Universal Modular Stairs

Quick bolt-together assembly for fast installation and re-purpose with ease.

Pre-engineered components

For less cost than custom fabricated modular stairs.

Simple design and estimation

with our patented online configurator app.

Safety compliance built into our modular stairs

Lowers your risk of ownership and increases safety.

In stock and ready to ship!

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ErectaStep can save time and money by marrying custom structural supports with standard components to shorten lead-time yet meet an access need outside of the standard component capabilities.

Industrial Crossover Platforms

Erectastep quickly configures to gain safe access over pipes, dike walls, or other obstructions. Three platforms can be bolted together in a series without tower supports, providing up to 9' of linear clearance.

Need additional clearance?

Four platforms can be bolted together by simply adding a tower support to each end. To design, simply measure your height clearance required, your length clearance, and refer to the chart on the last page to see which stair model will best suit your needs. Please call us with any questions about your design.

Stair tower access

This platform system allows specific access to parts such as valves or a filters which require repeated access.

Assembly Line Platform

This configuration allows for travel over or around areas similar to assembly lines.

Assembly Line Platform

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PerfectaStep provides an extra measure of customized fall protection, when standard industrial stairs and work platforms can’t offer the level of fall protection workers need.

Customize safety stairs, platforms, gates and rails to more closely fit your application, and give workers:

  • Safe, easy access
  • Improved productivity
  • Reduced risk of injury
    from slips, trips and falls

Create custom cross over and platform servicing areas to fit your needs.

No matter how complex your application, the ErectaStep system is ideal for crossovers which allow safe and easy access to any servicing area.

Ladder Replacement

This style of platform could permanently replace wobbly ladders or work stands.

Mezzanine Access Platform

This platform system might allow access within a confined space to a mezzanine level of a warehouse.