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SafeRack Gangways & Walkways

Flat Ramp Telescoping Style (FRT)

flat ramp gangways
loading ramps

SafeRack’s patent pending G4Series truck and railcar gangways and bridges have been engineered for durability and ease of use. These access gangways are built to stand up to abuse with rugged, oversized parts and feature counterbalanced and adjustable springs which help raise and lower units with minimal effort.

Whether your walkway requires aluminum or stainless steel, G4Series design and construction will keep your operation running smoothly. If you need a replacement loading ramp or a simple spare part, our fast response time means your loading rack won’t be down long.


Telescoping Loading Ramp

Flat-Ramp Telescoping Gangway

The SafeRack flat ramp telescoping style walkway is a flat ramp model loading ramp with a slip resistant walk surface, with telescoping handrails to eliminate gaps between the gangway and railcar or truck. Popular for railcar loading applications or in conjunction with truck loading arms, it reaches wide tank cars without the need for the telescoping extension, and the use of the telescoped handrails eliminates gaps on narrow railcars.

Telescoping top handrails come on all models without the safety cage option. The telescoping gangway is available in 24, 36, 48, 60 and 72 inch widths as well as 3’ 4’ 5’ 6’ and 7’ lengths. Materials available are aluminum, galvanized steel, or stainless steel.

Optional equipment for the flat ramp style telescoping gangway include a pneumatic package for safe and easy raising and lowering of the gangway, and a pivot mount for aligning the gangway with mis-spotted containers.

flat ramp telescoping style gangway

60 inch wide walkway


48 inch wide walkway


Optional pneumatic package to raise and lower gangway. Your choice of hand pendant or control box option.

loading ramp walkway

Optional 2 Rail Safety Cage

loading ramp gangway

Optional Pivot Mount

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  • FRT Gangway

    Very fast and responsive turn around

    Very fast and responsive turn around, even when we had a few design changes and had to come back to the plant to measure and review our change request. The ease and smooth use of the hydraulic lifter and the added safety of the cage, brightness, safety message on ramp in closed position.

    Bill Sweeney
    Equistar Chemicals, LP

  • FRT Gangway

    Good quality product

    Spot on, responded to my email right away. Very fast delivery and good quality product.

    John Jackson
    Tetra Technologies Inc

  • FRT Gangway

    Durable and lightweight design

    Every question i had, i received an answer within the same day. SafeRack worked closely with us to provide the correct product for our application. The durability of the load out, and the lightweight design even with stainless make this product great.

    We have more than 3 of these loadouts in our plant now, and they have been the most durable and easiest load outs to work with, period.

    Jacob Vogt
    Balchem Corporation

  • FRT Gangway and Cage

    Quality product...as always

    Having a product like this in our plant ,sends the statement of safety first. This product makes it very easy for operations. This is a clean product that looks very nice in our plant. Quality product...as always. I am currently recommending a SafeRack product for another area of our plant , and in our upcoming expansions I will point out that I want SafeRack products there also.

    Brian Newton
    Cabot Corporation

  • FRT Gangway safety cage platform

    Quality and Service that speaks for itself

    Travis McCraine was very helpful with determining exactly what parts I needed to order. Whenever I had questions he responded very quickly! Spare part readily available, which is important to prevent downtime of a system. Lightwieght, easily replaced or repaired, high quality constructed.

    It's a pleasure to do business with Saferack and will always contact them for any loading rack type jobs I have in the future. Quality products, great service and I think that speaks for itself.

    Nathan Lajiness
    Marathon Petroleum Corporation

  • FRT Gangway Safety Cage

    The product is perfect

    John Nance had great follow through during all steps: Sales To delivery. The gangway is strong, easy to install ( 1 part), and simple to use. The product is perfect.

    Pascal Gendron
    IMTT - Quebec, Inc.

  • FRT Gangway Safety Cage

    The service is what makes the difference.

    The delivery was as promised. Our previous provider fell short on service after the sale, and assistance in providing the correct product for the customer. I am very pleased with the service SafeRack provides. The salesman has been extremely helpful and has gone out of his way to assist in any way possible. Not to be negative, but the fall protection products are comparable, the service is what makes the difference.

    Jerry Hilgendorf
    Nustar Logistics, LP

  • FRT Gangway and Cage

    Safety is our No.1 goal

    Safety is our No.1 goal, so we chose your company who has a lot of different idea, working as a team, to make the right choice of product we need. Safe, great and long lasting products.

