SafeRack offers a solution that eliminates those risks by applying tarps to loaded flatbed trucks with an automated system. The system lifts the tarp and carries it across the truck. It's safe, quick and effective.

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