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What SafeRack Customers Are Saying

  • Accessibility, ease of movement and strength

    I would recommend this product as it performs very well for the purpose for which it was purchased. The design worked very well for the rail cars it was purchased for, with simple accessibility, ease of movement and product strength.

    Bill Smith
    California Steel Industries, Inc.

  • Product is light weight and easy to assemble

    Good product that was delivered on time. The platform is light weight, easy to assemble and disassemble, and never needs painting.

    Randy Pegram
    Colonial Pipeline Company

  • Mark Gardner was at the top of his game

    Product was delivered fast and on time. Our sales rep Mark Gardner, was at the top of his game on responses to our questions. The product is well built and will keep our workers safe on the tracks.

    Dale Porter
    E.I. DuPont de Nemours and Company

  • Amazed how quickly the product was shipped!

    Fantastic response from Molly Laqua! In this order, she went above and beyond to make sure our order was taken care of. Our product arrived yesterday in record time. We are very pleased with the personal attention paid to this order even though we are not new to ordering with SafeRack. Thanks again for the great service!

    Sharon Jackson
    AUC Group, L.P.

  • Compact size, light weight

    Adjustable height and moving direction for type of service. Compact size, light weight for moving by service people.

    BONG SOO Kim
    Kolon Industries

  • Stable, robust, quality product

    A quality product that will be seen by many when installed! Benefits include stability, robustness, this product is going to make the existing catwalk look inferior!

    Rob Dickson
    SPEC (Sarnia) Ltd.

  • Invaluable customer service

    The sales department was great to work with, I had a quote within minutes. Product arrived the exact day they said it would be here and installation was simple. The customer service alone getting parts is invaluable, plus it is a great product.

    Shane Shafer
    Compass Minerals

  • User friendly and SAFE!

    User friendly and SAFE! Well built and built to customers needs.

    The quote was received in a timely matter. The sales team was friendly and professional. The unit is built well and to our exact needs.

    Kyle Ammann
    Glacial Lakes Energy LLC

  • Easy to use, easy to install, easy to transport

    Your range of products is very useful and high quality that is easy to use, easy to install and uninstall, and easy to transport because can split to part by part.

    I would recommended your ErectAStep product because we can add more parts to change the configuration, height and wide compared with other products.

    Amran Mat Zanggi
    OGCF Engineering (M) SDN BHD

  • Dana is one the most wonderful salespersons I have ever dealt with

    My gangway was delivered on the date requested. As a result of buying our gangway through SafeRack, we saved money and received wonderful responses in confirmations and follow ups.

    These are easily installed and replaced gangways. Dana is one the most wonderful salespersons I have ever dealt with in my 9 years in this position. The dates given for shipment and receiving are always on time and I am given updated throughout the entire process.

    Three benefits are dealing with SafeRack employees, getting a great gangway, and knowing any questions I have will be answered quickly as not to hold up any order.

    Robert Parras
    Buzzi Unicem

  • Improving efficiencies as well as our safety practices

    These platforms are extremely helpful in our bulk loading processes. They'll improve our efficiencies as well as our safety practices. The versatility of these units to be positioned parallel or perpendicular affords us a lot of flexibility.

    John Edwards has been excellent about explaining our options to us and qualifying our purchase beforehand to ensure it's going to our intended application. He's been very flexible about coming our to our locations to do so. The iPad application that provides a concept drawing of the equipment on-the-fly is a great tool for visualizing the installation.

    SafeRack makes a quality product and provides great customer service.

    Mike Taylor
    Magnablend Inc

  • My second purchase within 6 weeks

    This is my second purchase within 6 weeks. Very sturdy, easy to install and the SafeRack rep was very responsive.

    John Sealey
    London Hospital Lien Service

  • Very pleased operators and maintenance workers

    This is the 2nd project (10 railcar access stations total) we have specified these gangways. Gangway is easily handled without use of pneumatics. The operators and maintenance workers are very pleased with the safety provided, the ease of use, & lightweight.

    Very helpful providing a budget quote. This is difficult with some vendors we work with, but very important to the customer to get the overall budget together. The final cost was also right in line with budget quote provided... also very important to us.

    Dan McNamara
    Marathon Petroleum Corporation

  • Benefits are 1,2,3

    SafeRack product benefits are 1. Excellent appearance. 2. Easy to use. 3. Provides excellent protection for users.

    Jack Holm
    Holcim (US) Inc

  • Mark Garnder was very responsive

    Competitive cost, quick quoting, and quick construction and delivery. Positive experience with our rep Mark Garnder, very responsive. We received the gangway on Wednesday. We started installation on Thursday and it was installed by noon!

    Brent Gray
    Innophos Inc

  • Purchased and installed by same company

    Very responsive, answering emails and returned phone calls promptly, including overall sales, engineering, customer service, and Safe Rack was able to meet our project schedule. Fast Turn Around. Purchased and installed by same company with SafeRack performing all the coordination with Nucor and design of the foundations.

    Patrick Ewart
    DCP Midstream LP

  • Product meet the plant needs

    Jeff Giard did an excellent job with the presentation of different models, giving us a good idea what we needed to purchase for our needs. The product meets the plant needs, easy stair access, easy to move from one spot to another, fall protection rails fits most all trucks.

    Howard Wilkinson
    REG Geismer

  • A simple solution to a safety hazard

    It provides safety to the technicians while working on top of the car. The high-visibility yellow color is a quick identifier for safety audits. Meets DOT standards. This is a simple solution to a hazard that eliminates the need to install additional features on your unloading system.

    Tim Martin

  • Very responsive and we collaborate perfectly

    Jon Verlander was very responsive and we collaborate perfectly during the purchasing process. I would recommend SafeRack products, and I'm try to bring your products to the Romanian market and sell as many pieces as possible.

    Marius Serban
    PRO D & E

  • Great life from this system

    I expect great life from this system and little to no additional maintenance. Parts are easy to order and keep in stock, and it will work well for our guys and keep them safer in case of a fall.

    Rodney Moon
    Badger Mining Corporation

  • Good quality product

    Spot on, responded to my email right away. Very fast delivery and good quality product.

    John Jackson
    Tetra Technologies Inc

  • Very fast and responsive turn around

    Very fast and responsive turn around, even when we had a few design changes and had to come back to the plant to measure and review our change request. The ease and smooth use of the hydraulic lifter and the added safety of the cage, brightness, safety message on ramp in closed position.

    Bill Sweeney
    Equistar Chemicals, LP

  • Looks good, solid, feels good, safe

    Our cross over stair was expedited as per our request....Our salesperson worked with your inside sales and got it thru customs quickly....great service....great product. The product is flexibility, looks good, solid, feels good, safe.

    John Nance is great....he assisted in design and ensured the warehouse has our product and expedited shipping....he is a super representative for SafeRack.

    John Sealey
    London Hospital Linen Service

  • Very responsive

    Katie Kelli was very responsive from the moment I sent her an order and following up with shipping information.

    Maria Garcia
    Cypress Grove Chevre

  • Value for the money and long life

    Jon Verlander was supportive and very co-operative during our purchase process. We like the golden cage, which gives additional security to the operator. SafeRack products offer us value for our money, long life, space saving and flexible use almost anywhere.

    Ashish Moghe
    Dover India Pvt. Ltd.

  • A perfect fit

    Great easy to read shop drawings, aluminum construction and OSHA Certified. Shipped immediately. The product went together well and was a perfect fit.

    Beau Bruso
    Miller Bros. Construction, Inc.

  • Finished product makes us look good

    They were very helpfull in helping us get what we needed.They also made phone calls to confirm the order was right and what we needed. Cost is right.Your people are easy to work with.

    Saves our insulated piping, safer for our personnel, easier access to our inner tanks. High quality, easy construction, and the finished product makes our tank farm look good.

    Greg Elsenpeter
    CHS Inc.

  • Design, ease of assembly and installation.

    Outstanding delivery time. If it wasn't in stock for immediate delivery, I would have gone to another supplier. SafeRack had the item ready to go. My salesman John Nance is very efficient and responds almost immediately.

    This product improves safety for my staff, cutting down their time moving around the yard. This product is weather protected, with no maintenance, plus saves cost on designing, engineering and building in-house. Always a positive experience. Price is good.

    Suresh Daljeet
    Yellowline Asphalt Products Ltd

  • Durable and lightweight design

    Every question i had, i received an answer within the same day. SafeRack worked closely with us to provide the correct product for our application. The durability of the load out, and the lightweight design even with stainless make this product great.

    We have more than 3 of these loadouts in our plant now, and they have been the most durable and easiest load outs to work with, period.

    Jacob Vogt
    Balchem Corporation

  • Almost double our productivity

    As soon as I placed the call, the salesman was making plans to arrive at our warehouse to help figure out exactly what application was going to work best for my team. He made it to us within just a few days of the initial conversation, and we were able to come up with an extremely safe solution that worked! The equipment purchased was delivered sooner than our salesman originally estimated!

    We were able to almost double our productivity after purchase of the MAUI. We love how light this unit is! We also love how compared to other models on the market today, SafeRack has the MAUI that is free standing, lightweight, easy to move in and out of tight areas and is simple to operate.

    We search high and low for a good lightweight adjustable platform for our warehouse, if it would not have been for Saferack's durable lightweight engineering, low cost and friendly staff we would still be on the market searching today!

    Alex Creighton

  • Jason McKnight is a superstar!

    Jason McKnight is a superstar! He responded to my call for help immediately with a damaged gangway immediately, and got my order placed and shipped in record time! Great Job, Jason!

    Kim Anderson followed up right away with an order acknowledgement and details about shipping. Since we were unable to load any trucks until the replacement equipment arrived, their assistance enabled our company to get back out on the road with as little delay as possible. Thanks Jason, Kim and SafeRack!!

    Bernie Kordelski
    Total Lubricants

  • Increases safety for our drivers

    Dana Brogdon, Lead customer service representative with Molly Laqua, and Aubrey Laqua MEI (installation) worked very effectively together and kept communication lines open throughout the order and even followed up after installation that was earlier than anticipated.

    It wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be to replace our SafeRack. Increases safety for our drivers, easy access, even a child could operate it.

    Jennifer Rios
    Terracor Logistics (USA) Inc.

  • I felt like I was number one

    SafeRack stood behind their product. Working to make sure I received the correct parts. The first person I talked with did not know what my equipment was, "BUT" instead of passing the buck, they found someone who did know and worked with all parties to get the part needed. Great team work. Not everyone knows it all but the great ones know how to find the right people to get the job done. I was very impressed.

    Best thing I can say is "follow through". I was not just a number. I felt like I was number one. This does not happen very much anymore. Most places have forgotten the customer is number one. You still have it. Keep up the good work.

    James Caban
    BASF Corp.

  • SafeRack comes through AGAIN!

    Everyone I dealt with at SafeRack during this emergency did what it took to get our facility back up and runnning in the shortest time possible. The replacement unit bolted on even though it was a new model.

    SafeRack comes through AGAIN!

    Douglas Pumphrey

  • No obstacle would keep me from buying from SafeRack

    The sales people, the sales people, and the sales people. Wonderful people take care of you through the whole process.

    I can always count on my rep to help me. I inadvertently placed 2 orders for a gangway when I just needed one. My rep called me to verify before she placed the order and I was able to cancel one of them. Not many places would be that caring or honest if they saw 2 orders come through. No obstacle would keep me from buying from SafeRack.

    Robert Parras
    Buzzi Unicem

  • I strongly recommend SafeRack

    I would strongly recommend the SafeRack brand to anyone requiring safe means to unload railcars and tanker trucks. The systems are designed to be used in many different applications. I was able to get my railcar rack back in service in only a short period of time. It took longer for me to generate a purchase order than it took the parts to ship to me.

    Customer sales and field sales help is excellent, could not be more pleased. I've always gotten a quick response back with any question I might have. Good folks to work with!

    Billy Parrott
    CertainTeed Corporation

  • Dependable, quality product and order accuracy

    Saferack is a good company - delivering on time and providing the necessary details is a good asset of your company. Dependable, quality product and order accuracy. Keep up the good work.

    Darius Tanching
    Alaa Industrial Equipment Factory

  • Our customers request Saferack by name

    Our first experience with Saferack was very satisfying. Our sales rep Amber Graham provided fast, informed responses that we needed to make the sale of these units possible. the products shipped on time well packed and in great shape.

    Our customers request Saferack by name because of the flexibility in options they present and the versatility of the units. Aside from the units themselves, we find the customer support, realistic delivery times and the backing of an established reliable brand to be key benefits.

    Mauricio Madrid
    Eymaq, Inc.

  • Well built for long reliable service

    The YellowGate product was compact and takes a lot less time to install. Light weight, adjustable to fit a wide range of platform/ladder openings and seems to be well built for long reliable service with less parts than similar gates on the market.

    Jason McKnight's sales pitch was to the point. The product line was quickly covered and the value of the product to safety was quickly realized. Jason was barely out the plant gate when he was summoned to return for assistance with proposals for the platforms around the plant. SafeRack could not have a better face for their product.

    Ivor Chin
    Newark Bay Cogeneration Partnership LP

  • Safety for your employees

    I think SafeRack is an outstanding company that offers an outstanding product at a very competetive price. Their engineering is second to none and they have a outstanding sales and service department. You can count on your order being delivered in the time frame they tell you it will be.

    I would recommend that any company that is involved in loading tanker trailers to contact them, if for no other reason but safety for your employees, easy access for loading trucks and a time saver. This product is durable and will save you time and money in lost production because of injuries and/or insurance claims.

    Bobby Scarborough
    Helena Chemical Fertilizer Terminal

  • I would recommend this product and company

    I would recommend this product and SafeRack to anyone. They were fast to respond. Figured out the problem and helped with a solution product. Fast shipping. Very happy with SafeRack.

    Pat Daly
    Total Lubricants USA

  • Handles the job

    It handles the job it is designed, seals the truck dome safely when loading.

    Ed Aucoin
    TDC LLC - Westlake

  • You can't put a price on that

    The flanged swivel connection went over big with the guys out in the plant. They no longer have to man handle the heavy hoses, and can swivel them around all day and not complain. You can't put a price on that.

    This item definitely will help prevent injuries, such as pulls and strains. It will also help tremendously reduce fatigue, making the process more efficient. When we are on the clock to get ships and barges laoded and unloaded, every minute saved can mean a financial windfall for the customer.

    Dana and Molly could not have been more professional and pleasant to deal with. I had to return the original order due to my mistake and they bent over backwards to make sure I had everything I needed to make the order go through smoothly. They also got the correct items headed my way as soon as we realized I made a mistake on the original order. I wouldn't hesitate to deal with them again in the future, as well as recommend SafeRack to anyone.

    Greg Rushing
    Stolthaven New Orleans LLC

  • Quality product...as always

    Having a product like this in our plant ,sends the statement of safety first. This product makes it very easy for operations. This is a clean product that looks very nice in our plant. Quality product...as always. I am currently recommending a SafeRack product for another area of our plant , and in our upcoming expansions I will point out that I want SafeRack products there also.

    Brian Newton
    Cabot Corporation

  • Sturdy... Well built and Safe

    The product was delivered sooner than expected. The improved structure features was one of the draws to this product. Sturdy... Well built and Safe. SafeRack understands that you should have the ability to replace broken parts without being forced to buy a whole new unit.

    Chris Grooms

  • Do the right thing and upgrade to a SafeRack System

    Excellent product, and service, as expected. Ease of installation and operation, proven durability and reliable customer service are a few reason Safe-Rack is becoming the "norm" on this site for various applications, from loading platforms to fixed platforms. Responsive service before, during, and after the sale.

    The main reason for this purchase was to improve the safety, ergonomics, and reliability of this loading station, which is probably the most used on the site. The existing platform was purchased / installed by a competitor, who has not been responsive to inquiries regarding assistance, and advise for service and parts. After several attempts with limited useful response or support, I chose to do the right thing and upgrade to a Safe Rack system, with confidence.

    Tim Osborne
    Solvay USA Inc.

  • The quality is nothing like yours

    SafeRack has the sales staff to support your product and it was easy and efficient to obtain information to help me secure a sale. Product was delivered on time as promised. All shipping information was given to prepare for pick up and delivery efficiently.

    I hope to work with SafeRack more closely to secure more business here in Quebec. Your competition is not really comparable, pricing may be lower but the quality is nothing like yours. I do not work with any other suppliers in this field. SafeRack is the only product we promote to our customers when the need is there.

