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Rolling Mobile Work Platform
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RollaStep Mobile Work Platforms

The RollaStep line of mobile work platforms are built with a primary goal of providing room to work. Durable aluminum construction provides corrosion free longevity. Standard features such as full size handrails, aggressive, non-slip tread and stable designs provide maximum safety.

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Mobile Cantilevered Work Platform.The C Series's cantilever work platform allows an operator move onto and/or above tall industrial machinery.

Fixed Platform Height and Stability, Easy Mobility

The C Series's gets operators over and/or on rail cars, trucks and other high machines without contacting machinery. The design includes a steel base which adds exceptional counter balance, and a very lightweight aluminum upper to minimizes weight and allow for single user mobility.

Work Area

The C Series features a full six square feet of work area, allowing ample room for a user as well as any parts or tools required for the job. The cantilevered platform is self supporting and extends 2'-5" feet beyond the base of the chassis. This design provides access to delicate machinery with no contact required by the platform.

An aggressive safety tread covers the entire work surface and provides excellent draining of water for all weather use.

Give workers the osha fall protection they require

Plus protect them from strains and sprains without compromising productivity.
SafeRack portable access systems deliver a safe effective way to:

  • Load tank trucks and railcars
  • Load flatbed and box trucks
  • Work on or over tall machinery

With easy access features including:

  • Cantilevered tall machine access
  • All-purpose tilt and roll systems
  • All-purpose adjustable height
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G-Series mobile self Leveling work platform

Adjustable Height, Anywhere You Want It

The G Series adjustable height design provides a safe work platform at the correct height for the job. The self supporting platform allows operators to work in multiple locations without a ladder. The twenty four inch wide steps and platform (6 sq. ft.) self level to present a safe walk and work surface at any of it's height settings.

Adjustable Height

The G Series height adjusts by removing a simple locking pin. Gas springs assist in raising the platform, while gentle downward pressure lowers the platform. There are no hydraulics or springs to leak or fail. When the desired height is reached, simply replace he locking pin.


The light weight aluminum upper and the high quality casters make this rolling gangway easy for a single user to position. The soft 360° swiveling casters are easy to roll both indoors and out and allow precise placement around sensitive equipment.

Large Work Area

The G Series' six square foot work area is large enough for an operator, tools and parts and features a full toe board to prevent slips and tool drops.

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TR-Series Tilt and Roll

Six Square Feet of Lightweight, Highly Mobile Work Platform

The RollaStep tilt and roll was designed with room to get the job done, wherever it may be. The six square foot platform is large enough for an operator, tools and parts, with room to spare. The lightweight frame and unique side rolling wheels make this rolling platform highly mobile and easy to position in tight spaces.

A Tilt and Roll with Ample Room to Work

The TR Series' additional platform area brings a new level of safety to warehousing and loading and unloading tasks. It's six square feet of work area allows operators to work at various angles and approaches without repositioning the platform.

The full toe board prevents slips and tool drops and the full length, full size handrails provide safe operation from height. The sturdy aluminum construction supports a 300lb load limit without sacrificing mobility.

Built to Last, Built for Safety

The TR series is built with an all aluminum structure to last either indoors or out doors. The self draining tread is provides an aggressive, non slip surface on both platforms and steps. This specialized tread provides safe, all weather access in both rain and snow and reduces ice build up.

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MP-Series Rolling Work Platform

The Work Area of a Fixed Platform with the Mobility of a Rolling Ladder

The MP Series combines the workspace of a fixed platform with a unparalleled mobility in one unit.

The powder coated hand rails, full size 45° rise stair stringer, and standard width and depth steps meet OSHA specifications for mobile platforms, while the lightweight aluminum construction maintains single user mobility.

Configurable Handrails

Handrails are optionally removable and give the MP series mobile platform additional versatility. Remove the cantilever end handrail to access an area over an obstruction, or remove an entire side to access a flatbed trailer. Each handrail slides securely into and out of its retaining sleeve without tools, allowing operators to re-configure the platform in the field.

Highly Mobile

This work platform is easy to move with a single operator. The 360° swiveling casters allow the unit to be precisely positioned against delicate machinery. Locking casters prevent both swivel and roll, while the soft no-flat tires roll easily over asphalt and gravel.