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The SafeRack lifeline cable system is a lightweight, shock absorbing horizontal fall protection system designed for use in railcar and truck tank container loading and unloading. The SafeRack cable system can adapt to any working environment to provide workers with fall protection that does not interfere with their work, especially in environments with limited access, low frequency of use, and railcars of differing lengths.

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Lifeline Fall Protection System


The Safetrack cable system is made from lightweight synthetic cable, can span up to 200 feet, supports up to 4 workers at a time, and meets all OSHA requirements for horizontal cable lifeline systems. The lifeline cable is very resistant to extended use, chemicals, and weather and has low sag, while weighing only 15 pounds per 100 feet. If the cable becomes worn, a red liner in the cable alerts the user to damage or wear. The fall prevention system is unique in that it allows workers to pass between lifeline supports without disconnecting from the cable, and the available Skyrider bypass allows for hands free operation of the cable system.

Lifeline Fall Protection Material


SafeRack is on a mission to eliminate one of the leading causes of workplace fatalities and injuries. Our goal is to make OSHA fall protection compliance fast, easy and cost effective.

Whether you're complying with General Industry (OSHA 1910), Maritime (OSHA 1915) or Construction (OSHA 1926) requirements, SafeRack fall protection systems support workplace safety without compromising productivity.

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Fall Protection Lifeline System For Railcar Tanker Facility