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Long Platform Systems

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Long Platform Systems

SafeRack Mounted System

This solution can combine a new platform with track or just the track section retrofitted to your existing platform. The track mounted gangway slides horizontally to the location requiring access on the top of the truck or railcar. This solution is popular with multiple lengths of railcars and multi compartment hatches on trucks. Operators open swing gates anywhere along the track. Single or multiple gangways can be used on the same track based on your requirements. Track sections are designed in 3' increments.

Double sided platform shown - single sided also available

Durable long lasting design

Tracking system is virtually maintenance free

This system has two tracking sections on each end and fixed handrails in-between

Any model gangway can be track mounted

Special Platform Applications

Loading walkways

Integrated pipe rack and operator shelter.

Railcar Loading platform

New platform system for 12 spots.

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  • Platform system gangway

    The quality is nothing like yours

    SafeRack has the sales staff to support your product and it was easy and efficient to obtain information to help me secure a sale. Product was delivered on time as promised. All shipping information was given to prepare for pick up and delivery efficiently.

    I hope to work with SafeRack more closely to secure more business here in Quebec. Your competition is not really comparable, pricing may be lower but the quality is nothing like yours. I do not work with any other suppliers in this field. SafeRack is the only product we promote to our customers when the need is there.

    Nadia Boismenu
    Hi Tech Piping

  • Platform System SAS Gangways

    It's just better than the competition

    Delivered ahead of promised schedule. Ease of operation, built to accomodate existing space and was installed in one day. We would definitely recommend, because it's just better than the competition.

    Darrell DuVall
    Maola Milk & Ice Cream

  • Double Sided Platform System SAS Gangway

    To prevent a fall is priceless.

    Your SafeRack equipment has provided a better, safer and more cost effective alternative for our employees while conducting tanker truck inspections. TO PREVENT A FALL IS PRICELESS. I can always depend on a great product from SafeRack.

    Robert Carlson
    Henry Company

  • loading platforms

    Good Job!

    Your product was requested by my customer. The fact that this product will be used in Quebec and sub zero temperatures, sometimes at -40F, made this product a great choice, due to its design and galvanization. It was a pleasure to deal with my American cousins Good Job!

    Maxime Savard
    MYK Fabrication Inc.

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