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Truck Loading Racks

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SafeRack Mounted System

This solution can combine a new platform with track or just the track section retrofitted to your existing platform. The track mounted gangway slides horizontally to the location requiring access on the top of the truck or railcar. This solution is popular with multiple lengths of railcars and multi compartment hatches on trucks. Operators open swing gates anywhere along the track. Single or multiple gangways can be used on the same track based on your requirements. Track sections are designed in 3' increments.

Double sided platform shown - single sided also available

Durable long lasting design

Tracking system is virtually maintenance free

This system has two tracking sections on each end and fixed handrails in-between

Any model gangway can be track mounted

Single sided tracking gangway and 24' long platform combination

Tracking carriage designed with maintenance-free load rollers for easy tracking

Tracking gangways and platforms are popular for cement applications due to the variety of truck and hatch configurations that are loaded

Wide Gangways

Raised stored position

Horizontal working position

SafeRack gangways can be built to your required length and width, either with or without intermediate handrails. Unlimited sizes of safety cages are also available to suit your needs

Elevated Handrail System, used 80 times per day. Unit can cover entire tank truck for multiple hatches.

Articulating Handrail System, works great for low head clearance and tight spaces.

Fixed piping overhead; safety cage designed to work around it.

Retrofit platform and gangway to existing pipe rack.

Elevating and Articulating Hand Rail Systems

SafeRack and Osborn team up to offer you tank truck elevating systems.

The Quadspan

The Quadspan is a self-supporting traveling platform system housed within four column steel structure. The steel columns serve as structural supports as well as an integral, anti-sway guide system for the traveling platform. The Quadspan is versatile and can be constructed in multiples to accommodate several vehicles at one time to speed the loading process.

The Quadspan is the flagship of the Osborn designs. Through engineering ingenuity it provides the solution to complex loading problems.

The Duospan

The Osborn Duospan is a compact cantilever traveling platform system utilizing two structural steep support and guide columns. The Duospan is ideally suited for retrofit applications or where space conditions or traffic access may be restricted.

The Duospan is the answer to tough confined areas and modernization of existing loading facilities. When you specify a Quadspan or Duospan loading and inspection platform you are not limited to pre-determined widths and lengths. Osborn units fit the application by any measure!

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