    Chad Morris
    Marathon Petroleum Company LP

  • FRT Gangways safety cage

    Responsive and qualified personnel

    SafeRack had equipment to fit our needs, with adaptability to existing equipment. and responsive personnel. SafeRack won the contract due to the detailed attention provided by your field service representative, Mark Gardner. So far all interaction with SafeRack has been positive. We are a chemical manufacturer with rather extensive qualification process for working on our site. SafeRack's safety record qualified them to work on site and they have agreed to meet our required contractor safety training.

    Steven Hall
    Cytec Industries, Inc.

  • FRT Gangway safety cage platform

    We have 3 and love them all

    Fantastic. John Nance helped us every step of the way. SafeRack gangways are simle and easy to lower and raise compared to the plant's old models. Look professional, easy to operate, and my operators are happy (which is the most important benefit).

    Carl Taylor
    Erco Worldwide

  • FRT Gangway safety cage platform

    Finest work platforms available

    Great product, reliable, easy to use, safe, with fast delivery and friendly service. SafeRack makes the finest work platforms available.

    Brian Boston

  • FRT gangway G4 series

    Better than the competition

    The construction of the unit is better than the competition and is very visible as it sits next to other gangways. It stands out! We had been given bad center line measurements from the end user and needed immediate help. David Daniel helped expdite a new gangway and all involved appreciated his help which turned a negative situation into a positve outcome acheiving the ultimate customer experience...Thanks SafeRack!!!

    Craig Trosclair
    Lake Charles Rubber & Gasket Co., LLC

  • FRT Gangways

    Fast replacement parts.

    Our SafeRack representative Phyllis was great, our replacement part was of great quality and arrived very fast.

    RJ Teune
    G & G Rebuilders

  • gangways

    The product was delivered as quoted - 10 days

    Dana Harbuck provided expert and immediate response and feedback.

    Penny LeBlanc
    Georgia Gulf Chemicals and Vinyls Inc.

  • gangways

    Delivery was prompt and as promised

    These racks seem to be much more solid and durable than the Determan gangways we have now. Scott Hite did a great. He came out to our site and personally walked down the location of the new gangway install. Everyone was positive to work with, and there was great customer service and communication all the way through the transaction.

    Adam McCrady
    Valero Renewable Fuels Company, LLC

  • gangways

    Easy to use and install

    Everything was extremely positive - working with Phyllis Sikes made everything extremely easy!

    Jill Lomp
    Lincolnway Energy

  • railcar safety cage fall protection

    Receipt of approval drawings as well as the delivery is well within the quoted timeframe

    Dave Young is very responsive to all of our needs. All inquiries are received in a timely manner.These products work very well for all of our applications and are well priced for the applications. Yes, I can buy similar products from other suppliers at competitive prices, but I do not get anywhare near the expertise, customer service, and prompt delivery that SafeRack provides.

    Mike Amos
    E.I. DuPont De Nemours & Company

  • Extremely fast delivery, met or beat all schedules!

    We would absolutely recommend SafeRack. Great company to work with, and very adaptable. We like both the ease of use of the gangways and Scott Hite's experience and assistance in our project. We are building a state of the art railcar loading facility in some pretty harsh conditions. Mistakes and errors can really slow or stop our progress. SafeRack took away that concern by providing us with a quality product, that we didn't need to worry about following the manufacturing path. Delivered when and what they promised. Read More [+]

    We see a long relationship with SafeRack. They have helped us through some difficult design decisions and took the load on themselves. This freed us up to deal with other non-related design aspects. We had some shipping damage issues, that we worked through with SafeRack. Both companies have taken steps to keep from happening in the future. Fantastic product with Superb workmanship. Read Less [-]

    Kris Meredith
    Strobel Starostka Construction

  • It was delivered at a prompt time. I was very satisfied.

    I was completely impressed with the entire service and quality that your company gave me during my dilemma. I would recommend this product to other production plants within the company and fellow colleagues.

    Vernon Ankersen
    Mississippi Lime

  • The product was delivered as advertised

    Rob, The loading rack has already been installed....great product ! I enjoyed working with Travis & Heather, specifically their follow up. I would consider him very responsive (and) the product was delivered as advertised.

    Steven Gerbasi, President
    Cleveland Industrial Group

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