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Capstans and Railcar
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Upgrade your car-moving capability.
SafeRack car Pullers can put up to 4 tons of pulling power in the hands of your worker.

SafeRack car pullers are designed for the industrial firm that needs to move from

1 to 3 sized freight cars on flat track over short distances on an infrequent basis. Not recommended for tracks with grades.

SafeRack capstan-type car pullers can pull cars up to 300 feet in one direction, or half that distance in 2-way moments. Cars can be pulled along single or parallel tracks, and along modest curves. Rope speed 20-40 feet per minute.

Manual Car Mover

The tried-and-true way to move one railcar short distances.
Car mover multiplies worker's efforts through compound leverage and rail-biting spurs. Hickory handle, 54" long.

Winch-Type Car Puller

Consists of: 230/460 volt TEFC electric gear motor with brake, gear reducer, smooth-face drum, manual jaw clutch and cable pressure bar, for flat or sloped track. Pull one to ten cars depending on track conditions.


Model Starting Pull (lbs.) Running Pull (lbs.) Motor
4119-01 18,000 max. 9,800 min. 9,000 max. 4,900 min. 5 hp
4119-02 26,000 max. 14,200 min. 13,000 max. 7,100 min. 10 hp
4119-03 44,000 max. 25,600 min. 22,000 max. 12,800 min. 15 hp
4119-04 66,000 max. 41,800 min. 33,100 max. 20,900 min. 20 hp
Call 866-761-7225 or chat online with a SafeRack representative to place your order.

    Part #:   4017-01

    SafeRack:   $240.99

    Car Mover multiplies workers efforts through compound leverage. Includes handle. Flat track only.

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