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Motion Signals for Railcars

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Railroad Related Items

Motion Signals for Railcars

End-of-Car Warning Signaler

The Signaler mounts in the hole of the car coupler head. Any movement of the car causes the 4" dia. amber lens to emit 60-90 flashes per minute of one million candle power brilliance. At the same time, the Signaler horn sounds a powerful pulsing beep (97 db at 4 feet). The flashing light and sound continue for 4 to 5 minutes after the car stops, and resume again if any further movement occurs. A low-battery indicator is included.

The Signaler comes ready to use and includes a rechargeable 12-volt battery with a 10-hour operating range.

Warning Signaler ##4024 - 08 ... Weight 15 lbs.

Battery Charger ##4024 - 09 .... Weight 5 lbs.

Railcar Motion Sensor

Operating on 110-VAC, the Motion Sensor can detect a railcar, truck, or any other large, metallic, moving object up to 100 feet away from the sensor unit. The sensor is adjustable in its sensitivity to mass and velocity, and can be installed up to 1,000 feet away from the light and horn control box. The sensing unit is designed to be buried under the railroad track or roadway. An optional steel channel is provided to isolate the sensor from adjacent tracks, ect. When a railcar, locomotive, or truck passes by within range, the light and horn are activated, warning motorists and passers-by. The Motion Sensor can be wired into other warning or signaling devices for additional protection. NEMA-4 controls are standard, and explosion proof units are available.

"Heads Up" Railcar Motion Detector

Make your railcar as safe as your forklifts. The 'HEADS UP' Railcar Motion Detector is a new safety siren designed to give rail yard workers a warning if a car stats to move. The 'HEADS UP' attaches magnetically to the bearing cap of any freight car wheel. For the same reason that forklift truck and other vehicles are equipped with beepers, the 'HEADS UP' warns workers that a rail car is moving.

Should the car wheel turn more than 10 degrees in either direction, the battery-powered sensor emits a powerful 90 db two-tone warble. The siren has a baffle to moderate the sound level, and an illuminated on-off switch.

The NEMA-4X housing is raid and dust-proof and all hardware is corrosion-resistant.

A 9-volt replaceable battery provides 30 minutes of siren life. The 'HEADS UP' weighs 1 pound and fits in the palm of the hand.

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