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Truck Portable Access Unit | Mobile Loading Platform

Mobile, Rolling Access Platform & Ladder

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Truck Portable Access Unit | Mobile Loading Platform

Mobile, Rolling Access Platform & Ladder

Truck mobile access unit

Self Supporting
Does not rest on trailer

parallel rolling ladder

Parallel Ladder Positions Alongside Truck

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Perpendicular Unit Positions Against Truck

powered truck access ladder

Powered Tank Truck Access Ladder

SafeRack Portable Access Units (Rolling Ladders)

SafeRack's MAUI-I mobile loading platform serves as a portable truck loading rack, where access for inspection or venting is required in varying locations within your plant. It provides a safe, stable, dependable rolling platform and fall protection for your operators.

Easy to Roll and Adjustable for Varying Truck Heights

The SafeRack portable ladder system is easy to roll and manuever into position. Once in position next to the truck, the operator can adjust the ladder height with an easy to crank hand winch. The ladder then locks with high quality stainless steel safety pins. This adjustability ensures maximum flexibility with various vehicles and that the cage of the platform never need to contact the truck.

Parallel or Perpendicular, Two Heights Available

SafeRack portable platforms are available in perpendicular or parallel configuration models. Perpendicular configuration allows for easy spotting with the tank truck, while parallel configuration is designed for increased maneuverability in tight spaces. The ladder is available in two adjustable sizes, with 10 to 14 foot and 12 to 16 foot models depending on the needed height.

While SafeRack’s portable loading ramps are easily adjusted and highly maneuverable, the base of the rolling platform is exceptionally stable to ensure on-the job safety.

Built To Last

Saferack uses only the highest quality material in the construction of its mobile loading platforms to ensure that they operate dependably for years. Each unit has a certified 500 pound load capacity. These truck loading rolling platforms are maneuverable, adjustable, stable, and will provide safe, dependable operation for years to come.


  • Solid, 16 inch, 'No Flat' Tires
  • Double Locking Winch
  • Unit is Self Supporting and Does Not Have to Rest on Vehicle
  • Ladder Telescopes to Fit Multiple Heights of Trucks
  • Stainless Locks Secure Ladder In Position
  • Unit is load tested for 500 pound capacity
  • Tow Handle With Locking Brake
  • 4 Rail Safety Cage Raises Handrail Height to 42+ Inches
  • Leveling Jacks
  • Slip Resistant Walk Surface
  • Adjustable for Perpendicular or Parallel Configuration
  • Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Base
  • Lightweight Aluminum Ladder and Safety Cage
  • Ships Broken Down for Box Truck Delivery
  • Easily Assembled in 1/2 Day
  • Fast Deliveries Available

Optional Powered Unit Provides Effortless Mobility

  • Battery operated via a standard car battery
  • Forward and Reverse
  • Travels at walking speed

Also Available for Railcars

SafeRack also manufactures a portable ladder for railcars. This specialized rolling ladder integrates a fall protection cage consisting of a 12” deep safety cage. This safety cage raises the railcar handrail height to 42+ inches.

Application Pictures

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  • MAUI portable access

    Compact size, light weight

    Adjustable height and moving direction for type of service. Compact size, light weight for moving by service people.

    BONG SOO Kim
    Kolon Industries

  • MAUI portable access

    Improving efficiencies as well as our safety practices

    These platforms are extremely helpful in our bulk loading processes. They'll improve our efficiencies as well as our safety practices. The versatility of these units to be positioned parallel or perpendicular affords us a lot of flexibility.

    John Edwards has been excellent about explaining our options to us and qualifying our purchase beforehand to ensure it's going to our intended application. He's been very flexible about coming our to our locations to do so. The iPad application that provides a concept drawing of the equipment on-the-fly is a great tool for visualizing the installation.

    SafeRack makes a quality product and provides great customer service.

    Mike Taylor
    Magnablend Inc

  • Maui 1014 Tank Trucks

    Stayed in touch throughout

    All of my experience was an positive one. From pricing to ordering was made simple due to a team that provided great service, they stayed in touch throughout the entire purchase. Very happy with the quick ship date

    Michael Brantley

  • Maui 1014 Tank Trucks

    Availability, Adjustable, Looks

    Easy to work with and responsive to questions, very responsive and helped me with budgeting issues. Delivered so fast, I had to scramble for equipment to unload. Availability, Adjustable, Looks were all factors in our choosing this product.

