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OPW Railcar Loading Arms

Loading Arm / Swing Arm / Boom Arm Designs

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OPW Railcar Loading Arms

Loading Arm / Swing Arm / Boom Arm Designs

railcar loading arms
swing arm

SafeRack helps clients meet a wide range of bulk chemical loading requirements. We provide swing arms truck loading, railcar loading and custom bulk loading applications such as drums and containers.

Top or bottom loading applications, supported or unsupported boom arms, fixed or variable reach arms, bypass and wash arms are all common applications we provide to customers.

Bottom Loading Arm With Insulation & Steam Tracing

railcar boom arms

This OPW loading arm swings under railcars to bottom load bulk chemicals and is insulated and traced to keep product at required temperature for loading or unloading. Show at left:

  • Unsupported Loading Arm - Upfeed Configuration
  • Steam Tracing and Insulation
  • Spill Containment Track Pan
  • Kamlok Dry Disconnect Coupling

Loading Arms with Gangways and Multiple Spot Loading Rack

railcar loading arms

These OPW Loading Arms for top loading railcars include integrated vapor recovery by-pass hoses and are retrofitted to existing loading racks. Included in this installation are:

  • A single-arm loader
  • Unsupported Boom Style Loading Arm
  • Vapor Recovery Hose Attached to Boom Arm
  • Dry Disconnect Couplings

Supported Boom Arm Design With Integrated Gangway And Safety Cage

railcar boom arms

This Supported OPW Boom Arm provides dependable service in high usage installations, with low maintenance. This type of installation typically consists of:

  • A single-arm loader
  • Swiveling Boom Arm
  • Pillow Block or Flange Bearing for Additional Support
  • Upfeed Configuration

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  • loading arms swing arms tank car loading rack

    Scott HIte was very responsive

    SafeRack was a good company to work with. I would recommend these loading arms.

    Daniel Gallegos
    Koch Nitrogen

  • Speed in our loading operations

    Scott Hite was very responsive, the seal plate is fairly complex with many details to work through. I liked that SafeRack is willing to "create" client specific designs. Benefits include speed in our loading operations

    Matt Hall

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