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Lifeline Cable Systems Fall Protection

Horizontal Fall Protection for Railcars & Trucks

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Lifeline Cable Systems Fall Protection

Horizontal Fall Protection for Railcars & Trucks

Trolley Beam fall protection

Trolley Beam system and fixed anchor point for bottom unloading railcars

Permacable fall protection for tank trucks

Four bay Permacable fall protection for tank trucks

Retracting Lifeline Fall Protection System

Multiple Retracting Lifeline Fall Protection System on a Single Safety Cable

Lifeline Fall Protection Systems

The SafeRack lifeline cable system is a lightweight, shock absorbing horizontal fall protection system designed for use in railcar and truck tank container loading and unloading. The SafeRack cable system can adapt to any working environment to provide workers with fall protection that does not interfere with their work, especially in environments with limited access, low frequency of use, and railcars of differing lengths.

The Safetrack cable system is made from lightweight synthetic cable, can span up to 200 feet, supports up to 4 workers at a time, and meets all OSHA requirements for horizontal cable lifeline systems. The lifeline cable is very resistant to extended use, chemicals, and weather and has low sag, while weighing only 15 pounds per 100 feet. If the cable becomes worn, a red liner in the cable alerts the user to damage or wear. The fall prevention system is unique in that it allows workers to pass between lifeline supports without disconnecting from the cable, and the available Skyrider bypass allows for hands free operation of the cable system.

The Safetrack lifeline cable system can be engineered to meet the specific needs of your operation, and will allow for efficient and unrestrained loading and unloading of trucks and railcars while providing reliable fall protection. Safetrack lifeline systems provide a lightweight, durable, and adaptable fall prevention cable system that keeps workers safe yet unencumbered.


  • Single or multiple user design
  • Trolley beam designs or Permacable
  • Vehicle access: tank trucks
  • Access point from grade or loading platforms such as Gangway and Fold Down
  • Ramps
  • Foundation designs available
  • Turn-key installation available
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  • Spark-proof Tank Car Sockets Keep Workers Safe

    We have done business with your company before and the results have been excellent. We unload a flammable product, and this product keeps our team members safe. The item is high quality, the price is lower than other products on the market, and the sales team delivered on the promise of a quick delivery.

    Dustin Conner

  • Cable, Lifeline fall protectio

    Recommending SafeRack for years...

    I have purchased multiple products from SafeRack in the past and have always had good results. I was the first one within our company that made the switch from Carbis and many of our locations have followed suit. I have a lot of confidence in the SafeRack line of products and have always experienced a positive outcome. Ray Evans is very customer oriented and is always very responsive in answering any questions or concerns. I have been recommending SafeRack for years. The SafeRack products that I have used are superior to the competition.

    Warren Burchett
    Calportland Company

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    Project delivered on schedule

    Once I was connected with Linda Hardee at customer services everything went very smoothly. She was very helpful and willing to go out of her way to ensure I was taken care of. She even called me several times just to follow up to ensure I was taken care of.

    Woddy Eppard
    Virginia Poultry Growers

  • Always a quick response to any questions and concerns.

    I appreciated the quick response by the Jason Stuart in evaluating the project and providing the necessary information for us to select the best product for our application. The product was delivered as promised, per the limited time frame. It will provide the necessary level of protection needed with maintenance free construction. The price was competitive with other providers.

    Project Engineer
    Large Refinery in New Mexico

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