    Brad Kimble
    CHS (Cenex)

  • M3 MAU Truck Portable access mobile loading

    Delivered so fast - I wasn't prepared

    Good response and fast turnaround. Delivery was actually so fast that I was not able to prepare the facility managers.

    Brad Kimble
    CHS (Cenex)


    Fast friendly service. On time delivery.

    Very responsive considering I was ordering it during the Holiday season when a lot of folks are off work visiting family etc.. Fast friendly service. On time delivery. Using this product only requires one man verses manual movements with two plus its safer and more ergonomic using it.

    Ronald Deem
    Shell Lubricants

  • Mobile loading platform

    Custom made to fit our needs

    Well built - heavy duty, but very easy to move. Custom made to fit our needs, and good customer service from John Edwards. Timing, and a quick turn around was key.

    Doug Johnson
    Westlake Longview Corporation

  • Maui 1014 Tank Trucks

    Increased safety levels and productivity

    Excellent salesman response. David Daniel responded with a quote within a few hours of the initial inquiry. This is a quality product at a good price with quick delivery. Your MAUI system increased our safety level, productivity, and added a more professional appearance to our truck unloading area. The entire process was smooth and easy. We are happy with our purchase.

    Mike Siegel
    IMTT - Geismar

  • Maui 1014 Tank Trucks

    Quality protection for our employees

    Our experience from the first phone call to delivery of our fourth SafeRack was great. Everything was simple and straight forward with no hassles. The communication and customer service was great! We feel better as a company that we have provided quality fall protection for our employees.

    Randy Watson
    Evergreen Transport, LLC

  • Maui 1014 Tank Trucks

    Choosing SafeRack saved us $1k

    Shopping around for two Maui units saved us $1000.00. The MAUI is a great product, and Molly Laqua was responsive to our phone calls.

    Chris Byrd
    Equistar Chemicals, LP

  • Mobile Rolling Platforms

    Peace of Mind

    There really is no reason NOT to have one if have an application for it. Provides peace of mind knowing that we are being proactive in protecting our employees.

    Randy Watson
    Evergreen Transport, LLC

  • mobile access unit

    Very Fast. Very Good.

    Your product wasn't the cheapest, but the quality, design, customer service and speed of delivery proves you can not always put a cost on quality and product.

    Ed Woodall
    Florida Rock & Tank Lines, Inc.

  • portable access units

    A great resource..

    John Bast has been a great resource for us, keeping in touch through out a long off and on approval process. SafeRack makes a very high quality product and we will be ordering from SafeRack in the future.

    Martin Moon
    Apache Nitrogen Products Inc.

  • mobile work platforms

    Smooth and simple.

    Jason Stewart was very knowledgable and responsive. Because of SafeRack we are able to demonstrate a high commitment to safety. Great experience... smooth and simple.

    Bob Bath
    Loveland Products

  • rolling platforms

    Delivery was faster than I thought it would be.

    I like the Maui's safety above all. It is well made and easy to operate. Our salesman, Chris Hite was very responsive. I'd recommend the mobile access unit - it works very good.

    Walter Woodall
    Patriot Transportation Holding, Inc.

  • rolling ladder

    Versatile, light, & adjustable

    We like the right angle approach in the unit design, and the never flat fire design. The delivery was faster than I expected .Eveyone was very helpful, there were a lot of knowlegeable people ready to help. A good safety solution!

    John Doyle
    Aloi Materials Handling

  • rolling platforms

    Product was delivered on-time During the holidays which was remarkable!

    Plant operations was happy with the ladder after they used it. We like the lightweight safety cage/easy access and minimal maintenance.

    Bob Whitlatch
    Kraton Polymers U.S. LLC

  • rolling ladder

    The product was delivered quick.

    John Edwards was very responsive and delivery was exactly met as quoted.

    Jamie Lynch
    Armstrong Industries

  • rolling platforms

    Delivery Time could not have been better

    My recent purchase was a repair part for a previously purchased SafeRack MAUI unit. I initially had reservations about ordering a part for a unit that was 3 years old, possible issues with parts matching up and alignment matchups, but I was surprised not only at the customer service response, Phylis, but the quality of the repair part and the speed it was delivered.

    Kenny Zoeller
    Conoco Phillips

  • portable truck ladders moving truck racks

    It was delivered a lot faster than I expected!

    Mark Gardner was very attentive and eager to help me. I have no negative experiences relating to Customer Service etc. Unlike other vendors that I've worked with, this experience was Pain Free & very much customer focused. The stairway was (in my opinion) better made than the one I purchased in previous years - and as a result purchased another one!

    Christopher Teague

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