    Nadia Boismenu
    Hi Tech Piping

  • An excellent sales and customer service department

    Joey and Bryce have been excellent through all my purchases these last 2 weeks. They are very quick to respond to emails and are always available by phone if I needed help immediately. I'd recommend SafeRack because of the time you spent with me to ensure we purchased the correct product.

    Because SafeRack's sales department and customer service department are so excellent, I will be contacting you for more information on several other products you supply, that we have been buying from other distributors.

    Jeff Hunt
    Martin Supply Company

  • Safety, Reliability and Robust Construction

    Louis Schuckman took all the time required to ensure that my platform was exactly what I needed. I went with SafeRack because of reputation not price. I have had a bad experience with other vendors chancing price without notice. SafeRack stayed firm on their original estimate.

    Safety, Reliability and Robust construction are all factors that would cause me to highly recommend SafeRack to my colleagues and outside associates. As a matter of fact I already have.

    Roy Schnebelen
    Solvay USA Inc.

  • The difference is the service and follow-up

    The product is already onsite and ready for assembly. I cannot move this fast with the onsite maintenance manpower. Fantastic job! We have several ErectASteps already onsite. The quality and ease of assembly and flexibility are all great benefits of this crossover. Plus, corrosion resistance, being pre-painted and the ability to expand additional pieces at a later time are added benefits.

    I am very satisfied with teh SafeRack products. We have used other vendors and the products are similar. The big difference is the service and follow-up from SafeRack.

    Jerry Hilgendorf
    Nustar Logistics, LP

  • Worked perfectly

    The product added improved safety to my operation, does not take up much room and makes the operators line of sight a lot better.

    With the area that this product is being used in my facility, the overall length was going to be an issue having the version with steps on it. So, I ordered ours with a ladder instead of the steps, and it worked out perfectly.

    Very responsive, with answers to my questions in a very timely manner. Everyone I dealt with in getting the order placed and shipped was very professional and was of great help. Hope to do business again in the future.

    Lynn Lehman
    Energy Solutions

  • Happy with the whole experience

    I was very happy with the whole experience. People called back when I left a voice mail and checked to see if I got my package. Fast considering we have no over night delivery here, because of rural area service. But I got in a couple of days.

    Marcus Gonzales

  • Stayed in touch throughout

    All of my experience was an positive one. From pricing to ordering was made simple due to a team that provided great service, they stayed in touch throughout the entire purchase. Very happy with the quick ship date

    Michael Brantley

  • Availability, Adjustable, Looks

    Easy to work with and responsive to questions, very responsive and helped me with budgeting issues. Delivered so fast, I had to scramble for equipment to unload. Availability, Adjustable, Looks were all factors in our choosing this product.

    Brad Kimble
    CHS (Cenex)

  • Delivered so fast - I wasn't prepared

    Good response and fast turnaround. Delivery was actually so fast that I was not able to prepare the facility managers.

    Brad Kimble
    CHS (Cenex)

  • A very good experience

    I had a very good experience with the SafeRack customer service, Sales and Engineering teams. They were all very helpful and responsive to all my questions and concerns. We like the High Temperature capability feature of the swivel product.

    Ed Stratton
    Tricor Refining, LLC

  • We would recommend all of your modular equipment

    Products were delivered earlier than estimated date. Stephen Todd and your engineering staff has always been quick to respond to all of our requests. I would reccomend all of your modular equipment.

    John Mesclier
    The Boeing Company

  • Safety! Sound Structure! All aluminum!

    Quickly from design to fabrication and finally delivered. Allows safer, easier access to our food trucks for service needs. Easy to transport and set in place. There is also a huge amount of work space inside the basket. Key benefits for us were Safety! Sound Structure! All aluminum!

    Richard Freeman
    Disney Worldwide Services, Inc.

  • Got the job done

    Solid constructions, good paint job, still light enough that all employees can use it. More stable on the railcar than the previous product used, and gives a better feeling of confidence it will work when needed. Everyone at SafeRack was very professional to talk to and got the job done as they said they would, when they said they would.

    Bruce Reed
    Dow Corning

  • Quality and Service that speaks for itself

    Travis McCraine was very helpful with determining exactly what parts I needed to order. Whenever I had questions he responded very quickly! Spare part readily available, which is important to prevent downtime of a system. Lightwieght, easily replaced or repaired, high quality constructed.

    It's a pleasure to do business with Saferack and will always contact them for any loading rack type jobs I have in the future. Quality products, great service and I think that speaks for itself.

    Nathan Lajiness
    Marathon Petroleum Corporation

  • Products we need FAST

    I like how SafeRack keeps records of our products with descriptions of where on our site they were installed. This helped in defining which parts we needed to repair our ramps. Customer service was very helpful in getting us the products we needed fast.

    dAVID Albright
    JR Simplot

  • Easy compliance

    Ease of install, fit, finish and universal application. Jason Stewart was very responsive to our needs. Anyone can see how easy compliance could be with this product.

    Derek Peace
    Silver Eagle Refinery Inc.

  • Keep up the good work

    i really like the construction, the easy install, and bolt on plate that comes with the kit. i purchased a total of 100 safety swing gates on two occasions and each time the gates were delivered ahead of schedule.

    The quality of your product assured that we had safety on the top of our list! I do most of my work in power plants or heavy industrial, and i have recommended them to my customers, we will be ordering more of your product in the future. i'm afraid the only feedback i can give you is that keep up the good work.

    Charlie Dovel
    Chesapeake Mechanical & Coatings

  • Very versatile well built product

    Received the products I wanted, at a great cost and in a timely manner. Very versatile product. Easy to install and use. Great customer focus. One of the easiest and most valuable purchasing experiences I have had in over 20 years.

    Dan Brouse
    Provimi North America

  • Good quality, to last for years

    A custom order we designed at boeing with assistance of SafeRack. This TR Series fits the need of our mechanics, can be used in different areas, easy to move and use. The product is well worth the money spent and good quality to last for years.

    Aaron Pedersen
    The Boeing Company

  • Holds up well through it all

    We are a beef slaughter house and have a very tough environment where many chemicals are used in the clean up process daily and this gate has held up well through all this.

    Mark Ross
    JBS Tolleson

  • Exactly what we needed

    Product was exactly what we needed and price was lower than some other suppliers we looked at.

    Because of the purchase and use of this product, the safety of our employees will increase, the quality of our service to our customers will increase, and we will have less incidents resulting in greater equipment reliability.

    Doug Currey
    Americas Styrenics

  • Just what I needed for my project

    Positives - Love my sales rep [Heather], ease of purchase, service, delivery. Negatives - None!

    Just what I needed for my project, My decision to use SafeRack first, to any other competitor is confirmed.

    Jerome Longton

  • Met our needs perfectly

    I went to SafeRack based on past experience and knowing that you had the product I needed. Your quick response and delivery helped ensure that a safety issue at our facility was addressed promptly. SafeRack met our needs perfectly.

    Brian Waters
    FujiFilm Hunt Chemicals U.S.A., Inc.

  • Easy to install and use

    The project product was delivered very fast and not damaged during trucking. Light weight well balanced, and very well made, easy to install and use. Our salesman was very responsive.

    Matt Fairbrother
    Aloi Materials Handling

  • A supplier that can make things happen

    SafeRack worked to get it out cross-country, on time, despite bad weather and shortage of employees due to it. Stayed in touch from order to delivery. A supplier that can make things happen.

    Morgan Pavement

  • Re-affirmed SafeRack fall prevention quality

    Product was delivered slightly ahead of schedule. When we found that aluminum shaft rings were not holding up SafeRack was quick to produce stainless steel parts to keep our racks in service Re-affirming SafeRack fall prevention system quality.

    Greg Vastbinder
    NuStar Energy

  • Timing, Availability and Service

    All Nuts and Bolts where in package and everything in good shape. Great timing, availability and service.

    It was a pleasure doing business with Safe Rack and will pass to all other locations. Thanks again for your services. We will be buying from SafeRack in the future.

    David Conley
    Lineage Logistics

  • Fast friendly service. On time delivery.

    Very responsive considering I was ordering it during the Holiday season when a lot of folks are off work visiting family etc.. Fast friendly service. On time delivery. Using this product only requires one man verses manual movements with two plus its safer and more ergonomic using it.

    Ronald Deem
    Shell Lubricants

  • Keeps operator safer. Very simple to use.

    I originally planned on using a different vendor, but they didn't have the stock. I needed the derail ASAP and went ahead with Saferack. I should have used Saferack from the get go anyhow. Keeps the transload FRA compliant. Keeps transloader operator safer. Very simple to install, use and operate.

    Teressa Robinson
    Quality Carriers

  • It seems to be a superior product

    Delivered in about a week. These units are made heavier, with better construction, ease of installation and a larger cage, than the Carbis units we had before. Plus they seem to be more sturdy. It seems to be a superior product.

    Ray Modlin
    Essroc Cement Services

  • For our application, it's the perfect product

    Everything was positive. The item is high quality, the price is lower than other products on the market, and the sales team delivered on the promise of a quick delivery, for our application it's perfect. Safety is a big concern, we unload a flammable product, and this product keeps our team members safe. We have done business with your company before and the results have been excellent every time.

    Dustin Conner

  • Durable and exceeds in performance

    Overall the product is durable and exceeds in performance. Installation was simple. Product was delivered within 2 weeks. There were three different orders and one was during the holidays. All were delivered in a sufficient timeframe.

    Mike Shultz
    Gudgel Yancey Roofing

  • Superior looking product

    Your product looked superior to other safety gates, plus the amount of opening adjustments. I purchased 10 gates. After assembling the first one, it was simple for the other 9.

    Jerry Sudderth
    King Steel Inc.

  • Faster than Santa would have delivered

    I found that I not only received my order on time but it was at a great product at a fair price as well. It is very easy to mount and a very durable product. Received it faster than Santa would have delivered it.

    Gil Graciano
    Billington Welding & Manufacturing

  • They take care of their customers

    Safe, Good Quality, Looks good. I would recommend SafeRack for the simple fact they take care of their customers.

    Richard Harris
    Terra International Inc.

  • Custom made to fit our needs

    Well built - heavy duty, but very easy to move. Custom made to fit our needs, and good customer service from John Edwards. Timing, and a quick turn around was key.

    Doug Johnson
    Westlake Longview Corporation

  • Exactly what I expected

    All of my experiences with this purchase were positive. Travis McCraine was very responsive and ensured I had what I needed. The delivery was very quick and the product is exactly what I expected. The feature I liked most is the flexibility of this loading system. It's adaptive to many different truck heights, and the SafeRack team made this purchase very easy and the quick delivery cannot be beat.

    Jason Stelmaszak
    The Andersons

  • Good design

    Good design, easy to replace seal, and easy to weld with pipe without damaging bearings or seal.

    Rakesh Panchal

  • RIght on Target

    Customer service was prompt with quote. Sales was very thorough. Delivery was fastier than expected. Price was right on target.

    Scott Rowe
    SRS Distribution

  • The product gave the customer confidence

    Our company has been to four different sites/locations/installations this year. The SafeRack reputation had preceded us at each site. The product gave the customer confidence in the project and our company confidence in that this was the one item we did not have to manage.

    Jeff Jefferson
    Liquid Systems Inc

  • They always come through for us

    I have counted on SAFERACK several times to expedite shipment of these when we need one. Very responsive and helpful, keeping me informed all the way through the order and through shipment of product.

    They have always come through for us. The safe rack is the piece of equipment we want and like in our plant. It makes the employees think "safety". It looks good, and they are the best safety device we have to load trailers.

    Brian Newton
    Cabot Corporation (2153)

  • Very versatile well built product.

    Very responsive. I went to the website, sent and email and received a response with in the hour, plus good follow up after purchase. Quick shipping, great price, very versatile well built product.

    Richard Nelson
    Weyerhaeuser NR Company

  • Ready for shipment

    Saferack had material ready for shipment within 1 month or order placement. Other competitors offered 3 to 4 months. The product was easy to assemble, worked very well and came in different sizes. Saferack was the only company I wanted to provide me with the Gangway. I found that Saferack offered more quality items that I will purchase in the future.

    Gene Carter
    Accounts Payable - Cartagena Refinery

  • addressed our safety concerns

    Fast delivery, very responsive sales staff, and worked well addressing our safety concerns. The weight, dimensions, color and durability are all great benefits of this product. Not forgetting the overall reason to recommend this product, it improves safety.

    Daniel Merredew
    City of Winnipeg

  • Safest way to get on top of a truck

    John Edwards is great, answering my phone calls and questions. Safety, convenience, and affordability are the major benefit of this product. It is the safest way to get on top of a truck. We have purchased several for our company.

    Jeramy Herrin
    Maalt Transportation

  • Saved us time and money

    The ease of installing our new universal safety gates, saved us time and money, which time is essential when dealing with safety. The univeral safety gate swings in both directions, and it can be mounted easily to almost anything. I really appreciate that we can inventory one gate for all services at our facility. I have had only positive feedback from refinery personnel about the gates and if I had to pick a negative it would have to be that I didn't know about the gates as soon as they came out.

    Barbara Rodriguez
    Sinclair Wyoming Refining Company

  • Exceeded our delivery we request

    Heather Schaller, my inside salesperson, was very helpful in getting proposals to me, and getting order placed. We have a number of your gangways with safety cages, and our operators find them very user friendly. Construction is very good and the units look good in the plant. Saferack exceeded our delivery we request, receiving the product early. Thank you SafeRack and the SafeRack Team.

    James Stec
    Rohm & Haas Chemicals LLC

  • Increased safety, manageability , cost effective

    Everything was fast, efficient from the time i ordered it until the time I received the RollAStep. Our representative was very friendly, answered all of my questions promptly and was very knowledgeable. The product works great in our warehouse, increasing Increased safety, manageability , and cost effectiveness.

    Martin Jeirles
    Appalachian Drilling Services, Inc.

  • Exceptional sales staff

    SafeRack personel and sales staff was exceptional in helping myself and my company to complete and safely retrive the right parts for the job. Thanks SafeRack, for the knowledge to get our project completed.

    Alex Cox
    Watco Transloading, LLC

  • The product is perfect

    John Nance had great follow through during all steps: Sales To delivery. The gangway is strong, easy to install ( 1 part), and simple to use. The product is perfect.

    Pascal Gendron
    IMTT - Quebec, Inc.

  • Very good impression!

    John Nance was actually on site prior to place the order. Very good impression! Saferack is a major player in this market. With the ease of installation, good quality, and competitive prices, I would definitely buy again.

    Dorin Marian
    The International Group

  • Would definitely purchase again

    Very positive. Delivered within the estimated time frame. Easy installation, light weight and east to operation. I would definitely purchase again

    Bruce Nelms
    CRS Proppants LLC

  • The service is what makes the difference.

    The delivery was as promised. Our previous provider fell short on service after the sale, and assistance in providing the correct product for the customer. I am very pleased with the service SafeRack provides. The salesman has been extremely helpful and has gone out of his way to assist in any way possible. Not to be negative, but the fall protection products are comparable, the service is what makes the difference.

    Jerry Hilgendorf
    Nustar Logistics, LP

  • Versatility / Completion / Light weight

    Delivery was extremely fast. Mark Gardner was very courteous and helpful. With the ease of installation and cost savings of a complete unit, plus its versatility (left or right) completion (already painted) and lightweight make a YellowGate the simple choice. We will no longer have our safety gates fabricated. We will purchase these gates for all future installations.

    Don Brimmer
    Lucite International

  • Very satisfied

    Delivered as scheduled. Able to meet more client needs with stock in hand is very handy. Easy product to handle, and a very important product for the oil and gas industry. Very satisfied.

    G.C. Mohan
    Flexiflo Corp.

  • Outstanding product

    Very fast shipping. Customer service was great, and the product is outstanding, plus cheaper than competitor.

    Jeff Despain
    Ash Grove Cement Company

  • Well informed

    Product was delivered on the date that we were told it would be delivered, in a timely fashion. The product met our needs, and the was of good quality. Our sales person was courteous and kept us well informed as to when the product would be delivered.

    Bill Mason
    Marysville Gas Liquids

  • You guys ROCK!

    The products were delivered on the due date as expected. Great job! Between Kim Anderson and Jason McKnight I am always able to get the answers and products I need rapidly and professionally. I found SafeRack to be a great company to work with. Always accommodating and helpful every step of the way.

