Railcar Loading Racks with Canopy Roofs

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Railcar Loading Racks

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Railcar Loading Racks

Railcar Loading Racks with Canopy Roofs

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Railcar Loading Racks

Railcar Loading Racks with Canopy Roofs

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  • gangways

    I got exactly what I expected

    Charles MacEachern was responsive and kept me in contact with the SafeRack team and project

    Ryan Sletmoen
    Catalyst Paper

  • Thank you for a great product and exceptional service

    I wanted to drop you a line in regards to a new railcar access structure Croda purchased from Saferack. In my 25 years as a chemical engineer I have purchased numerous racks and fall protection equipment from a number of suppliers. By far, with no exception, have I ever dealt with a more professional customer oriented company than yours. Read More [+]

    Ray Evans and Charles Phillips spent much time convincing me to purchase(both equipment and installation) from Saferack. Unlike most sales people, they did not forget about me after winning the order. They, as well as your design team,endured several revisions driven by me and in the end we came up with a great design. Linda Hardee has been the most responsive customer service person I have ever worked with. She has worked very hard to provide me everything I have needed. Whenever I needed data, drawings, schedules, contractor approvals, insurances, permits, etc - a reply from her was always very prompt. Last, but not least, I need to praise the installation team. I was a little concerned when only two old guys, Richard Hester and David Gunny Smith showed up on site to install this big structure. These two gentlemen methodically erected this structure, efficiently, safely, and in 90 degree weather to boot. In my 25 years of construction, I have never seen more knowledgable, trained, properly documented, and safety conscious personnel than Richard and Gunny. With the folks you have on board I have no doubt your company has a bright future. If I am in a position to make future purchases in this industry, I know who I am going to call. Thank you for a great product and exceptional service. Read Less [-]

    Bob Cooney

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