Kamlok® Twin-Kam™ SST Couplers

Kamlok - the industry's favorite cam-and-groove coupler - is back and ready for immediate shipment. Only Kamlok offers OPW's exclusive Twin-Kam arm design featuring a unique detent position for the prevention of accidental release. Even with both arms partially opened, the adapter is held securely in the coupler. No more unintentional release due to vibration, line pressure, or mishandling. Kamloks are constructed of 316 SST in sizes from 1/2-inch to 4-inch and are available with a wide variety of seals and end configurations. And for even greater security, look to OPW's stainless steel Autolok™...the industry's safest self-locking coupler that stays locked until you unlock it.

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Kamlok® Twin-Kam™ SST Couplers

Couplers can be added to hoses or loading arms.

Kamvalok® couplings and adaptors are specifically designed to automatically shut off in the event of an accidental disconnection of the coupling and adaptor. Kamvaloks® are used at transfer points where product loss is unacceptable, such as at this lube oil blending gacility. Reliable and easy to operate, Kamvaloks® virtually eliminate spillage of any residual liquid contained in transfer lines after disconnection.

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Foolproof operation

Some couplings demand precise alignment between the coupling and adaptor - they're cumbersome, prone to mishandling and damage. 360 Drylok orientation makes proper seating easy.

Built-in reliability

The simple, rugged Drylok valve design has fewer potential leak points. Its long-lasting seals won't deteriorate after just a few handlings.

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Drylok Couplings


The Drylok Dry Disconnect Coupling means fewer drips in day-to-day handling, and it prevents accidental spills because it can't be uncoupled if the valve is open.


Lock it: the valve opens to flow. Unlock it: the valve closes with a tight, secure seal - no clamps, clips, loops, tabs, or chance for operator error.


The less obstructed Drylok easy-flow interior is ideal for high-viscosity fluids and high-pressure applications.