    Customer service at Safe Rack is top notch. They are flexible and work with you no matter what the job throws at you. I had special shipping requirements and never once heard anything but helpful suggestions and resolutions to my problems. Thanks for making this such an easy project. I definitely will recommend Safe Rack. You guys ROCK!

    John Soderberg
    John P. Picone Inc.

  • Stronger-Safer

    I had product within a couple days of ordering. Compared to other products on the market and what we have used, it offers a safer working area, and is easier to install. Stronger-Safer guard for top of tank car openings, and being brightly colored we have not accidentially sent one off site by forgetting to remove from the top of a tank car.

    Steve Novak
    Dow Corning

  • This is a sturdy product

    It was delivered ahead of schedule. I had an expedited order and it beat the originally scheduled date. Very responsive. Travis McCraine seems to answer all hours of the day. Even with a design revision between the original and purchased gangway, it still bolted up without modifying bolt locations. Flexible design, balanced for easy lifting and lowering, and plenty of room to walk. This is a sturdy product.

    Chris Denton
    Nestle USA

  • Best ramp we have ever had

    The delivery time was very fast. My guy say this is the best ramp we have ever had at the docks. Our ships are getting taller, and the ramp makes everything eaiser on my guys. Our safety department was very excited about the ramp. I am ordering a second one for the other ship dock.

    Tom Gaspard
    PPG Industries, Inc.

  • Safety is our No.1 goal

    Safety is our No.1 goal, so we chose your company who has a lot of different idea, working as a team, to make the right choice of product we need. Safe, great and long lasting products.

    Chad Morris
    Marathon Petroleum Company LP

  • I will be a repeat customer

    John Edwards was cordial and very responsive to my needs and questions. I would definitly recommend this product due to the helpful sales staff and 3 main reasons: 1. Ease of installation 2. Operability 3. Sound Construction. With this purchase all I can say is, I will be a repeat customer.

    Barry Knight
    Sid Richardson Carbon Company

  • No negatives, All positives

    No negatives all positive. Sales personal was accurate, knowledgable and too the point. The product worked great and the price was reasonable. I would recomend it to anyone looking for a safety gate. It was installed by our own staff easily and quickly without any mishaps. We have a stringent safety program at our large company with many locations, and I will recomend the use of this product where needed.

    Steve Perry
    Old Castle Retail

  • Good Quality

    Product was delivered within a week. Good quality that serves my need. I would recommend this product for Cost and ease of installation.

    Buddy McCumbers
    Georgia-Pacific Passport

  • Doing business the right way

    I ordered a gangway then 3 weeks later ordered another one. 3 weeks after that, another came up for order in our system. When I placed the order, the salesperson responded back making sure I wanted to order a third one. After checking our system, the third one was duplicated and we did not need it. A lot of places would have just filled the order and charged us. That shows how much Safe Rack and its people care about doing business the right way with us. I would definitely recommend this product. In fact, I already have.

    Robert Parras
    Buzzi Unicem

  • Increased safety levels and productivity

    Excellent salesman response. David Daniel responded with a quote within a few hours of the initial inquiry. This is a quality product at a good price with quick delivery. Your MAUI system increased our safety level, productivity, and added a more professional appearance to our truck unloading area. The entire process was smooth and easy. We are happy with our purchase.

    Mike Siegel
    IMTT - Geismar

  • Quickly verified what we needed

    Very responsive, with a great turnaround, and good quality product. Sam Ham quickly responded with a drawing, in order to to verify what we needed. Then shipped it quick.

    Gerald Lentz
    Smith Hardware and Auto Parts

  • 1-2-3=positive

    1. great customer contact abilities 2. ability to customize with small changes 3. willingness to ship to a facility in larger components. I liked the quality materials used, and the visual impact of the equipment. From what we've seen so far, the functionality is also a great positive.

    Brittany Norban
    Marathon Petroleum Company LP

  • It's just better than the competition

    Delivered ahead of promised schedule. Ease of operation, built to accomodate existing space and was installed in one day. We would definitely recommend, because it's just better than the competition.

    Darrell DuVall
    Maola Milk & Ice Cream

  • Top notch across the board

    I needed quickly and SafeRack came through. Product was shipped out fast with good communication. John Bast with SafeRack, was top notch. Complete understanding of what i needed, and how to help. Now our employees do not have to strain when opening railcars, very light weight, less chance of employee falling from railcar. Plus less back injuries. Have no complaints with the customer service or the quality of the product. Top notch across the board.

    Michael Hahn
    Univar USA

  • Spot On!

    Yes, Salesman's Knowledge of product, ease of communication with sales, well prepared quote, pricing and delivery. Product installation was spot on.

    George Sajenko
    I.P.S.C Company, Inc.

  • Top notch, simple, easy.

    Top notch, simple easy process getting order placed. The purchase experience from initial contact with sales to delivery at one of our remote sites was smooth and without effort. Great communication on status of order until delivery. Packaged very nicely with everything you need.

    Allan Steiner
    Bureau of Reclamation

  • Same day service

    Incredibly fast. We had an emergency need for a customer, so we picked one up, in Andrews, the same day. Kim Anderson was very helpful. The customer is very appreciative of the fast service, when they had an emergency need for the product. They were very pleased to be able to get the gate the same day.

    Pierce Webster
    Dillon Supply

  • Responsive and qualified personnel

    SafeRack had equipment to fit our needs, with adaptability to existing equipment. and responsive personnel. SafeRack won the contract due to the detailed attention provided by your field service representative, Mark Gardner. So far all interaction with SafeRack has been positive. We are a chemical manufacturer with rather extensive qualification process for working on our site. SafeRack's safety record qualified them to work on site and they have agreed to meet our required contractor safety training.

    Steven Hall
    Cytec Industries, Inc.

  • All our needs were met

    Only positive experiences were encountered at every phase of communication and interface. Quality, delivery, exceptional value and a most satisfying product at an outstanding value. I had immediate response to my intial inquiry, then given the contacts with the factory and all parties that assisted with the questions raised. All of our needs were met with a simple, affordable, excellent product.

    Harry Rieckermann
    Flint Hills Resources Pine Bend, LLC

  • Good price, Good quality.

    Easy ordering process, for a good price, less than other with the same product, and good quality.

    Teresa Harrell
    Inteplast Bags and Films Corporation

  • Perfect 10

    Customer service 10. Sales great. Quality 10. Delivery on time. Price so competitive.

    Noe Garay
    EFS, Inc.

  • A plus in today's marketplace

    I received excellent customer service... a plus in today's competitive marketplace. Transloading sites must have some sort of containment, this is compact, light weight, and easy to store for quick access if needed.

    Anna Lewis
    Eagle Rock Energy

  • I will definitely utilize SafeRack in the future

    The product was delivered ahead of expected delivery date. Our sales rep., John Nance was excellent. Sent me information on the same days requested.(product instructions, detail drawings, MSDS, ect.) I am now aware of different types of containment solutions for future projects. Should I come across a time for the need of containment solutions, I would definitely utilize SafeRack for assistance and product ordering.

    Paul Bowker
    Triple Crown Enterprises LTD

  • As usual, great product and service

    As usual, very responsive. Service was great and delivery was on time. I like talking to Dana Brogedon, she is very personable and exudes the feeling Saferack is there for Nustar. The gangways meet our safety requirements, they are reliable and easy to operate. I have delt with Brand X and did not receive the same level of service after the sale.

    Jerry Hilgendorf
    Nustar Logistics, LP

  • Everyone Wins!

    Yes for simplicity, expedited delivery, and when we can help our client conform to safety regs, everyone wins! It is always a pleasure working with your staff. I think they deserve a paid weekend trip to Disney! Just Sayin!

    Linda Broecke
    SPEC (Sarnia) Ltd.

  • Great experience

    We had a great experience with your company. Thanks for all your support!

    Tammy Lippert
    A3IM - Corporate

  • great price, quality and customer service

    We were able to assemble and erect the platforms and rack quickly. They are performing as designed, keeping the drivers safe and reducing liability overall. This is the third rack we have ordered from SafeRack. As always, great price, quality and customer service.

    Ryan Kynard
    Trident Structures

  • We have 3 and love them all

    Fantastic. John Nance helped us every step of the way. SafeRack gangways are simle and easy to lower and raise compared to the plant's old models. Look professional, easy to operate, and my operators are happy (which is the most important benefit).

    Carl Taylor
    Erco Worldwide

  • Quality protection for our employees

    Our experience from the first phone call to delivery of our fourth SafeRack was great. Everything was simple and straight forward with no hassles. The communication and customer service was great! We feel better as a company that we have provided quality fall protection for our employees.

    Randy Watson
    Evergreen Transport, LLC

  • A great product at a great price

    The sales staff is always ready and willing to help on any products I may be looking for. A great product at a great price, already put together and ready to install.

    Clay Gehring
    Univar USA

  • How a company should run.

    I ordered it. I paid for it. I was communicated to about when it would ship. It shipped. I received it. It was exactly what I ordered. You followed up on my thoughts about this experience. This is how a business should run. And yours does.

    Charles LaMaster
    SoBran Inc

  • Sturdy material, light weight, easy to handle.

    Sturdy material, light weight, easy to handle. It was exactly what my customer needed, and this was easy to find on the website.

    Jose Hernandez
    Motion Industries Inc

  • Choosing SafeRack saved us $1k

    Shopping around for two Maui units saved us $1000.00. The MAUI is a great product, and Molly Laqua was responsive to our phone calls.

    Chris Byrd
    Equistar Chemicals, LP

  • An email is all it takes

    Very responsive. All I ever need to do is email, and my orders are placed and shipped with no hassle, even though we are in Canada. Your one stop for safety and railcar needs.

    Twila Wolfe
    Nalco Canada Co

  • Dana is above any customer service

    Dana Brogden was absolutely heads above any customer service person I have ever dealt with. We had a few minor issues come up since our system was a modified version, but she answered any and all questions, and handled any requests that I had in regards to materials or shipping. If your entire team is anything close to her, your customers will never have anything negative to say.

    David Holbrook
    Crosstex Energy Services

  • Cost, quality, reliability and Phyllis

    Phyllis was, and always has been, very easy to work with and makes ordering your products a real pleasure. Cost, quality, and reliability will definitely make Safe Rack our sole provider of railcar pans.

    Jeff Hughes
    A&B Welding

  • Light years better than your competitors

    Molly Laqua was excellent, responsiveness, and had almost immediate responsive to each question or comment. Light years better than your competitors in terms of responsiveness, quality, documentation, and delivery.

    Austin Townsend
    Flexible Lifeline Systems

  • World class product

    World class product with sophisticated technology; user friendly and safe; excellent engineering. The company brand itself is so popular, with the addition of your company name - SAFERACK, which means "second name for safety". Easy to assemble and maintain. Very Economical and value for Money. Vey compact and Safe. We will recommend to all because of its unique features and reliability.

    Ashish Moghe
    Dover India Pvt. Ltd.

  • Custom dimensions, not a problem

    We had custom dimensions, and that was not a problem. We would have no problem dealing with SafeRack again. Rustin was very instrumental throughout this process, and the product was delivered fast.

    Tracey Deutsch
    Minnesota Petroleumr

  • Easy as 1-2-3

    1. cost effective for large area need where design would require structures needed vs contractor building on site 2. appearance and design is already safety oriented to meet code 3. structure is made to accommodate ease of assembly and access without fatal redesign cost, with prompt delivery with no issues.

    Phillip Weathers
    Sealed Air Corp - CRYOVAC DIV

  • It is a superior product

    Very good quality and very adaptable to my project, with the pre-engineered modular design. It is a superior product, and exceeded in covering all my safety concerns.

    David Eicher
    Sentinel Transportation LLC

  • Rustin made helpful suggestions

    Rustin was very responsive, and great help to us with the order. Making helpful suggestions and answering all our question right on the phone. Delivery was much faster than we expected. We had lots of questions, so his help was very much appreciated.

    Ken Wilcox
    Ken Wilcox Associates

  • Excellent value and HQ product

    SafeRack value and high quality is excellent, when you take into account the support and quality of the product.

    Dave Grabowski
    Ajax Materials Corporation

  • Stephen Todd knew his business

    The whole organization operates on a professional level. Very friendly and knowledgeable in their areas. The sale rep Stephen Todd, came out was very nice and knew his business.

    Sean Spillane
    Essroc Cement Company

  • Responsive, supportive, and extremely fast

    I really apppricate John Bast's help throughout this project. He was the main reason why we purchased the two fall protection platforms from SafeRack. He was very responsive, and did a wonderful job supporting us throughout the project

    Walter Chang
    Interplastic Corporation

  • Finest work platforms available

    Great product, reliable, easy to use, safe, with fast delivery and friendly service. SafeRack makes the finest work platforms available.

    Brian Boston

  • Quality company and product

    SafeRack is a company with great service, a quality product, safety aspects at a good price.

    John Blair
    Motion Industries, Inc

  • Durable, Quality product

    Longevity (minimize future failure), ease of replacement parts, and manufacturing quality.

    Kevin Beachman
    Shell Lubricants

  • Seamless transaction

    All positive experiences with my interactions with SafeRack. They answered all of my questions promptly, pricing, engineering, and delivery. It was a seamless transaction.

    Nicole Gries
    Valero Renewable Fuels Company LLC

  • To prevent a fall is priceless.

    Your SafeRack equipment has provided a better, safer and more cost effective alternative for our employees while conducting tanker truck inspections. TO PREVENT A FALL IS PRICELESS. I can always depend on a great product from SafeRack.

    Robert Carlson
    Henry Company

  • Smart Buy

    Price, lead time and the life of the product makes this a smart buy. Overall from the RFQ, to the repsonse, to setting up terms, all the way to receiving my order was done efficiently and everyone was pleasant to deal with.

    Dustin Burgin
    Encon Plastics

  • Good brand...

    Good brand, good technology, good warranty, with a better price and lead time.

    Jorge Bryan
    Gold Services Inc.

  • Fast service and friendly staff

    It took awhile for us to figure out what I needed but, after pictures were sent, it took 3 days to receive the product. Fast service and friendly staff.

    Les Fertig
    Western Iowa Energy

  • Easy to assemble, lightweight design

    Easy to assemble, lightweight design, and set up is cost effective, versus on site building from scratch.

    Phillip Weathers
    Sealed Air Corp - CRYOVAC DIV

  • Better price, and service

    I appreciated the way our representative Sam Ham, provided information to us even before we requested it. Plus, along with the customer service, we received a better price than we had anticipated.

    Haskell Mitchell
    ALSCO Industrial Products Inc.

  • Quality equipment, reasonable pricing, & great service

    Our customers, waited till the last minute, but there were no issues going this route with SafeRack. When we contacted SafeRack, we were called back the same day, if not the next morning, and we were able to talk to someone that really knew the product. With SafeRack I feel that we will be able to find quality equipment, reasonable pricing, and great service.

    Scott Fagner
    Two Guys Mechanical

  • Extremely fast. TOP NOTCH.

    Mark Gardner is an excellent asset to Saferack. He is extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Your gangways are an excellent product, sturdy, well constructed and easy to install. I had nothing but a positive experience with the entire staff that I dealt with, I would and will recommend SafeRack to anyone. TOP NOTCH.

    Chris Bullock
    SEFA Group

  • John Nance, an excellent sales person...

    John Nance was an excellent sales person, from the first time I spoke with John about the safety rack we had several discussions on e-mail along with phone discussions which was follow up by a site visit. I couldn't have asked for a person to deal with. When I asked John to find me a location where a safety rack is presently being used, he found a location close to us and made the arrangement for us to visit the site. All of my experiences so far with SafeRack can be describes as positive. We are just in the process of preparing to install the unit which I expect it will be all up and ready to go by March 18, 2013. The installation certainly doesn't look to be very difficult at this point. So far the customer service, sales, engineering, product quality and delivery has been excellent. Keep up the good work.

    Perry Coudenys
    Sylvite Agri-Services

  • As promised.

    My dealings with SafeRack has always been positive. SafeRack personel are always very easy to discuss items with and very responsive. Quality is at the top of the industry in my opinion. Delivery was as promised when the order was placed.

