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Railroad Equipment and Supplies

Railcar Wheel Chocks

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SafeRack railcar wheel chocks have heat treated spurs to keep chocks from slipping. They can be turned to three new sharp edges and also be replaced, thus extending product life. OSHA railcar regulations require that a wheel chock be in place before a train’s railcar can be safely worked on. SafeRack wheel chocks meet OSHA regulations 1910.110(15); 1910.11(13); 1910.110(A) (5).

Exposed Rail Railcar Chocks

Flush Rail Railcar Chocks

Resilient Railcar Chocks For Exposed And Flush Rail

Make Sure You Have The Correct Style Wheelcar Chock Before Ordering

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    An excellent sales and customer service department

    Joey and Bryce have been excellent through all my purchases these last 2 weeks. They are very quick to respond to emails and are always available by phone if I needed help immediately. I'd recommend SafeRack because of the time you spent with me to ensure we purchased the correct product.

    Because SafeRack's sales department and customer service department are so excellent, I will be contacting you for more information on several other products you supply, that we have been buying from other distributors.

    Jeff Hunt
    Martin Supply Company

  • Urethane Double Wheel Chocks

    Sturdy material, light weight, easy to handle.

    Sturdy material, light weight, easy to handle. It was exactly what my customer needed, and this was easy to find on the website.

    Jose Hernandez
    Motion Industries Inc

  • Railcar Wheel Chocks

    What I want. When I need it.

    Working with David Daniel and Dana Harbuck has been great! Although this was a small order, the customer service given felt like it was a much bigger, more important order. I now have a bigger project submitted and look forward to working with SafeRack again really soon.

    Scott See
    ConocoPhillips Company

  • chocks

    Travis McCraine did an excellent job.

    Great company to work with. Excellent sales force. Knowledgable staff.

    TJ Galloway
    The Andersons, Inc.

  • railcar chocks blocks

    Good Service!

    The delivery was fast! We received the chocks here the same day as the notice of shipping!

    Mike Smith
    Nordic Bearing Inc

  • railcar signs

    Delivered within a week

    David Daniel was very helpful and knowledgable. The product is a very good safety feature and works best for our needs.

    James Gentry
    Ascend Performance Materials

  • railcar chocks

    Phyllis was very responsive

    I was very pleased with the service I received from Phyllis Sikes .She answered to my questions right away she sent the proposal very fast and she called to double check if I received it .I was very impressed ,and every time I call to inquire about a product or a proposal I will always ask for her .

    Liliana Serb
    Kemira Water Solutions, Inc.

  • Heather was extremely courteous and professional.

    I work in an extremely fast paced enviornment so naturally this is a plus for me. I was impressed as soon as I spoke to Heather. I was treated with respect and professionalism. I was happy with all the answers to my many questions and when we tried the product out I found all of your answers to be true. The price was not bad either but if you think about it price is not even an issue when you are talking about the safety of your crew anyway however, for the money I found this product to be all that we needed it to be.

    Merri Quarles
    Tyson Food

  • The order was delivered within one week, very prompt

    I made the right choice in buying from saferack was delivered within one week, very prompt.

    James Stewart
    Crop Protection Services

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