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Safety Cages and Fall Protection Options

Railcar Safety Cage Options

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Safety Cages and Fall Protection Options

Railcar Safety Cage Options

Tank Car Safety Cage Options

SafeRack Tank Car Safety Cage

(Standard Model)

SafeRack 12" deep Safety Cage for Tank Cars (Standard Model). This model adjusts with the gangway as it raises and lowers to the railcar. It is the most popular model because of its simplicity and ease of use but it typically stores inside the railcar clearance envelope. Popular sizes for this and all safety cages are 8x8x12" deep, 7x8x12" deep, or 7x9x12" deep.

SafeRack 12" Deep Safety Cage for Tank Cars

(Vertical Mount Option)

This option is popular when the gangway working position is precisely horizontal and the walk surface of the gangway matches up with the Tank Car walk surface. The safety cage rotates in the vertical position, usually outside the common railroad envelope. This option is not popular when varying heights of railcars are present, or the range of the gangway can vary above or below horizontal, since the cage is only horizontal when the gangway is as well.

SafeRack 12" Deep Safety Cage for Tank Cars

(Pivoting/Counterweight Model)

This option provides a secondary pivot motion to the safety cage, allowing for it to work horizontal even with varying heights of railcars. It is counterweighted and pivots up for clearance issues.

Tank Car Fall Protection Options

Tank car elevating safety cage surrounds crashbox of tank cars which provides maximum fall protection. Available in air or winch operated models.

tank car safety cage
tank car safety cage

Your choice of push button control box or hand pendant

tank car fall protection equipment tank car safety

Safety cage lowers with gangway on top of tank car crashbox

Optional safety cage for gangway adds fall protection

  • Close off unsafe opening on railcars
  • Lightweight aluminum construction
  • 4' length x 11" depth (approximate dimensions)
  • Carry Handle
  • Quantity discounts available
  • Immediate shipping
  • Part No. TG-02 (Powder coated Aluminum)

Trolley Beam Systems

Recommended Uses
  • Fall protection for operators
  • Single or multiple trucks or railcars
  • Can retrofit existing structure
  • Reduces fall distances
  • Can be designed for 1-4 users
  • Galvanized steel construction
  • Length as needed
  • Customized to fit your site

Trolley system passes through both ends of the building

Engineered Fall Protection

Engineered solutions meet all load requirements

Trolley beam system integrated with SafeRack access platform

Trolley beam system for multiple railcar spots

Primed steel trolley beam system with SafeRack access

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  • Tank Car Safety Gates

    addressed our safety concerns

    Fast delivery, very responsive sales staff, and worked well addressing our safety concerns. The weight, dimensions, color and durability are all great benefits of this product. Not forgetting the overall reason to recommend this product, it improves safety.

    Daniel Merredew
    City of Winnipeg

  • Tank Car Safety Gates


    I had product within a couple days of ordering. Compared to other products on the market and what we have used, it offers a safer working area, and is easier to install. Stronger-Safer guard for top of tank car openings, and being brightly colored we have not accidentially sent one off site by forgetting to remove from the top of a tank car.

    Steve Novak
    Dow Corning

  • safe closure

    Huge benifit to customers

    Custom application. Customer service, from salesperson Molly Laqua, has been very responsive. Delivery was as requested and on time. Overall I'm satisfied to date. Three benefits about this SafeRack product: SafeRack installation ability, professional field crews, and responsive sales team.

    John Conner
    Momentive Specialty Chemicals Inc.

  • tank car safety gates

    It is all about safety....

    Everything about this order went great, our sales rep Molly Laqua was very responsive and I look forward to using your company again....Thanks.

    Chris Potter
    E.I. DuPont De Nemours

  • I would recommend this to other plants that have to deal with railcars.

    There was no negative experience about any of the service I experienced from any of of the departments that I dealt with while ordering this piece of equipment.Yes. I would recommend this to other plants that have to deal with railcars.

    Joe Jenko

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