    Bruce Giesler
    Mississippi Lime Co

  • Superior Product

    Our SafeRack sales person Molly Laqua was very helpful and informative with the product and other safety products SafeRack offers. I have already recommended your YellowGate safety gate to other peers. I love strong, stable construction, ease of use and longevity.

    Keith Douglas
    Cemex (7029)

  • An absolute pleasure to work with...

    Linda Hardee is an absolute pleasure to work with as well as the other staff at SafeRack. No matter whether it was a warranty related issue or not the parts, service and QC personal have been very helpful and professional. When I have entered into discussions about trucker safety I very confidently throw the name SafeRack around. I apologize for not giving any kudos to our salesman, but he is a "salesman"

    Dan Costello
    Riverside Cement Company

  • Fast, friendly service.

    I dont like buying over the phone but you guys make it pleasant, and your staff is very knowedgable( the best in the field )....

    Juan Garza
    Pacific Ethanol Magic Valley LLC

  • Very responsive and friendly.

    It is nice to know where to buy gangway replacement parts and get them reasonabaly fast.

    Les Fertig
    Western Iowa Energy

  • This product made me look good.

    ErectAStep is quality built, easy to order in a simple set of steps. Delivery time was expedited and it was easy to install and construct upon arrival.

    Bill Kusmits
    Marathon Petroleum Company LP

  • Top dollar service!

    Lead time was important. We did not want to hold up our project waiting for the product to arrive. Our sales rep, Chris Hite anwered all questions in a timely manner and the product arrived in a reasonable time without any additional expediting fees. From the quoting process, right thru to the delivery, and even a follow up by customer service, to ensure that we, as the customer, we have been completely satisfied with our purchase from SafeRack. Built to last with not only quality, but safety in mind. The price was less, but the service was top dollar! End result, this product will last for years in our facility.

    Alan DeVito
    TSE Industries, Inc.

  • Recommending SafeRack for years...

    I have purchased multiple products from SafeRack in the past and have always had good results. I was the first one within our company that made the switch from Carbis and many of our locations have followed suit. I have a lot of confidence in the SafeRack line of products and have always experienced a positive outcome. Ray Evans is very customer oriented and is always very responsive in answering any questions or concerns. I have been recommending SafeRack for years. The SafeRack products that I have used are superior to the competition.

    Warren Burchett
    Calportland Company

  • Very pleased with delivery.

    I would recommend it to anyone using a chain for loading railcars, it's light, easy to use and safe.

    Jennifer Salazar
    Dow Chemical

  • Peace of Mind

    There really is no reason NOT to have one if have an application for it. Provides peace of mind knowing that we are being proactive in protecting our employees.

    Randy Watson
    Evergreen Transport, LLC

  • Very Fast!

    I've used SafeRack several times there product are code compliant and easy to install with many options to chose from. Love the ease of installation and OSHA compliance. Product was delivered very fast.

    Verne Elledge

  • Outstanding fit and finish!

    Bryce did a fantastic job of answering my questions, providing feedback, quick quotes, delivery, etc. I had one question that Bryce did not know off the top of his head, so he dug into the details and quickly returned an answer. As well as providing options for furture orders. Thanks and keep up the great work!

    BrianVan Blaricom
    Liquidyne Process Technologies, Inc.

  • Huge benifit to customers

    Custom application. Customer service, from salesperson Molly Laqua, has been very responsive. Delivery was as requested and on time. Overall I'm satisfied to date. Three benefits about this SafeRack product: SafeRack installation ability, professional field crews, and responsive sales team.

    John Conner
    Momentive Specialty Chemicals Inc.

  • Saferack will be on my list of vendors. It's that simple.

    I am a industrial project manager. When I am shopping for a product, I want it shipped when I ask it to be shipped. Not before, not after. I asked for delivery to a job site 45 days after I ordered, and 45 days later, the product arrived. Timing is essential in my work, in all work.

    Dan Pyle
    A and B Welding

  • Our men feel safer

    The design, quality, price, and value are hard to beat. Add to that, the prompt and courteous response from customer service, are all a major factor in implementing a program to phase out current gangways, and to investigate other products. Our men are more comfortable and feel safer now than on gangways we were using.

    James Courtney
    Equistar Chemicals, LP

  • Better than the competition

    The construction of the unit is better than the competition and is very visible as it sits next to other gangways. It stands out! We had been given bad center line measurements from the end user and needed immediate help. David Daniel helped expdite a new gangway and all involved appreciated his help which turned a negative situation into a positve outcome acheiving the ultimate customer experience...Thanks SafeRack!!!

    Craig Trosclair
    Lake Charles Rubber & Gasket Co., LLC

  • Good product, easy install and quick delivery

    The product is good, easy to install and was delivered with exceptional speed. We needed quick delivery, and with Mark Gardner's help, the rush delivery time was met.

    Ryan Malsch
    Procter & Gamble Manufacturing

  • A happy loading team

    Safety, Functionality, well engineered product and good communication through Gunny Smith, equals a HAPPY LOADING TEAM.

    James Waldrep
    LANXESS Corporation

  • Bill Lemmon
    Marathon Pipe Line LLC

  • Pat is one of the best...

    Pat Early was absoultely one of the best, if not the best, salesmen that I have ever delt with. He was always resonsive to my needs, understood the changes and assisted in getting them taken care of. I have recommended SafeRack to all the other plants within my division of Owens Corning. Scott Hite was another outstanding Salesman that I had the pleasure of dealing with. Our original design called for an auto tarping system (which is how I found out about SafeRack), but after investigating it with Scott and Pat, they came to me and informed that due to building specs you were unable to install one. That is where a couple of competitors kind of stopped, but Pat kept bringing up other possible solutions. His dedication to the project is why we ended up choosing SaferRack. When the units came, they were just as described. They were packaged secure and together, and were a simple unload. Install went without issue, because the way that SafeRack loaded the parts and pieces. The end user (the truck drivers)like the ease of use of the gangways. The Owens Corning Rockford Plant is greatful to SafeRack for assiting us in reducing a Safety Risk at a fair Price.

    Harley White
    Owens Corning Sales, LLC

  • Fast Delivery.

    Both delivery and customer service was fast, courteous and follow up was great.

    Jeff Brooks
    Quick Fuel Fleet Services

  • As usual, very quick.

    Time saving good quality product, with the latest technology. As usual, Chris Hite was very quick with his response to our needs.

    Hanspeter Dietiker
    Lhoist North America

  • Easy on-site assembly

    Our sales rep John Edwards was very responsive and the product was delivered in only two weeks. ErectaStep's ease of on-site assembly was far better deal than custom engineering and fabricating.

    Robert Vaughn
    Tesoro Refining and Marketing Co.

  • Pat was very responsive...

    Customer service and sales worked together to meet our invoice and payment needs. It was our first time doing business, and they made sure order went through without any delays. Items arrived much quicker than I anticipated.

    Dave Henn
    Progress Rail Services

  • Marvelous job!

    John Nance did a marvelous job with me, he always made sure the service was A1 when I had a question, he was always answering right away. I really appreciate working with him on in this project. Project was delivered right on time. I really enjoyed working with the SafeRack team.

    Benjamin Houde
    Dyno Nobel Canada

  • Extremely fast delivery...

    Very fast, friendly, informative and took care of my entire order and payment within minutes. Extremely fast delivery ... A couple of days and we had our order ...

    Markie Rodriguez
    Chevron Products Company

  • Always smiling...

    Our sales rep David Daniel is very positive and always smiling. This matches our business model. Nustar is one of the best places to work and Saferack fits in perfectly, Mr. Daniel expresses an interest in satisfying the customer and offers to assist in any way possible. We are very satisfied with the personell and products from Saferack. Nustar is impressed with the excellent service Saferack provides.

    Jerry Hilgendorf
    NuStar Energy

  • Real fast!

    The customer service was great. I got to talk to someone in the area and they were able to be understood. The spill containment is great and will work the best for what we are doing.

    Mike Wickersheim
    Sentinel Transporation, LLC

  • Extremely responsive

    The delivery came prior to the estimated delivery date and the customer service was extremely responsive and helpful with my product selection. Definitely and very good and useful product.

    Mark Ajemian
    CPI Automation, Inc.

  • Fast!

    The product had modular features that allowed us to customize and meet the needs of our unique project. Product from other companies that we researched would not meet our needs in this 'off-the-shelf' manner. Delivery was fast! We placed the order on Thursday and we received it Monday. Our sales rep Chris Hite responded to our emails almost immediately.

    Andy Hipp
    Batson-Cook Company

  • My salesman was excellent.

    My salesman was excellent. he got back with me very quickly on all my requests and was very informative. My MP Series RollAStep was excellent quality, vert light weight and stable. We are safer in the jobs we used to do before we bought this product.

    Brian Shreffler
    Nucor Steel Kankakee

  • Safety/Efficiency/Cost

    Very good product design with a large view area of site glass, cuts operational cost as well as a ergonmic asset, and cuts percentage of costly lost time accidents.

    Ed Guillory
    Kinder Morgan

  • Nothing short of excellent.

    Due to the fact that I needed much help with this order I can tell you my saleswoman was very knowledgeable and helped me greatly. The flags and holders arrived very quickly and where just what I needed. My experience was nothing short of excellent.

    Jesse Walker
    M & M Industries

  • It was a pleasure working with Phyllis

    Great sales people, it was a pleasure working with Phyllis Sikes. Excellent delivery time, very durable and good quality product, at a competitive price, who could say more!

    Tim Martin

  • Quick Delivery

    We purchase these probes yearly, and our sales rep Ray Evans is always very helpful.

    Johnnie Daniels
    Invista S.a.r.l

  • Your company was excellent.

    One of the fastest deliveries of any material that I have ordered... Our maintenance people commented on how easy it was to install the gates. Operations was happy that they finally got gates that worked well. Will absolutely recommend Yellow Gate!

    Mel Ingersoll
    Hess Corporation 0440

  • Delivered in record time!

    I dealt with two sales guys on this order and it was a pleasure to work with both of them, very quick in replying back and lotts of information when I needed it.

    Barry Butler
    Brenntag Canada Inc.

  • Customer service is top-notch.

    Customer service is top-notch. I initially called SafeRack last year just to get a quote. I left my number with them and they contacted me back to see if I was interested. I didn't feel pressured to do business with them and I really felt as if I was dealing with true professionals. I knew immediately that I would be purchasing from Safe Rack. I will do business with SafeRack again and I will recommend them to others.

    Quentin Sanders
    The American Bottling Company

  • SafeRack preferred

    We prefer to use normalized equipment with an expert like Saferack, than some patch up solution that doesn't survive time and is not certified. Plus, our SafeRack representative John Nance, took care to keep us informed of the project status every step of the way.

    Jean-Daniel Belcourt
    Sanimax LOM Inc.

  • Very Fast

    SafeRack delivers as promised good quality products and at a reasonable price. We received very fast service from our sales guy John Nance. I can always rely on SafeRack every time I need their products.

    Dorin Marian
    IGI Wax - International Group

  • Saved me thousands of dollars...

    SafeRack is not only more knowledgeable about loading rack parts than other suppliers there prices are better and the customer service is more responsive. With there help, knowledge and the ability to get spare parts for my swivel, SafeRack saved me thousands of dollars.

    Sean Flynn
    Flynn Petroleum LLC

  • Excellent!

    Our sales rep, Molly Laqua was excellent - they kept me apprised of the factory issues, and when I could expect the products. Will definity recommend Saferack as a vendor, and their service is outstanding.

    Janis Crow
    Clean Harbors Deer Park LLC

  • On top of their business!

    SafeRack came in to our facility, presented us their product, answered our questions and submitted the bids in a very timely matter. There were absolutely no negative experiences when dealing with SafeRack; we are very pleased with the people and the equipment that we purchased and look forward to using SafeRack in the near future. I have been using another vender for years and SafeRack seamed to be more on top of their business. Thanks again SafeRack.

    Doug Vickers
    Alon USA LP

  • Very fast!

    Very helpful as I was not sure what I really was ordering but they helped me and also did not make me feel stupid that I did not know what I was doing, and I didn't have to go through a computer telephone system to talk to someone.

    Bonnie Williams
    Armstrong Machine Company, Inc

  • Faster than I expected.

    Product was delivered very quickly, faster than I expected.

    Jeffrey Pettit
    Resolute FP US Inc.

  • Charles MacEachern was very quick and came to do a site visit right away. Product is very robust and accepted site modifications easily to allow for quick installation.

    David Mirosh
    Motor Coach Industries Inc.

  • Quality, Simplicity, Consistency.

    Stephen did a good job of getting up to speed quickly and submitting order with minimal knowledge of the original installation. I imagine this was company wide effort as well. Thanks for the help.

    Stephen Roach
    Progressive Builders Inc

  • Very responsive.

    Our sales rep, Molly Laqua, was very responsive, called to verify what was needed that accompanied the item ordered.

    Anngela Vogler
    Nustar Refining LLC

  • Above and beyond...

    Linda Hardee couldn't be more help. Every question was answered promptly and accurately. Easy to work with. Product was delivered within two weeks of order. Sales department went above and beyond to get all the answers that were asked.

    Tom Bright
    The Press of Atlantic City

  • Absolutely brilliant!

    Received the product in only two days time! Love the safety and ease of operation. As well as the price. We will be using this with our other clients as well. Absolutely brilliant product!

    G.C. Mohan
    Flexiflo Corp.

  • Absolutely fantastic...

    The product is easy to put together and was exactly what I was looking for. I like the fact that ErectaStep can be taken down and re-assembled quickly as well as it's sturdiness and how easily it is to order the parts to make the ladder longer or taller. Great experience.

    Julio Vincenty

  • Definitely worth the money.

    I dealt with Phyllis for my order and she was very courteous and knowledgable. She sent my quotes to me promptly and the order arrived promptly. We like the security and peace of mind in knowing that our product would be contained if something would happen as well as having the drain for ease of clean up and transporting the product is easier. We found that it was definitely worth the money that was spent.

    Synda Jepsen

  • Always a pleasure!

    Our coupler is durable and delivered on time and Phyllis Sikes is always a pleasure to work with.

    Chris Sholten
    Associated Northwest

  • Will buy another.

    Our sales rep David Daniel was very responsive. He came to plant site in a very timely manner, to look at where we were going to install the new rack. Well engineered and manufactured product, no problem to install. Will buy another.

    Harry Anderson
    Resinall Mississippi Inc

  • Very responsive.

    Very responsive from time of inquiry to time of delivery was <5 days, lightweight and easy to use.

    Steve Novak
    Dow Corning Corporation

  • Great to deal with...

    Saferack was great to deal with. The salesperson and other personnel worked to meet our needs, and addressed the problems promptly. Our salesperson was exceptionally quick to address any concerns. Working with Saferack was pleasant and easy. We would recommend using Saferack and will continue to use them for future needs. We would recommend using Saferack and will continue to use them for future needs.

    Lisa Goldstein
    Ascend Performance Materials LLC

  • Unbelievably fast service!

    Unbelievably fast service. I had these products on order for 6 weeks from a competitor of yours and when calling to check on them, they inform me that there would be an additional 9 weeks to recieve the product. You had them IN STOCK and in the material that the customer needed. The customer is in the process of installing this morning! Good price for high quality product!

    Don Cooper
    Coopers Consulting LLP

  • All positive...

    Very good product, we purchased some of these several years ago and are satisfied. Very good and safe addition to any unloading facility. Easy to install, quick shipment. Very helpful sales staff, all positive experiences.

    David Whitlow

  • Great product for the money!!!

    Our self adjusting stairway was delivered within 5 days just as promised. Our sales rep, Chris Hite was very helpful. I submitted a drawing to him and he got back with me immediately with the exact product that we were needing. He was also very helpful in getting us through the approval process so that my rack could be expedited. It is an all around great product for the money!!!

    Ben Hunt
    Sonstegard Foods of Georgia, Inc.

  • Happy Customer.

    Our sales rep, Jason Stewart, responded very promptly, and the product arrived in about a week. Our customer is happy.

    Roy White
    Crum Electric

  • Nothing but positive...

    High quality, great design, minimal amount of preventative maintanence needed.

    Bruce Buchy
    Vale Canada Limited

  • Always great.

    Our sales rep Molly Laqua stayed right on top of the order. The product is very durable, nice yellow paint, it looks and feels like it will last forever. I had already purchased some safety racks a few years ago from SafeRack, your products and service is always great.

    Rene Correa
    NuStar Logistics, L.P.

