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6 Styles Of rolling platforms to fit any access requirment

SafeRack elevates safety and productivity with safe, ergonomic fall protection in elevated work areas. Our lightweight, easy-to-maneuver portable access stairs and platforms enable workers access to some of the most challenging elevated workspaces.

  • Tank Truck Loading
  • Railcar Loading
  • Tall Machinery
  • Flatbed and Box Truck Loading
  • Cantllevered Tall Machine Access
  • All Purpose Tilt and Roll
  • All Purpose Adjustable Height
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SafeRack products are proudly manufactured and assembled in the United States

Give workers the osha fall protection they require

Plus protect them from strains and sprains without compromising productivity.
SafeRack portable access systems deliver a safe effective way to:

  • Load tank trucks and railcars
  • Load flatbed and box trucks
  • Work on or over tall machinery

With easy access features including:

  • Cantilevered tall machine access
  • All-purpose tilt and roll systems
  • All-purpose adjustable height
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Portable Ladder & Platform for Railcars

SafeRack's MAUI-I portable platform is a railcar loading rack for inspecting or venting railcars in multiple locations around your facility.

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Portable ladder & platform for tank trucks

SafeRack's MAUI-I mobile loading platform is a portable truck loading rack, for inspecting or venting in varying locations within your plant.

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C-Series | mobile cantilevered work platform

The C Series's cantilever work platform allows an operator move onto and/or above tall industrial machinery. Learn More

MP-Series | Rolling work platform

The MP Series is a mobile work platform designed with the stability and width of a fixed platform.Learn More

TR-Series | Tilt and roll work platform

The TR Series's lightweight frame and unique side rolling wheels make.it easy to position in tight spaces. Learn More

G-Series | Mobile self leveling stair work platform

The G Series is a variable height, self-leveling platform with 24" wide steps and a six square foot work platform. Learn More