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SafeRack Loading Ramps & Gangways

Flat Ramp Style (SFR) Walkways

truck loading ramps
railcar loading ramps

Flat Ramp Loading Ramp

Flat Ramp Style Gangway

SafeRack’s patent pending G4Series truck and railcar gangways and bridges have been engineered for durability and ease of use. These access gangways are built to stand up to abuse with rugged, oversized parts and feature counterbalanced and adjustable springs which help raise and lower units with minimal effort.

Whether your walkway requires aluminum or stainless steel, G4Series design and construction will keep your operation running smoothly. If you need a replacement loading ramp or a simple spare part, our fast response time means your loading rack won’t be down long.

flat ramp walkways
truck loading walkway

Optional pneumatic package to raise and lower walkway. Your choice of hand pendant or control box option.

railcar gangway

Optional Four Rail Safety Cage

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  • SFR Gangway

    Benefits are 1,2,3

    SafeRack product benefits are 1. Excellent appearance. 2. Easy to use. 3. Provides excellent protection for users.

    Jack Holm
    Holcim (US) Inc

  • SFR Gangway for DRY PRODUCT RAIL

    This is a sturdy product

    It was delivered ahead of schedule. I had an expedited order and it beat the originally scheduled date. Very responsive. Travis McCraine seems to answer all hours of the day. Even with a design revision between the original and purchased gangway, it still bolted up without modifying bolt locations. Flexible design, balanced for easy lifting and lowering, and plenty of room to walk. This is a sturdy product.

    Chris Denton
    Nestle USA

  • gangways

    I found that SafeRack is a company I look forward to working with in the future.

    I had no previous dealings with SafeRack, but I found it is a company I look forward to dealing with in the future. I deal with many suppliers and have done so for many years. Your customer focus and determination to deliver results puts you in a place where only a few companies reside, at the top. Travis McCraine was unbeliveably responsive. I would recommend SafeRack and their products. They are user friendly, competitively priced, and are of durable/quality construction. Read More [+]

    No negative comments and believe me, if there were any, I would share them with you in an effort to help you identify areas that are in need of correction or improvement. Customer Service and Sales-A+ Engineering-I was delivered a set of prints to approve for construction in a very timely manner-A+ Quality and Delivery-A+ Price to Value-Once again A+ Read Less [-]

    John Maney
    Mosaic Potash

  • gangways

    Travis McCraine was very responsive.

    The gangways were delivered in two months. This was within an acceptable window.

    Chris Denton
    Nestle USA

  • gangway loading ramps

    No worries at all about this product

    We like the reliability of the product. It's lightweight, easy to instal and easy to handle. Greg Crawford offered very quick response. It was delivered on the scheduled date. FYI - the wood pallet used to transport the unit could be more hefty.

    Ed Garcia
    Boral Material Technologies Inc

  • gangway ramp walkway bridge

    Great resource Saferack is my preferred supplier

    The product was delivered the same day - very fast response. This quick response allows me to not carry more than one spare for 6 spaces. No hassel ordering process. Timely shipping and follow up. I would recommend your products. I have been thru this process with three of your competitors with no comparsion to match. Absolutely not negatives response on my parts> I have one rail multi position gangway and now three single space gangways any additions in the future including replacing three Carbis units will be Saferack.

    Bill Strong
    Arclin USA, Inc

  • Lightning delivery! Much sooner than expected

    Mark Gardner answered all my questions & help insure I ordered exactly what I needed & nothing more! Thanks for your attention to detail and makeing this purchase productive and easy. We are in the process of install, but feel we received an excellent product offered at a great price. I look forward to doing business with you in the future.

    Paul Barragan, Terminal Manager
    JD Streett and Company

  • It was a step up from what we had

    Travis was very responsive and the product was delivered very quick. The product works well, it was a step up from what we had.

    Chris Denton

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