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Flat Bed Truck Tarping System

Safe and Simple Powered Truck Tarping

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Return On Investment*

1tarped loads per day saves
$2700a month
+ Safe Operators
* 2.25 hrs saved per load x $60/hr x 20 days
Two Point Attachment
Eliminates Spreader Bar Swing
 Simply Up & Over,
   With No Trailer

Tarp Safely in 15 Minutes

The SafeRack flat bed truck tarping system allows one operator to tarp a fully loaded flatbed in 15 minutes or less. Most importantly though, it allows operation without climbing onto the truck or load, eliminating potentially unsafe working conditions.

Better By Design

In making a better tarping system, our engineer's top priorities were safety and simplicity. We attached the tarp spreader bar at multiple locations to eliminate boom swing and tarp twisting common in other systems. Next, we eliminated the potentially unstable equipment some systems require operators attach to trailers to keep tarps from catching on truck loads.

These simple design decisions makes the SafeRack truck tarping system the safest, easiest way to tarp trucks on the market, but don't take our word for it. Watch the video above to see how Roxul Inc, went from a dangerous, 2.5 hour manual tarping process to a safe 15 minute solution.

Key Features

  • Multi Point Spreader bar attachment prevents bar from swinging
  • Can utilize existing structure or a freestanding enclosure
  • High quality winch for long life
  • High quality components throughout

Return On Investment

  • Reduced workers compensation costs
  • Reduced general Liability costs
  • Reduced direct labor costs (see functional slider scale above)
  • Increased throughput in shipping times avoid delay charges from Trucking companies
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