  • Travis is a gem sewn into the fabric of your company.

    SafeRack was able to ship the platform in perfect time and the loading arm shipped early making the installation flawless. A very well built and serviced product, seamless, painless choreography. SafeRack is a well oiled machine in all departments from sales, engineered drawings, manufacturing, and delivery. Our sales rep, Travis McCraine is a gem sewn into the fabric of your company. I look forward to our next experience. This one was so much fun, I want to do it again!

    Rob Dickson
    IndustraTech Inc.

  • It's a quality product.

    I deal with Phyllis Sikes... She's always pleasant and very responsive, she called right back after checking stock with the factory. Your couplers are very high quality and they're always in stock. It arrived within 5 days of time ordered.

    Chris Sholten
    Associated Northwest

  • Excellent response!

    Cost is always a consideration. We look for alternatives, but the quality of your products and the service balances the scales. We received exactly what we ordered. Saferack also assisted in making sure we knew what was needed and asked questions we had not taken into consideration. Saferack actually is better at making sure we know what is needed when we only request a product. It is appreciated when the vendor makes sure what we want is exactly what is needed.

    Jerry Hilgendorf
    NuStar Logistics, L.P.

  • Safety is always job #1

    John was good to work with and was good about getting back to any of my questions as he kept us informed and shared drawings and information.

    Larry Ficken
    Foster Farms

  • Right on time.

    Our sales rep, Charles MacEachern was professional, courteous and very helpful. I like SafeRack products because they're well built, safe and reliable. Not to mention you have a great customer support department. Everything is positive, no negativity on any dealings with your company.

    Ralph Sprenger
    LDM Yorkton Processing GP

  • Been purchasing SafeRack products for a number of years...

    Our salesperson Molly Laqua was very helpful in making sure that I received the correct system. She and her team really know their product and our history. Very helpful in making sure that I received the correct system, which arrived in only 2 weeks... nothing new, I have been purchasing SafeRack products for a number of years.

    Greg Vastbinder
    Nustar Term Partners, TX L.P.

  • Quality items, one stop shopping and competetive pricing.

    SafeRack Sales and Customer Service has been extremely positive and was able to deliver each item we ordered very quickly. I found that unlike some other product supply companies, SafeRack responded very quickly and efficiently. We are also working with the engineering group on a transloader. The engineering department has been extrememly helpful and has been able to provide answers and solutions to all of our questions and concerns. I found that SafeRack is great to work with and we will be placing more orders with SafeRack.

    Brian Hess
    Associated Energy Services

  • Quality product and a quality support.

    Our product arrived slightly inside expected delivery date. Our customer service rep, Phyllis Sikes was excellent and always available. We liked the fact that your product is pre-engineered and turn key. The safety aspect of our field is evermore important, so we have evermore important needs. SafeRack allows us to meet those needs.

    Brian Kroksh
    Strobel Starostka Construction

  • Faster than Usain Bolt!

    A wonderful product, and came in before expected. The comfort that the customer service department makes you feel with the ease of ordering and my salesperson David Daniel made each purchase wonderful.

    Josh Labove
    Halliburton Energy Services

  • It is all about safety....

    Everything about this order went great, our sales rep Molly Laqua was very responsive and I look forward to using your company again....Thanks.

    Chris Potter
    E.I. DuPont De Nemours

  • John Bast is a super hero!

    I love his customer service skills (they are blue ninja level). The first thing i noticed is how quick and easy the ErectAStep went together, that is really the plus here, reduced labor. Second was the complete look, the diamond tread pattern to the yellow handrails give the unit a serious professional appeal... plus there was a free wrench included in the shipment. Now if I just order a dozen more pieces of platform I could have a complete free wrench set! Your people and the product are Pro.

    Wilmer Stillens
    FMC Technologies

  • Everything was first class.

    This is the second time I placed an order for this item because of the durability and quality. It arrived within the same week that the order was placed. And the salesperson was great and friendly to boot! Everything was first class. Thank you. Kathleen

    Kathleen Hart
    Canada Veltri


    I ordered on Friday, late in the day. It arrived Tuesday!!

    Karen Cartwright
    Karen Cartwright

  • Excellent customer service.

    I am already recommending within our company. The equipment is well made and provides the level of safety we desire. The two installers made a very favorable impression on our employees as well. The turnkey installation, the weatherproofing of the equipment, the robust construction of mechanical parts with minimum maintenance. Chris Hite has always been quick to respond and offered excellent customer service.

    Eddie Grant
    Southwire Company

  • On site in three days. Excellent!

    OSHA compliant and quick shipping and quick installation. All positive.

    Chuck Conway

  • I'm a customer for life.

    The erectastep system was exactly as our salesman stated... OSHA approved, high quality alluminum and really fit the needs of what we were looking for... and it arrived exactly when Chris Hite said it would. Each time I contacted my salesman, he jumped right on it. Saferack will always be my first stop when I need anything for our facilities. The care and courtesy we received from Chris and each SafeRack representative has created a customer for life. Thank you Chris.

    Jason Musgrove
    Veterans Oil Inc.

  • Great communication.

    Customer service and the communication was great. A good product at a reasonalbe cost...will likely purchase again on future projects.

    Glenn Bruce
    Potters Industries LLC

  • Should've gone with SafeRack!

    I knew from the beginning that I needed to have SafeRack gangways... One of our counterpart facilities started with your product and ended up with another (competitor's product). Feedback from our counterparts, was that they had made a mistake and should've gone with SafeRack... Read More [+]

    SafeRack provides full support throughout the process. We found that we were purchasing a high quality product that is supported by qualified individuals within SafeRack's organization. Our sales rep, Travis McCraine came to our facility to assist with design and application. We learned that SafeRack is not just offering high quality products, rather becomes part of the solution toward finished projects. Very stream lined process...From the first visit to our facility by Travis, to the actual design and implementation of our specific needs. Thanks to the entire staff at SafeRack for their solution toward a successful loading system. With SafeRack, your not just purchasing products, you are partnering with experience that allows for a successful finished project. Read Less [-]

    Steve Labordus
    The Andersons

  • Best one on the market...

    Scott was very responsive and helpful along with Phyllis in getting everything taken care of. We like the ease of operation, the different swivel directions and the different styles of load arms. I think this product is the best one on the market today for ease of operation and functionality.

    Austin Schindler
    Strobel Starostka Construction

  • Quality can still be purchased...

    Good quality product, safe, easy to use, easy to maneuver, and great customer service.

    Bobbette Outlaw
    VSE Corporation

  • She was on the ball...

    I like your metal wheel blocks, they are very durable. I also liked the fact that I was only charged for the item when they shipped.

    Kathleen Hart
    Canada Veltri

  • I wish all companies responded this fast...

    When our loading rack was damaged on a holiday, our SafeRack sales team responded very quickly to our needs, quickly and easily replacing the unit. We set safety standards here and we were able to prove that we can stand by it. I wish all companies responded this fast.

    Dave Baumgartner
    Smith Dairy Enterprises Inc.

  • Happy customer.

    My sales rep Jason was vey responsive and always ready to help solve a problem. My truck grounding system was delivered on time as promised. I'm a happy customer!

    Roy White
    Crum Electric

  • Safety has a cost, but accidents cost a lot more

    We understand safety has a cost, but accidents cost a lot more. The extended handrail feature, a well made and reasonably priced product, great customer service and the responsiveness or our salesperson Ray, made this a great experience.

    Joseph Johnson
    Sinew Inc


    The product was of good quality and installation was easy. We received the product on time as promised. John Bast was a pleasure to deal with, answered all my questions and worked with me on the purchase. HIGH FIVE

    Sue Martin
    The County of Santa Clara

  • Small purchase, BIG customer service

    John Bast, responded to our needs faster than almost all of our vendors, even our local ones. The level of quality was much better than products offered by other vendors and we received our swivel joints within a week of my placing the order. The people at SafeRack truly cared about providing me with prompt attention and and the same level of service you'd expect from a much larger purchase. I would recommend this product to everyone.

    James Lively

  • Very Fast. Very Good.

    Your product wasn't the cheapest, but the quality, design, customer service and speed of delivery proves you can not always put a cost on quality and product.

    Ed Woodall
    Florida Rock & Tank Lines, Inc.

  • Awesome

    Your gates are a great value — well designed, durable, easy to install and arrived in only 4 days. I would not only recommend your product but also your company, as John Nance was awesome to deal with.

    Chuck Inman
    South River Distribution Center

  • Great experience, great product

    Jason Stewart was very responsive and timely. The product was very well built — far superior to other products we've used in the past. We liked your product features — the safety cage, adjustable height of the ladder - wide stairs and ease of movement from car to car. Great Experience and we will absolutely use you guys in the future!

    Jordon Elbert
    Cody Group Inc.

  • Good information flow

    SafeRack came to our facility not only to measure, but also took the time to discuss the operation of the product. Our sales rep John Edwards was very responsive.

    Lance Barrow

  • His products are always the best..

    SafeRack not only carried the product we were looking for, they beat the competitors with price, quality, delivery and installations time. Our SafeRack sales rep Scott Hite, along with his engineering team are always willing to work out tough design problems and come up with economical solutions. Thanks to Scott Hite and his team at SafeRack!

    Scott Barnard
    Ag Processing, Inc

  • Chris Hite was very responsive

    Increased safety is the primary benefit. We had a gangway that was functioning, just did not provide the level of safety that I believe this rack will.

    Ronnie Rushing
    Weyerhaeuser NR Company

  • Every aspect of this purchase has been positive.

    We purchased an identical one 2 months ago so we already knew exactly what we were getting... SafeRacks product is built sturdier and it's easier to use. It was delivered in under two weeks, every aspect of this purchase has been positive.

    James Dobson
    Polychemie Inc.

  • Fast Delivery.

    Thanks Cal.

    Marius Serban
    PRO D & E Trading and Engineering

  • Easy to use. Easy to maintain.

    We don't keep many parts in stock because SafeRack is so responsive and the delivery time is so quick.

    Wayne Maier
    Sabic Innovative Plastics US LLC

  • Fast replacement parts.

    Our SafeRack representative Phyllis was great, our replacement part was of great quality and arrived very fast.

    RJ Teune
    G & G Rebuilders

  • A great resource..

    John Bast has been a great resource for us, keeping in touch through out a long off and on approval process. SafeRack makes a very high quality product and we will be ordering from SafeRack in the future.

    Martin Moon
    Apache Nitrogen Products Inc.

  • Very Responsive, good quality

    John Edwards was very responsive, and your product is well made and easy to install.

    Jim Masterson
    Vista Sand, Ltd.

  • Safe Rack delivers as promised...

    As a new purchasing manager here, I was not familiar with Safe Rack or your product, but I have received positive feedback from several of our Engineers about the quality and reliability of Safe Rack products vs some other brands. Your sales rep was very helpful and our order was processed and shipped and delivered as promised without any follow-up on our part. SafeRack delivers as promised.

    Michael Courtney
    Terra Nitrogen, L.P.

  • Fast. Very Fast.

    Our client requested your product specifically, and I was very happy with the service and fast delivery and fast response from our rep Travis McCraine.

    Bradley Downs
    Fastenal Company

  • Jason is our super hero!

    We call him Captain America... he's great! It took longer for us to issue the PO than it did to get the product! Thanks Again!

    Troy McCrery
    L-3 Communications

  • Highest quality priced right.

    Our quotes and drawings were received in good time, and the product was delivered well within the quoted time. We love the ease of installation, durability and great customer service.

    Mike Amos
    First Chemical Corporation

  • Delivery in 2 Days!

    Very helpful and responsive. It was like we were customers of yours for years! Perfect for my need of catching any excess solvent leakage. Very user friendly. And DHEC is now satisfied but I hope I never have to use it for what is was intended. Great customer service and outstanding delivery time, in only 2 days!

    Mitch Thompkins
    Curry Cleaners

  • Travis was perfect.

    Your product was cost effective, delivered very quickly and it's ease of use will improve safety. It's always a pleasure to deal with SafeRack.

    TJ Galloway
    The Andersons, Inc.

  • Quality is there.

    Our third purchase of your product and all have surpassed expectations...

    Jeff Butler
    POET Biorefining

  • What I want. When I need it.

    I would absolutely recommend SafeRack. Working with David and Dana has been great! This was just a small "add-on" to a larger order but SafeRack gave it the same priority as the larger order. Great job!!! SafeRack has what I want, when I need it, and sent to me quickly.

    Scott See
    ConocoPhillips Company

  • Good Job!

    Your product was requested by my customer. The fact that this product will be used in Quebec and sub zero temperatures, sometimes at -40F, made this product a great choice, due to its design and galvanization. It was a pleasure to deal with my American cousins Good Job!

    Maxime Savard
    MYK Fabrication Inc.

  • What I want. When I need it.

    Working with David Daniel and Dana Harbuck has been great! Although this was a small order, the customer service given felt like it was a much bigger, more important order. I now have a bigger project submitted and look forward to working with SafeRack again really soon.

    Scott See
    ConocoPhillips Company

  • Smooth and simple.

    Jason Stewart was very knowledgable and responsive. Because of SafeRack we are able to demonstrate a high commitment to safety. Great experience... smooth and simple.

    Bob Bath
    Loveland Products

  • Zero negative experience working with SafeRack

    RIchard Harris is first class. The product was delivered on time with excellent communication - packed down small for shipment. I've had zero negative experience working with SafeRack - and look forward to buying some other products very soon.

    Richard Harris
    Flotech Performance Systems

  • It was received very timely manner.

    I had no discrepancies or expediting issues and did not have to put extra time into this order after I placed it which is a big plus. Bryce Jordan was very responsive and on top of things.

    Denise Vaught
    Intrepid Potash - New Mexico LLC

  • I was impressed...

    I was impressed with how fast my product was delivered. The complete process from start to delivery did not take but a few days. I appreciated the update e-mails and phone calls from all who were involved in helping me to purchase this equipment. I found them all to be very helpful and I did not have to wonder or guess what was happening with my purchase.

    Garland Jordan
    Dow Chemical

  • I wish I had more items to buy from him!

    i've known Chris Hite for some time when I purchased some items for our Deland plant. Great saleman, I have given out his number to other people. We had a truck damage a gangway in Deland and you guys got me a new one within the week. Bottom line, it is more cost effective and better engineered to buy your product then to try to fabricate it yourself. I wish I had more items to buy!

    McEwan Bender
    Thatcher Chemical of Florida

  • Ahead of schedule

    SafeRack customer service & Greg Crawford were very professional, polite and delivered results as promised. Price was a little on high-side, but the product so far speaks for itself. I commend both CS & Greg for pushing through the product so that I could receive ahead of schedule given my curcumstances at the time. Keep up the good work, another order from me will soon follow.

    Keith Douglas

  • The shipment arrived in a very timely manner

    I'd recommend this product. It is light and easy to install on railcars. The yellow color makes it easy to see and remember to remove from the car.

    Patricia Myszak

  • I have found inner peace

    Delivery - one week ahead of schedule! Stephen Todd was responsive and asked all the right questions. We like the quality - as it's proven here at the plant.

    Tim Daly
    Chemical Specialties

  • Stephen Todd was very responsive

    The product was delivered fast.

    Tom Leonard
    Sevier Solid Waste

  • It is a great quality product

    Quote response time was very quick..

    Megan Hayslett
    Process Instruments Inc.

  • You could tie my hands behind my back and I would peck at my keyboard with my nose to order one

    My gangway was delivered in the 3 weeks that was quoted to me and I kept well informed of when it shipped and was expected to be here. Read More [+]

    This product is super easy to install. When one becomes damaged, it takes few people and a little time and bam, business as usual. Dana Hamor was awesome. She always gets in touch with me very quickly. I always feel like I am her only customer.I am buying a superior product at a great price and getting the best customer service. I would recommend this G-4 gangway to anyone interested. You could tie my hands behind my back and I would peck at my keyboard with my nose to order one.The customer service is top notch and the product is very well made. I am buying a superior product at a great price and getting the best customer service. Every experience with SafeRack has been wonderful. From the time ask for a quote until I receive the product, I feel as though everyone there has a hand in the process. I am very skeptical when switching to a new company for anything but since I met with SafeRack several years ago, I knew they were a great company but it wasn't until after we bought our first gangeway that I found out just how great they really are. Thank you to everyone there. Read Less [-]

    Robert Parras
    Lone Star Industries

  • The product was delivered as quoted - 10 days

    Dana Harbuck provided expert and immediate response and feedback.

