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OPW Loading Arms

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OPW Loading Arms

Loading Arm Application

Top Loading arm integrated with a SafeRack system.

Single source for canopy, platform, gangway with loading arm, loading arm support and pope spool help simplify the task of project design and coordination.

Fixed reach loading arm design.

Bottom loading arm.

Track designed to accommodate loading arm.

Problem: Product lines at this facility cannot be joined together due to contamination issues: Several products had to be loaded from one spot.

Solution: A special swivel arm was designed to join the pump to the 5 products with safe dry disconnects.

Supported boom arm design

"A" frame designed arm for bottom loading tank trucks.

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  • Spark-proof Tank Car Sockets Keep Workers Safe

    We have done business with your company before and the results have been excellent. We unload a flammable product, and this product keeps our team members safe. The item is high quality, the price is lower than other products on the market, and the sales team delivered on the promise of a quick delivery.

    Dustin Conner

  • swivel joint replacement parts

    Outstanding fit and finish!

    Bryce did a fantastic job of answering my questions, providing feedback, quick quotes, delivery, etc. I had one question that Bryce did not know off the top of his head, so he dug into the details and quickly returned an answer. As well as providing options for furture orders. Thanks and keep up the great work!

    BrianVan Blaricom
    Liquidyne Process Technologies, Inc.

  • opw

    The product itself is very good and handles the job it was designed for.

    Received the replacement part in 8 days after placing order. David Daniel's response was very good.

    Ed Aucoin

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