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Operator Shelters

Portable Steel Buildings

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Durable, Comfortable, Affordable...for every application.

PAR-KUT...producing all-steel portable buildings that are as durable as they are attractive. The solid construction of PAR-KUT booths remains the reason we're the industry leader. A PARK-KUT portable building repeatedly outlasts the others - and looks great too! For over 45 years, our tried and proven designs have served more customers with the widest variety of applications imaginable. Using state-of-the-art CAD software, PAR-KUT engineers can custom design a quality booth to meet any requirement. Same proven construction...same industrial durability.

Manufacturing solid steel buildings for industrial use has become a mainstay at PAR-KUT. Our practical and innovative ideas have been a solution to the need for a variety of industrial enclosures. From gas docks to equipment shelters to in-plant offices. PAR-KUT durability withstands industrial abuse - In any environment. It's not surprising that PAR-KUT is the number one choice for industrial applications. We're built industrial tough! These buildings last and last and last...

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  • Operator Shelters

    Always smiling...

    Our sales rep David Daniel is very positive and always smiling. This matches our business model. Nustar is one of the best places to work and Saferack fits in perfectly, Mr. Daniel expresses an interest in satisfying the customer and offers to assist in any way possible. We are very satisfied with the personell and products from Saferack. Nustar is impressed with the excellent service Saferack provides.

    Jerry Hilgendorf
    NuStar Energy

  • shelters, canopys

    Excellent response!

    Cost is always a consideration. We look for alternatives, but the quality of your products and the service balances the scales. We received exactly what we ordered. Saferack also assisted in making sure we knew what was needed and asked questions we had not taken into consideration. Saferack actually is better at making sure we know what is needed when we only request a product. It is appreciated when the vendor makes sure what we want is exactly what is needed.

    Jerry Hilgendorf
    NuStar Logistics, L.P.

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