    Penny LeBlanc
    Georgia Gulf Chemicals and Vinyls Inc.

  • The product fit our needs perfectly

    The order was delivered in 2 weeks. It was actually perfect timing for the installation needs. Read More [+]

    When the product arrived in receiving I received a phone call from the supervisor. She stated that some "Really nice, heavy duty looking" pallets had shown up for me. The usual response is "There is a package here for you". I like the way you stretch wrap your product so it can be seen by all who touch it, from your facility to the destination. To me this is a good marketing tool! As we installed these on the lines all operators and line leads comments were overly positive about what we purchased and they were thankful that I brought those in. From a design standpoint, the rotomold design is perfect for this apllication along with the durable grid platform! You are never really sure what you may get for a first time buy, but I and others are very impressed with the our first time buy from you! Thank you! Read Less [-]

    Leonard Rowan
    FNA Group

  • No negative experience

    John Edwards was very responsive. The order was delivered in 20 days. I like the quality of the product.

    Cindy Fuerstenau
    High Plains Bioenergy

  • The gangway was delivered 2 weeks after the PO was issued

    I had no obstacles since I'm a customer of SafeRack products since 2004, and would not buy any other brand. Chris Hite is a good guy. Shipment and tracking numbers were supplied by the office as well. As far as the gangway, the solid and well done workmanship - from the welds to the powder coat and moving parts - is what I like most.

    Hanspeter Dietiker
    Lhoist North America

  • These are the best retro fit safety gates that I have seen.

    The experience with SafeRack was helpful and easy and the product is of very good quality and easy to install. Chris Hite was very responsive and keep us informed of delivery date. As for the gates, these are the best retrofit safety gates that I have seen. The thought process to make they fit virtually any application is excellent.The bright yellow color the versatility of which way the opened. The ease of setting tensionThey were easy to assemble and install. I would recommend them because of the ease of installation and assembly.

    Marshall Carter
    Calpine Corporation

  • Very short lead time

    We needed to replace a very old derailer quickly and SafeRack provided us with the equipment and knowledge to get this done.

    Jeff Erickson
    Sherwin Williams

  • Response was Immediate

    Customer service was very service oriented and the whole ordering process went very well from rfq to invoicing. Product was delivered in less than 1 week!

    Michael Rollins
    Luminant Generation Co. LLC

  • Linda Hardee was very responsive

    The wrench was delivered in 1 week. We use the tool for tightening lags. Because of the height of the tool it allows the user to be able to stand in more of an upright position as opposed to having to bend. This will help promote better posture and eliminate back strain.

    Rick Melsheimer
    Union Pacific Railway

  • It's a quality product

    The whole experience with SafeRack was great. The Dana Harbuck was friendly and quick top respond. Your company seems to know their products and industry. The product is real quality. I'm hoping they last us a long time.

    Patrick Walker
    Jupiter Sulphur LLC

  • I give your company an A+ in all categories

    Service was top notch! I'm very pleased with the overall customer service. Linda Hardee with was very helpful and punctual

    Verne Elledge

  • Quality materials and workmanship.

    Will continue to come to SafeRack for help with Fall protection -

    Pat Parker
    EnviroSafe Loading Systems, Inc.

  • Like a cheetah with a booster rocket attached to its back.

    The product was delivered like a cheetah with a booster rocket attached to it's back! I've found that I never have to look for another supplier for anything having to do with loading or unloading racks again.What's left to say? Buy from SafeRack! You will be completely satisfied.

    Hal Wilday
    Reichhold Inc.

  • Functions very nice , looks very good, Drivers love it.

    Travis McCraine was very responsive. The system is a safe means of loading our trucks. I'd recommend it.

    Stacey Hoover
    CMS Land

  • The price was a great attribute to an excellent product

    Across the board, the SafeRack G-4 models are the best gangway we have on site! We are pleased with the end product and easy to install The price was very reasonable and beat out competitive quoting. I'd recommend these because the staff was knowledgable and proficient and the product is very user friendly.

    Jason Stevens

  • Our order shipped and delivered in just a few days - Very quick

    John Bast was very quick to reply and very helpful. In my experience some shop built or pre-fabricated systems are of low quality. The design and manufacturing quality was better than expected. All positive comments, nothing negative. Will definitely buy again in the future.

    Jaydee Bullard
    Caljet Of America LLC

  • Delivery was prompt and as promised

    These racks seem to be much more solid and durable than the Determan gangways we have now. Scott Hite did a great. He came out to our site and personally walked down the location of the new gangway install. Everyone was positive to work with, and there was great customer service and communication all the way through the transaction.

    Adam McCrady
    Valero Renewable Fuels Company, LLC

  • It was delivered with in the time frame given to us when ordered. No complaints!!

    Their are still companies out there that are friendly and make a great product here in the good old USA!!I Chris Hite did a great job of getting me the info on your product so we could make a timely decision on what to purchase. We like how simple it was for the crew to assemble and get the unit upright! Also the catwalk adjustment is awesome! !t has been a true pleasure working with your company in all departments and the price I felt was fair and reasonable!

    Tom Hill
    CF Industries

  • Product shipped same day as ordered

    So far, we are really happy with the unit and ordered a second one. The drivers feel confident when they are grounded. Dana Hamor was very responsive - even considering the time zone change.

    Vern Bose
    Mac & Mac Hydrodemolition Inc.

  • Was delivered very fast

    Travis McCraine kept me informed on the order - We like the spill containment designs - they are compact and I can move them as needed.

    Carlos Rosario
    Interstate Shredding, LLC

  • Versatile, light, & adjustable

    We like the right angle approach in the unit design, and the never flat fire design. The delivery was faster than I expected .Eveyone was very helpful, there were a lot of knowlegeable people ready to help. A good safety solution!

    John Doyle
    Aloi Materials Handling

  • Delivery was faster than I thought it would be.

    I like the Maui's safety above all. It is well made and easy to operate. Our salesman, Chris Hite was very responsive. I'd recommend the mobile access unit - it works very good.

    Walter Woodall
    Patriot Transportation Holding, Inc.

  • Product was delivered on-time During the holidays which was remarkable!

    Plant operations was happy with the ladder after they used it. We like the lightweight safety cage/easy access and minimal maintenance.

    Bob Whitlatch
    Kraton Polymers U.S. LLC

  • Parts were delivered very fast

    Your customer service people are very good at helping your customers. Linda Hardee was very helpful with finding the right springs and getting them to me very quickly so we could get back in operation. She always stayed in constant contact with me every step along the way. Overall very good experience with your company.

    Jeff Loveless
    Genon Energy Inc.

  • Travis McCraine did an excellent job.

    Great company to work with. Excellent sales force. Knowledgable staff.

    TJ Galloway
    The Andersons, Inc.

  • The product was delivered quick.

    John Edwards was very responsive and delivery was exactly met as quoted.

    Jamie Lynch
    Armstrong Industries

  • John Edwards has been excellent

    I like the versatility of the gate to go in any location. They are lightweight, nice finish - and well designed.

    Richard Harris
    Terra Industries

  • Product was delivered quick

    Experience with Cal Floyd was positive!

    Azman Azmi
    Alltrust International

  • I would recommend SafeRack based on the customer service

    The quoting, payment and delivery process has been very smooth and Claudia was able to accomodate our additional requests.Despite the time difference, she was able to respond to my inquiry in a timely manner.I would recommend Saferack based on the customer services. The product was delivered within the quoted time.

    Phillip Tam
    BioteQ Environmental Tech

  • Response was immediate and great follow through

    I would recommend those gangways. They work great and bolted up with no issues. John Bast responded immediately - all positive experience.

    Rick Sturgeon
    Kerman Ag Resources

  • I will definitely turn to them when procuring these systems in the future.

    Both Chris Hite and Rangley Laney were very responsive and sensitive to my needs. All products were delivered on schedule even though I had a rush order on non-stock, back-ordered products.

    Lee Thornton
    Precision Approach

  • Shipped earlier than expected and arrived early

    Mark Gardner's customer service has been excellent. He has always been responsive and communicative. I have never had a problem getting a hold of him when he is needed. He worked excellently with both SafeRack engineering and our own engineering firms. We are very pleased with the results so far, especially the delivery timeline. The tracking gangway is perfect to meet the needs of our application.

    Christina Karl
    Sabic Innovative Plastics

  • The quality of the manufactured parts look to be good

    Stephen Todd has responded in a timely manner. The product was delivered in the timespan SafeRack gave.

    MIckey Fordham
    Sumter Packaging

  • I got exactly what I expected

    Charles MacEachern was responsive and kept me in contact with the SafeRack team and project

    Ryan Sletmoen
    Catalyst Paper

  • The product was delivered in a timely manner

    Phyllis Sikes is very punctual and polite - she did a great job and made this a success. After we received the gangway, it fit perfectly.

    RJ Teune
    G & G rebuilders

  • Ray Evan's response was great!

    Good value, well built product. Solid salesmen and prompt delivery. All and all, we are very satisfied.

    Mike Staunton
    Veteran Corp of America

  • Delivery Time could not have been better

    My recent purchase was a repair part for a previously purchased SafeRack MAUI unit. I initially had reservations about ordering a part for a unit that was 3 years old, possible issues with parts matching up and alignment matchups, but I was surprised not only at the customer service response, Phylis, but the quality of the repair part and the speed it was delivered.

    Kenny Zoeller
    Conoco Phillips

  • I found that SafeRack is a company I look forward to working with in the future.

    I had no previous dealings with SafeRack, but I found it is a company I look forward to dealing with in the future. I deal with many suppliers and have done so for many years. Your customer focus and determination to deliver results puts you in a place where only a few companies reside, at the top. Travis McCraine was unbeliveably responsive. I would recommend SafeRack and their products. They are user friendly, competitively priced, and are of durable/quality construction. Read More [+]

    No negative comments and believe me, if there were any, I would share them with you in an effort to help you identify areas that are in need of correction or improvement. Customer Service and Sales-A+ Engineering-I was delivered a set of prints to approve for construction in a very timely manner-A+ Quality and Delivery-A+ Price to Value-Once again A+ Read Less [-]

    John Maney
    Mosaic Potash

  • The overall cost is excellent along with the quality.

    I was very impressed on how fast and efficiently Mark Gardner put together the quote and got it sent back to me. Everything was broken down in good detail to ensure we were getting everything we needed. Delivery was fast, and complete. I would deffinatly recommend these services to anyone needing a safe way of load securement.

    Don Sanders

  • We have been treated very well with SafeRack

    I just want to say how great everyone at SafeRack has been to us since we started using them for our gangways.Dana Hamor, Tom Semiklose and John Edwards have been very, very helpful and always respond quickly to my calls or e-mails and I have no doubt that everyone at SafeRack is just as great as they have been to me. The purchasing of a great quality gangway is not a problem anymore. I simply place the order and everything else is taken care of.

    Robert Parras
    Buzzi Unicem

  • Chris Hite was very responsive

    We had good discussion about product attributes/benefits, prompt quote and entering of order, good commuication about changes in delivery schedule (the customers may not like delays, but prefer accurate delivery information vs. mis-leading information)- Chris communicated timing and potential manufacturing delays promptly. We received the product in 6 weeks.

    Terry Watkins
    Styron LLC

  • SafeRack makes the best access safety systems on the market

    SafeRack makes the best access safety systems on the market. All of the pivot points are equipped with bushings. The drivers really love them. The spring adjustment system works very well. The construction of the gangway is very sturdy and gives great confidence when walking on it. The gangway latch is substantial and durable, much better than others on the market. My experiences in all of these catagories has been outstanding. Every problem I've had has been dealt with promptly, and when one of my units was damaged by a truck Saferack really came through for me.

    Jon Coolidge
    St. Mary's Cement

  • The product itself is very good and handles the job it was designed for.

    Received the replacement part in 8 days after placing order. David Daniel's response was very good.

    Ed Aucoin

  • Project delivered on schedule

    Once I was connected with Linda Hardee at customer services everything went very smoothly. She was very helpful and willing to go out of her way to ensure I was taken care of. She even called me several times just to follow up to ensure I was taken care of.

    Woddy Eppard
    Virginia Poultry Growers

  • Delivered within the 1 week which we were quoted

    Linda Hardee got back to us within half an hour of our request.She is pleasant to work with, and I always talk to a real person, not like the automated phone systems.

    Chris Sholten
    Associated Northwest

  • I wouldn't hesitate to contact SafeRack

    I wouldn't hesitate to contact SafeRack again for future projects of this nature. My experience during project with sales and installation were all positive. Sales staff friendly and patient with scope questions/changes. Looking forward to putting new dock with loading arm into service.

    Jerry Choate
    Murphy Oil USA

  • Excellent Service, price is fair

    This product's quality is better than we had before. It was delivered on time, Mark Gardner worked with me along the way, everything was good from start to finish.

    Jim Orlinski
    Cargill Salt

  • Jason Stewart is easy to work with

    Jason did a good job getting me the information I needed. The product was delivered on time.

    Roy White
    Crum Electric

  • Travis McCraine was very responsive.

    The gangways were delivered in two months. This was within an acceptable window.

    Chris Denton
    Nestle USA

  • The rack feels safe and built strong, while maintaining mobility.

    Scott Hite was very responsive. Communication flowed well. SafeRack had representation on site within a matter of a day or two prior to placing the order. Questions and concerns were answered in a timely fashion.

    Jody Schroeder
    Hess Corporation

  • Mark Gardner handled the sale well

    The gangway foot lock pedal's design gave more peace of mind to the operators and will save time every time the gangways are operated. Kudos to SafeRack for taking the time to design the pedal and get it right.

    George Bisanz
    Conoco Phillips

  • Good response from David Daniel

    We just bought two tank car racks. Very impressed with them.

    Gary Templeton
    Graphics Packaging International

  • Items arrived before due date - great service

    Phyllis Sikes was very helpful and detailed - a pleasure to work with.

    Mike Szlachetka
    Purac America

  • SafeRack's customer service is easy to work with

    Very positive experience. I was kept in the loop during the intire ordering process. They got started right away. This was very helpful due to it was Thursday evening and saferack had to schedule this work to be done over the weekend so I could have my rack by middle of the following week.

    Brian Newton
    Norit Americas

  • The entire transaction was very pleasant

    The entire transaction was very pleasant. Jason Stewart was very professional and responsive. The Customer Service was outstanding, and the product arrived as ordered, on time, and with appropriate email communications. I have added this to my favorites, and will continue to do business with you. Thank you for a great experience.

    Bill Ruoff
    Chevron USA

  • Chris Hite - Excellent as usual

    Our order was delivered fast as requested.

    Bob Gaffney
    Seaport Canaveral Corp

  • Right on time, just as we ordered,

    Mark Gardner and Robbie Norris emailed and phone me throughout the process to ensure our the company got exactly what we needed. I couldnt have ask for any better service from our first quote to the delivery of the product. I will always look to SafeRack for any product that we may need.

    Scott Stephens

  • Easy to use and install

    Everything was extremely positive - working with Phyllis Sikes made everything extremely easy!

    Jill Lomp
    Lincolnway Energy

  • Stephen Todd responded to voice message within 24 hrs.

    I would recommend the product. The platform and gangway serve the intended purpose of providing safe access atop delivery tankers. It provides safe access atop delivery tankers for unloading connection. The unloading platform is built narrowly to prevent drive alley encroachment. The aluminum gangway and galvanized platform will resist corrosion for long life.

    Andy Shumaker
    American Water Heater Company

  • Product was shipped as scheduled

    The SafeRack is safe, easy to put up and it took away the hassle of us designing our own system. Saved us alot of time. Phyllis answered all my questions within that day, if not within the hour! I really appreciated that, communication is key, especially when buying things online.

    Lyle Kriener
    Soy Basics

  • Delivered in good time, about 2 weeks which was great.

    Dana Harbuck is excellent, I had some questions and got a response the next day.

    Colin Welch
    Canexus Chemicals Canada LP

  • Attention to Detail

    Product was delivered slightly slow, I believe you were doing maintenance in the factory. SafeRack's attention to detail from weld quality to stickers to paint are what I like best.

    Jeff Butler
    Poet Biorefining

  • The help was great!

    Very fast and effective feedback From Dana Hamor. The swivel joint was on my doorstep within the three weeks delivery that was quoted.

