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Metal Stairs & Platforms

Save Time, Eliminate Costly Fabrication

Help your employees — and your business — save time and money with ErectaStep’s modular
aluminum stairs and work platform systems. For any situation where your crew needs to get over
pipes, dike walls or other obstructions, our systems make it easy.

Not only do they increase your team’s efficiency, our metal stairs and work platforms can be unbolted, relocated and reconstructed for any purpose throughout your facility.

5 Components, Unlimited Configurations

All components share the same blot patterns, reducing the time it takes to assemble and the number of parts to manage. No welding or fabrication is needed to build any of the configurations.

Learn how each of the five components of our aluminum stair and work platform systems add up to greater productivity
for your business.

Metal Handrails

Lightweight and easy to install, our metal handrails help provide critical fall protection as part of the complete stairs and work platform system.

ErectaStep Handrail ErectaStep Handrail

Ladder Units

Built to support any application, our pre-engineered ladder units allow workers to access areas unfit for stairs — and serve as extra reinforcement for the platform.

ErectaStep Ladder Unit ErectaStep Ladder Unit

Metal Work Platforms

Easy to configure or combine with one another, our platforms can be built to varied heights or lengths, making them perfect for maintenance and access platforms.

ErectaStep Universal Platform ErectaStep Universal Platform

Metal Stairs

Safely access or get over any obstruction with our stable stair solutions. Built for routine daily use, our metal stairs require little to no maintenance over time.

ErectaStep Safety Stairs ErectaStep Safety Stairs

Bolts Together

All components share the same bolt
patterns to reduce parts and assembly
time. No welding or fabrication is
required to construct any

Tower Supports

As extra support for the full platform system, tower supports are required when three or more platforms are used in succession — creating a more durable solution.

ErectaStep Tower Support ErectaStep Tower Support

Customize Your Stairs and Platform Systems

Customize your safety stairs, platforms, gates and rails to more closely fit your application and provide your team with safe, easy access to do their jobs well. Our systems enhance productivity while reducing the risk of injury from slips, trips and falls.

PerfectAStep includes our custom solutions: configurable industrial stairs and work platforms designed specifically for your application. Call us today to find out how to give your employees an extra measure of customized fall protection.

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