    Ken Pagan

  • Good Service!

    The delivery was fast! We received the chocks here the same day as the notice of shipping!

    Mike Smith
    Nordic Bearing Inc

  • Great CSR's -They are very pleasant on the phone

    Response was good - and products delivered within a week!

    Vicki Edblom
    Western Petroleum

  • Any questions I had were answered promptly

    THe product is simple, clean, and sturdy. I would recommend the product and consider SafeRack again should a project require a loading dock system.

    Jerry Choate
    Murphy Oil USA

  • Quick Delivery

    The products were delivered within a week! I have really enjoyed partnering with Saferack. I think it is a great company. I did not know the wide selection of products that SafeRack offered. I will continue to optimize our safety and operations with the help of their products.

    Valerie Harrington
    International Paper

  • Strength, Safety, and Appearance

    I would recommend this product - the design warrants a safe means to open tank cars. We have bought this same product in the past and are satisfied with it.

    Pete Woods
    Calumet Penreco

  • Delivered within a week

    David Daniel was very helpful and knowledgable. The product is a very good safety feature and works best for our needs.

    James Gentry
    Ascend Performance Materials

  • Quality workmanship and good customer service

    David Daniel has always treated us well here at Ash Grove. So far we have had a positive experience with SafeRack since we switched from using Carbis here at Shreveport.

    Steve Nolan
    Ash Grove Cement

  • Scott HIte was very responsive

    SafeRack was a good company to work with. I would recommend these loading arms.

    Daniel Gallegos
    Koch Nitrogen

  • We discovered a way to keep our employees safe

    We discovered a way to keep our employees safe and meet OSHA standards with an easy,moveable piece of equipment. The unit is easy to move and fits the needs of the area it was placed. Benefits of the unit: 1) provides safe access to the trailers for our employees. 2) Meets OSHA standards for fall protection 3) appears basically maintenance free. Travis McCraine was informative and responsive. All of my questions were typically answered the next day. The ordering and installation process was almost seamless. The Travis was very helpful. The installation crew was helpful and informative.

    Bill Kinder
    Plymouth Tube

  • A very nice and sturdy product

    The gangway is very easy to lift. Hardly any maintenance - it makes an asphalt loading rack look professional. I'd recommend these - I've already purchased two of the gangways in the past and am very satisfied. Your service with Greg Crawford was very helpfull. He came down to our facility and looked at what was needed and took some measurements. He initially told me it was going to take two maybe three weeks and was right on the money.

    Rene Correa

  • No worries at all about this product

    We like the reliability of the product. It's lightweight, easy to instal and easy to handle. Greg Crawford offered very quick response. It was delivered on the scheduled date. FYI - the wood pallet used to transport the unit could be more hefty.

    Ed Garcia
    Boral Material Technologies Inc

  • It was delivered a lot faster than I expected!

    Mark Gardner was very attentive and eager to help me. I have no negative experiences relating to Customer Service etc. Unlike other vendors that I've worked with, this experience was Pain Free & very much customer focused. The stairway was (in my opinion) better made than the one I purchased in previous years - and as a result purchased another one!

    Christopher Teague

  • Travis McCraine's responsiveness was good

    Jack Bonn
    Eden Cryogenics

  • The product was delivered on time

    I would recommend this product. It is a good solution and the service is good.

    Ana Amero

  • No problems

    The product works well, easy to maintain and easy to repair. Scott Hite was helpful - All of my questions were answered clearly and helped me understand what I was looking for.

    Dan Hadzima
    Purac America

  • Received the product on time

    We are happy with your service

    Baniyas Oil Field Supplies

  • Our orders were shipped on the date that we were told. A+ for your turnaround time.

    John Bast was great to work with. The quality is great and it was such an easy process to deal with Saferack i would recommend you to others and I will be pushing Saferack to our customers.

    Geoff Powers
    Diamond Pet Food

  • Part was delivered within 2 days of order

    I needed a replacement part for a gangway. Linda Hardee was wonderful to work with.

    Dan Costello
    TXI Cement

  • Delivery much faster than expected

    I expected a 8-12 week delivery - It arrived in 6 weeks! Chris Hite has been extremely patient and helpful. No surprises in the product quality. I have designed 7 unloading stations in the last three years. Results have been excellent. No complaints.

    Greg Stutts
    Hexcel Corporation

  • Chris Hite informed us of the delivery date and was right on the money!

    From the web site to sales and service the process was eay, fast, and I was able to put the product to use immediatley. In the future I will buy the pre fabricated crossovers. THey are cost effective and durable. I am very please with the product. is actually more cost effective to buy from you than it is to have them fabricated on site.

    Ken Fudala
    Kinder Morgan

  • Travis went above and beyond to answer all of my questions

    The SafeRack Grounding and Monitoring Systems offered easy installation and integration with our system. I was most impressed by the friendliness and professionalism shown by Mr.McCraine in responding to all of my questions, making me feel like a priority. The speed of delivery and all other aspects of the order were satisfactory as well.

    Michelle McCune
    JM Smucker Company

  • It was delivered in the time frame that was promised.

    I'd recommend your product. The quality looks to be very good.

    Gary Worthen
    Schlumberger Oilfield Services

  • Interchangeable, durable, dependable

    Phyllis Sikes was very responsive. I was very pleased with the knowledge and ability of your company to fulfill our needs and your quick response back with the part I needed.

    Pat Ryan
    Rentech Energy

  • The product was delivered very quickly

    These spill containment pans will help us keep our environment and rail yard clean. Mark Gardner was very informative.

    Ryan Edwards
    Advanced Composites Inc

  • Scott HIte was very good to respond to questions/concerns.

    I'm already familiar with and pleased with your fall protection equipment. The products were delivered on time. You might want to consider calling the day before ETA so we can be prepared to off-load. Sales is excellent, with knowledgable people, who are willing to take the time to determine your needs, research the equipment and select that which best serves the clients need, both budgetary and functional.

    Fred Iwema
    Industrial Commercial Services

  • Very satisfied with the delivery time

    John Bast was very responsive.

    Andrew Griggel
    Cargill Salt

  • Phyllis was very responsive

    I was very pleased with the service I received from Phyllis Sikes .She answered to my questions right away she sent the proposal very fast and she called to double check if I received it .I was very impressed ,and every time I call to inquire about a product or a proposal I will always ask for her .

    Liliana Serb
    Kemira Water Solutions, Inc.

  • It was delivered on time

    I would recommend the SafeRack MAUI for trucks - it's easy to maneuver and operate.

    Jerry Crowder
    Kinder Morgan

  • The platform and gangway arrived much earlier than expected

    The products were delivered in a timely manner. The platform and gangway arrived much earlier than expected. The building arrived on time. Pat Early was very responsive.

    Byron Samonte

  • They are less costly relative to regularly fabricated platforms.

    Ray Evans was extremely responsive, got the quotes I requested back to me in a timely manner. I asked for revisions to the quotes a couple times and each time received timely updated. The ErectaStep platforms are the PERFECT solution depending on the scenario. I LOVE that they are so VERSATILE...various parts availability for constructing numerous different platform arrangements.

    Kristi McCall
    Duke Energy Corporation

  • The product was delivered within 10 days - Great!

    The product is excellent. I used it before in another facility - It's easy for my employees to operate. Mark Gardner was responsive - Everything was smooth sailing, from sales and delivery. I recommend this product.

    Jim Orlinski
    Cargill Inc.

  • We like the platform ruggedness and precision craft

    Excellent Delivery -Chris Hite's response was excellent- received follow up emails with drawings - We would recommend the MAUI - it is flexible and robust.

    Johnnie Pearson
    Hagemeyer/Georgia Pacific

  • Tremendous commitment to our company's fall protection needs-

    Tremendous commitment to our company's fall protection needs - Travis McCraine's knowledge and experience contibuted exstensively to a quick resolution to our plant needs. The design of the fall protection gangways and cages not only created an improved safe access for our employees it allowed for continued efficient servicing of our customer needs with flexibility for thier equipment. Read More [+]

    The presentation of various alternatives, the system measurements, the proposed drawings, the delivery, the durability of the product and the ease of installation has made this a truly professional and positive experience with SafeRack - Thanks Read Less [-]

    MIke Savage
    Asphalt Materials

  • Well constructed and works well

    Benefits of this product are less damage to hoses, less physical labor for controling hoses, less exposure to physical laborer injury. Dana Hamor was very responsive.

    Bob Gaffney
    Seaport Canaveral Corp

  • The delivery extremely prompt and well within specified lead time

    Greg Crawford was responsive. Always got him on the first call. Always got back to me when he said he would. I recommend this product. It is by far the best quality product we've used in all of the grounding units we've used on all our truck-loading skids . Nothing but positive feedback. We're extremely pleased and we'll definetly use SafeRack on the next skid.

    David Sayroo
    Southwestern Measurement Systems

  • Receipt of approval drawings as well as the delivery is well within the quoted timeframe

    Dave Young is very responsive to all of our needs. All inquiries are received in a timely manner.These products work very well for all of our applications and are well priced for the applications. Yes, I can buy similar products from other suppliers at competitive prices, but I do not get anywhare near the expertise, customer service, and prompt delivery that SafeRack provides.

    Mike Amos
    E.I. DuPont De Nemours & Company

  • I liked the gangway design feature the most.

    Construction, Design, and ease of use.

    Raul Martinez
    Owens Corning

  • Good quality for a good price

    I was very pleased with my Jason Stewart. He was very knowledgeable and helpful. I liked getting the drawings for approval prior to construction, to ensure I was getting just what I need. We like the safety protection of the fall cage, the high-visibility color, the ease of movement so that an employee doesn't have to strain to raise and lower the gangway.

    Mike Lehman
    Intrepid Potash Wendover, LLC

  • Ray Evans was very responsive and helpful

    Very positive group of people in sales and customer service.

    Jim Burch

  • Great resource Saferack is my preferred supplier

    The product was delivered the same day - very fast response. This quick response allows me to not carry more than one spare for 6 spaces. No hassel ordering process. Timely shipping and follow up. I would recommend your products. I have been thru this process with three of your competitors with no comparsion to match. Absolutely not negatives response on my parts> I have one rail multi position gangway and now three single space gangways any additions in the future including replacing three Carbis units will be Saferack.

    Bill Strong
    Arclin USA, Inc

  • Very professional company

    John Bast followed up and answered all of my questions.The SafeRack personal are very knowledgeable of their many product lines.I would and will recommend SafeRack, everyone was very professional.

    Larry Eshelman
    Shell Oil

  • The SafeRack platform was delivered in just a few weeks

    This assembly instructions were very simple and detailed and just 2 steel erectors did this in just a couple of hours. start to finish. Quality is much better than expected, hoisting the ladder is easy and simple.

    Lee Reynolds
    SI Group

  • Extremely fast delivery, met or beat all schedules!

    We would absolutely recommend SafeRack. Great company to work with, and very adaptable. We like both the ease of use of the gangways and Scott Hite's experience and assistance in our project. We are building a state of the art railcar loading facility in some pretty harsh conditions. Mistakes and errors can really slow or stop our progress. SafeRack took away that concern by providing us with a quality product, that we didn't need to worry about following the manufacturing path. Delivered when and what they promised. Read More [+]

    We see a long relationship with SafeRack. They have helped us through some difficult design decisions and took the load on themselves. This freed us up to deal with other non-related design aspects. We had some shipping damage issues, that we worked through with SafeRack. Both companies have taken steps to keep from happening in the future. Fantastic product with Superb workmanship. Read Less [-]

    Kris Meredith
    Strobel Starostka Construction

  • The product was delivered very fast

    Sales was very responsive - we are very pleased

    Corey Feltis
    Howard Feltis

  • Durability, Superior Construction, and cost

    I was very impressed with the turn around time on the order, allowing me to get my project done on time and on schedule will definitely bring me back as a loyal customer The only obstacle would have been delay in shipment or an outrageous price. Both of which I was totally satisfied!

    Ed Bruner
    Holly Factory

  • From the time I gave them a purchase order until I recived my unit was 29 days. Outstanding!!

    Phillis Sikes in Customer Service is a GREAT person and a treat to work with.also we have had our first unit about 5 years and love it!! Scott Hite is a very nice man and knows his product!

    Rex Rimmer
    Quad County Corn Processors

  • The promised delivery dates made the difference.

    SafeRack is a good company with a capable staff. You make a good product and your people are very knowledgeable about your product and its capabilities. John Bast always responded to any request that I had- and the delivery schedule was crucial- the promised delivery dates made the difference. Read More [+]

    The quality of the design and construction was what we like most. I would absolutely recommend your product. We have bought product from your main competitor and we are much more pleased with the Safe Rack experience. Read Less [-]

    Forrest Hunter
    Alon Bakersfield

  • Why we didn't purchase the product sooner!!!

    David Daniel was an excellent rep. He checked in with me periodically on status of the project. He was "extremely" patient with our process. He was "never" pushy.. Responded quickly on our requests to furnish additional information or clarified any questions we had.... Service has been excellent.... Also, delivery was quicker than anticipated. Well within the 3 week time frame....Received a call to anticipate delivery, truck driver didn't "just show up" We could plan for the off loading in a timely manner. Great communication!!! Last, installation was NOT complicated..ready to use in a few hours after foundation is completed.

    Randall Landry
    Newpark Environmental Services

  • It was delivered at a prompt time. I was very satisfied.

    I was completely impressed with the entire service and quality that your company gave me during my dilemma. I would recommend this product to other production plants within the company and fellow colleagues.

    Vernon Ankersen
    Mississippi Lime

  • Product was delivered in a timely manner

    Very good customer service!

    Tracy Kirkwood

  • The entire experience was positive.

    David Daniel was very responsive. The railcar loading gangway was delivered ahead of schedule- within 2 weeks of the order.

    Chris Champagne
    BASF Corporation

  • Phyllis Sikes was great to work with on this project!

    The G4 gangway is a very nice unit, very easy to use. Delivery time was as expected. Easy to setup, easy to train on, great customer service. Overall a good value and good quality.

    Chad Niles
    Kemin Agrifoods North America, Inc.

  • Well done and good quality...

    We already have 4 of them here and need 7 more.

    Richard Perrault
    Dow Chemical

  • It worked better than the one we had before.

    After getting Saferack involved in trying to find a ladder for our purpose they did all the foot work in finding someone to build the ladder for us. We had several phone follow up calls from saferack after they found out what we needed until they found someone to build the ladder for us. We tried to get the original vendor to make the ladder for us and they said they could not. Saferack said give us a chance to find someone to build it and they did. And we really appreciate what Mark and Tom did on finding a ladder for us.

    Floyd Billings
    Lucite International

  • The price was very competitve and the device matched up very well to our needs.

    Dana Hamor identified that the our rail was just a few fractions of an inch off and suggested that we pruchase shims so taht the product would fit properly when it arrived at our site instead of going through trial and error to get it right. Overall my experience was very satisfactory. Ordering was easy and the sales department offered just the right amount of assistance to make sure that our purchase and installation yielded the results we were after with out being overly intrusive.

    Jonathan HIghtower

  • The product was delivered just as promised - quickly

    Good communications and fast responses -

    Luke Keller

  • Lightning delivery! Much sooner than expected

    Mark Gardner answered all my questions & help insure I ordered exactly what I needed & nothing more! Thanks for your attention to detail and makeing this purchase productive and easy. We are in the process of install, but feel we received an excellent product offered at a great price. I look forward to doing business with you in the future.

    Paul Barragan, Terminal Manager
    JD Streett and Company

  • Simple operation and quality of manufacturing

    The Dry Lock valve is well made - fit is very good and simple to operate

    Phillip Wendel
    Archer Daniel Midland

  • The product was delivered in an extremely timely manner, much faster than I had anticipated.

    I found to what extent SafeRack was willing go to in order get our business & start a relationship. Very happy with the experience. What I like most about the product the workmanship. But this was an aspect I was already familiar with from a past relationship with SafeRack. Your product looks as good as it performs.

    Peter O'Neill
    Inolex Chemical

  • The product was delivered in about 5 days.

    Customer service, sales, engineering of the product and the quality was great. Delivery was good time wise and price was less than the other gate openers I priced. I would recommend this product because it makes opening the hopper car gate safe.

    Steven Steinmetz
    Dyno Nobel

  • The product was delivered in 10 days. Much faster than the 2 to 3 weeks promised

    Chris Hite was extremely responsive. He did an excellent job making sure that the gangway requested would meet our needs. We've found a new supplier and sales force that is willing and able to ensure our needs are met. I'm very pleased with the product and more importantly the service.

    Matt Pietrzykowski
    SNF Flocryl

  • Keep up the good work, SafeRack

    We comply with fall protection requirements. It keeps our guys safe. While these systems are expensive, the benefit outweighs the initial cost. Customer service was great - I had the drawings and assembly instructions a week before the rack arrived. Ray Evans was extremely helpful. Keep up the good work, SafeRack

    Craig Pataky
    Westway Terminals

  • I did get the best service with fast response to my questions

    The product seems to be good and rugged quality. We hope that it will have low maintenance cost, and no problems. It was delivered within the time frame set when the order was confirmed.

    Thomas Holmsen

  • We are not first time customers

    We like the product and have had very few problems with regards to maintenance. The platforms and gangways look better than the competitors product. The coating is very thick and we have not seen any rusting even on our older installation Charles MacEachern has a great way of dealing with customers -his communication skills are very good , he is there for the customer when needed .

    Len Trevena
    Bayer Crop Science

  • Linda took my order and was very helpful

    Very quick transaction! THe product was delivered in the time given when ordered.

    Sherman Richards
    Louisville Gas & Electric

  • Heather was extremely courteous and professional.

    I work in an extremely fast paced enviornment so naturally this is a plus for me. I was impressed as soon as I spoke to Heather. I was treated with respect and professionalism. I was happy with all the answers to my many questions and when we tried the product out I found all of your answers to be true. The price was not bad either but if you think about it price is not even an issue when you are talking about the safety of your crew anyway however, for the money I found this product to be all that we needed it to be.

    Merri Quarles
    Tyson Food

  • Travis usually got back to me within a day if he didn't answer his phone.

    I like the stamped steps as opposed to welded steps. The gangway latch is significantly more robust than the competition The pivot points on the gangway have bushings, this is where we've seen the majority of our issues.

    Jon Coolidge
    St. Mary's Cement

  • Travis was absolutely tops!

    He was very prompt with all of the information we needed. Your whole operation appears to be service oriented and prompt. We like the quality. It appears to be very professional looking. It compliments our own operation and equipment. We were pleasantly surprised with the quality and better than expected delivery. Your prices are sure not cheap, however your service, quality, response time and delivery are excellent.

    Ross McEachran
    VIP Inc.

  • It was very easy to deal with SafeRack

    We liked SafeRack's willingness to work through the many obstacles we encountered during our design process. Scott HIte has always been extremely responsive. Great clean design, great operation and great salesman to deal with.

    Kris Meredith
    Strobel Starostka Construction

  • The product was very functional, easy to operate, and made a lot of operators happy

    Kenny Rogers was very responsive. I was very happy with the attention he gave to our order SafeRack has a response crew of people working for them. Customer service was very accommodating. Sales were very professional, accommodating, quick to respond and knowledgeable of their product. Engineering were quick to respond to any changes we requested. Product quality I would say is second to none. We are very happy with the operation of the equipment. The lightweight design was the most attractive feature for us. The delivery of the majority of the order was either on time or delivered early. The product is very functional and easy to operate, these are the features that were most appealing to operations.

    Ralph Halligan

  • Rangeley's response was great!

    Good quality, reliable, good customer service.

    Paul Ambrose
    Wagner Fluid Systems

  • Chris Hite was very responsive.

    The SafeRack Maui portable platform is an alternative to high cost powered equipment for sampling of tank trucks. Chris Hite was very responsive. When it was identified that the order got lost, he made sure to make other arrangements to have the unit delivered.

    Bob Gaffney
    Seaport Canaveral

  • Good quality product on time and on budget

    Good quality product that is structuraly sound that was priced right and built in a timely manner.

    Jesman Devia
    Oil Tanking

  • The order was delivered within one week, very prompt

    I made the right choice in buying from saferack was delivered within one week, very prompt.

    James Stewart
    Crop Protection Services

  • Travis was awesome. He was very attentive. He was quick to get a quote and quick to get a timeline.

    Travis was awesome. He was very attentive. He was quick to get a quote and quick to get a timeline. The Maui Ladder was shipped much sooner than anticipated after the order was placed, which was a pleasent surprise! The fact that they were able to get us something so quickly make it an easy decision!

    Rebecca Hileman
    Cargill Inc.

  • Greg Crawford was very responsive and good to work with.

    We like the turnkey design. The installation by SafeRack was fantastic. They did a great job and were very safe. Our technicians were very satisfied with their work. Greg Crawford was very responsive and good to work with.

    Brandon Grimm
    Clariant Corporation

  • SafeRack is extremely customer focused. This is refreshing.

    Pat Early was extremely responsive and made sure that I was satisfied with the proposal. He knew the product line extremely well and could answer on the fly any question about what he represents. Read More [+]

    Lastly, he presented to the MWV employees information about the platform. This went very well and I got buy in on new equipment. And it delivered surprisingly quickly. I was told that it would be a January 2011 delivery and I would miss out on the 2010 closing. However, the new platform was delivered the last week of December 2010. SafeRack is extremely customer focused. This is refreshing. Read Less [-]

    Byron Samonte
    Mead Westvaco

  • Phyllis Sikes was right on it!

    I would recommend this product because it prevents overfilling rail cars. Our salesperson was right on it! The product was delivered within 3 weeks as stated on the order acknowledgement.We were able to resume loading railcars at our facility.

    Jessica Bursell
    Corn Plus Ethanol

  • The follow up on the order and quick delivery helped get me out of a jam! Thanks

    I like the railcar mover because it was not some little tool to work with, the size of the handle and the head make it easy to move cars. Follow up on the order and quick delivery helped get me out of a jam! Thanks

    Operations Manager
    Coal Facility in West Virginia

  • The response from Kenny was very good

    Customer service was very good. The response from Kenny Rogers was very good. I am a resaler, and i can probably get it cheaper for resale, but i needed them as soon as possible. Your response was better. Thanks

    Joseph Damore
    J and J Industrial Supply

  • Scott Hite was very responsive

    Scott Hite was very responsive. The product looks great.

    Jeff Rhude
    Milk Specialties

  • Much easier than I imagined

    The product was delivered the day that I got the shipping email- and it was shipped promptly. Excellent follow up! Kenny Rogers called up to triple check that I understood what I was ordering. Much easier than I imagined it would be.

    Edward Flynn
    Flynn Petroleum

  • My product was shipped the same day the PO was approved!

    The entire process went well. Chris Hite had a quote to me within 30 minutes of consultation.The product was available and the purchase was complete and in route the same day. My product was shipped the same day the PO was approved! Operators await the installation and will breath a sigh of relief knowing that they are truly grounded when unloading potentially hazardous cargo.

    Charles Branch
    International Paper

  • Always a quick response to any questions and concerns.

    I appreciated the quick response by the Jason Stuart in evaluating the project and providing the necessary information for us to select the best product for our application. The product was delivered as promised, per the limited time frame. It will provide the necessary level of protection needed with maintenance free construction. The price was competitive with other providers.

    Project Engineer
    Large Refinery in New Mexico

  • Good looking equipment with a responsive and reliable organization to back it up.

    The Christmas video was cool. My experiences with the entire organization has been positive.Chris Hite is great to work with and provides excellent timely response. Good looking equipment with a responsive and reliable organization to back it up.

    Marty Dickey

  • The product was delivered ahead of schedule and it was a very aggressive schedule.

    Our salesman(Chris) was extremely responsive. He kept up up to date on the manufacturing and delivery schedule and also delivered all of the documents in a timely manner. All of our experiences were positive. The sales and service aspect were very good and the installation was exceptional. The price was very competitive. The product was delivered ahead of schedule and it was a very aggressive schedule. We were very pleased with the entire process from the purchasing through the installation by your installers (Richard and Gunny). The installers were very professional and helpful. Read More [+]

    The one potential obstacle was meeting our agressive delivery requirements. That turned out to be no issue. The single most important benefit for us is the increased safety in doing our job. Read Less [-]

    Steve West
    GNS Technologies

  • I would recommend this to other plants that have to deal with railcars.

    There was no negative experience about any of the service I experienced from any of of the departments that I dealt with while ordering this piece of equipment.Yes. I would recommend this to other plants that have to deal with railcars.

    Joe Jenko

  • Very responsive, answered all my questions immediately.

    John Bast was very responsive, answered all my questions immediately. Engineering department had a tough time describing what they needed, once we worked through that issue everything went smooth.

    Aj Steeber
    Martinez and Turek, Inc.

  • The product was delivered ahead of schedule as are most of the orders I place with SafeRack.

    With SafeRack, I look forward to placing orders with them because I know everything will be handled from when I order the product until I unload it off the delivery truck. I also know that if there is a problem, it will be handled quickly and professionally and they will stay in contact with me throughout the entire order and check up periodically to make sure everything is going OK The product was delivered ahead of schedule as are most of the orders I place with SafeRack. Read More [+]

    The ease of installation is the best feature of the gangway.The construction, ease of use, and high visibility color scheme all make this a well rounded product. Read Less [-]

    Robert Parras
    Buzzi Unicem USA

  • The equipment we have purchased has proven to be of high quality and built to satisfy the needs of the company.

    The handrail system was delivered within the stated lead time. No issues with receiving materials and good communication was given on its delivery. I would recommend purchasing fall protection equipment from SafeRack. Read More [+]

    My past experience with SafeRack has always been met with professional and knowledgable sales staff. The equipment we have purchased has proven to be of high quality and built to satisfy the needs of the company. Read Less [-]

    Darius Tyler
    Hexion Specialty Chemicals

  • Speed in our loading operations

    Scott Hite was very responsive, the seal plate is fairly complex with many details to work through. I liked that SafeRack is willing to "create" client specific designs. Benefits include speed in our loading operations

    Matt Hall

  • Your company should be a model for others to follow.

    With this being my first ever order from SafeRack, I can truly state that all departments that I dealt with to receive this product was friendly, courteous, and eager to assist so that my objective would be a complete success. Read More [+]

    The price of the unit I purchased was leaning to the high side of my willingness to pay for such a product but once I received the product, it made sense to me that the price of the unit was definitely shown in the details of workmanship and construction materials used. Very strong consideration for future purchases of safety racks from your company has been solidified with me. Very high quality of product from that of a competitor that I currently use within my operational area. Your company should be a model for others to follow. The quality of unit was just as stated to me by others, the product inturn speaks for itself. Read Less [-]

    Keith Douglas

  • That is why we keep going back to him and your company

    Ray Evans called me back in less than an hour on the first call and on the next couple of calls less than 10 minutes. The replacement gangway and safety cage was delivered on time. This was the third purchase from SafeRack. Read More [+]

    Our salesman, Ray Evans, gave us several ways to go so that we could stop the damge the truck drivers were causing to this piece of equipment. He has always helped us int he past, and so far no one has damaged it. He said he would drive up if we needed more help or other ways of installing. That is why we keep going back yo him and your company. Read Less [-]

    Project Engineer
    Chemical Plant in North Carolina

  • It was a step up from what we had

    Travis was very responsive and the product was delivered very quick. The product works well, it was a step up from what we had.

    Chris Denton

  • Chris is always very responsive and more than willing to do anything necessary to satisfy our needs

    Everything was great in all our relations with SafeRack. Thank you all very much! Chris is always very responsive and more than willing to do anything necessary to satisfy our needs. The mobile rack, self supporting is what we like most about the product. The construction and the craftmanship in which the equipment is made is impressive.

    Product Engineer
    Chemical Plant, South Georgia Area

  • Your Product was shipped amazingly fast.

    Your product was shipped amazingly fast. I placed the order and had it in a week. Chris Hite was very responsive. He was on the road and had his inside person help with the arrangements as soon as the PO was issued. Excellent customer service and delivery time!

    Roger Chubin
    International Fragrances and Flavors

  • The product was delivered as advertised

    Rob, The loading rack has already been installed....great product ! I enjoyed working with Travis & Heather, specifically their follow up. I would consider him very responsive (and) the product was delivered as advertised.

    Steven Gerbasi, President
    Cleveland Industrial Group

  • The order went very well

    The benefits of your product are that it complies with fall legislation and quick delivery. It provided safe access for rail cars. All departments were responsive and answered any questions quickly and effectively. Charles MacEachern is very good at answering and returning calls - The order went very well.

    Daryl Lucyshen

  • The field reviewed the product and really liked it.

    I had no issues on this purchase. I got the information I needed to make my decision, it met all of our requirements. field reviewed the product and really liked it. You are a quality vendor, the product is exactly what we needed, and we like the responsivness of sales. .

    Thomas Hopkins
    NuStar Logistics

  • David was good and we were a fairly demanding customer during this process.

    Very Responsive. David Daniel was good and we were a fairly demanding customer during this process. Customer service was good - the first one was damaged in route and Saferack reacted quickly to get us another one. The gangway was pre adjusted and ready to go.

    Jake Simon
    Ash Grove Cement Company

  • Good product! and a good company to go along with it.

    Everyone is very friendly and professional with me. I received updates on when the unit will ship from Customer Service and they work with us on what carriers we want them to ship it with. Safety for the truck drivers using the gangways is important. They are easy to operate for all types of people. Springs are very easy to adjust. Foot lock lever seems to work well. Read More [+]

    I would recommend your product because it has been a good product for us and I really think that the customer service that goes along with a great product cannot be beaten. Good product! and a good company to go along with it. Read Less [-]

    Owen Upchurch
    Ash Grove Cement Company

  • As always, quick, safe delivery

    Kenny is always quick and polite- deliveries fast and accurate - equipment of high quality. Kenny answered my request immediately. As always, quick, safe delivery.

    Dorian Marian
    The International Group

  • Benefits of the product? Safety, safety, and safety

    Your company is very organized and value of your customers is VERY important. Your salesman, Kenny Rogers, was responsive with continual updates supplied as to the status of the order. The benefits to this product are Safety, safety, and safety !

    Joseph Rowny
    S.I Group

  • 'SafeRack is an extremely responsive company who delivers on the promises'

    Price was competitive. Product was easy to install and required no re-work on our part for installation. Equipment was easy to operate and maintain. I would recommend the product based on your team's technical ability, pricing, robust designs, and meeting your delivery dates. Read More [+]

    SafeRack is an extremely responsive company who delivers on the promises . I worked with David Daniel on this project. He was extremely responsive and delivered on cost, schedule, product quality. pricing was great. I had no issue getting in touch with him. He made himself available on his day off as well. I had no surprises which as project manager are critical to successfully delivering projects. Read Less [-]

    Project Engineer
    Large Refinery in Louisiana

  • 'Very responsive'


    Liliana Serb
    Kemira Water Solutions

  • 'Very helpful in the order process'

    Benefits we found with the product was that they were convenient , Safer for employee's back and easier to find. Very helpful in the order process. Sales was very helpful in tracking down the right product that I needed - Thank you!

    Ray Castro
    Pabco Roofing Products

  • Thank you for a great product and exceptional service

    I wanted to drop you a line in regards to a new railcar access structure Croda purchased from Saferack. In my 25 years as a chemical engineer I have purchased numerous racks and fall protection equipment from a number of suppliers. By far, with no exception, have I ever dealt with a more professional customer oriented company than yours. Read More [+]

    Ray Evans and Charles Phillips spent much time convincing me to purchase(both equipment and installation) from Saferack. Unlike most sales people, they did not forget about me after winning the order. They, as well as your design team,endured several revisions driven by me and in the end we came up with a great design. Linda Hardee has been the most responsive customer service person I have ever worked with. She has worked very hard to provide me everything I have needed. Whenever I needed data, drawings, schedules, contractor approvals, insurances, permits, etc - a reply from her was always very prompt. Last, but not least, I need to praise the installation team. I was a little concerned when only two old guys, Richard Hester and David Gunny Smith showed up on site to install this big structure. These two gentlemen methodically erected this structure, efficiently, safely, and in 90 degree weather to boot. In my 25 years of construction, I have never seen more knowledgable, trained, properly documented, and safety conscious personnel than Richard and Gunny. With the folks you have on board I have no doubt your company has a bright future. If I am in a position to make future purchases in this industry, I know who I am going to call. Thank you for a great product and exceptional service. Read Less [-]

    Bob Cooney

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