C Series Cantilevered Mobile Work Platform

Self Supporting, Highly Mobile Machine Access


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Cantilevered Mobile Work Platform

Self Supporting, Highly Mobile Machine Access

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Cantilevered Mobile Work Platform

Self Supporting, Highly Mobile Machine Access

C Series

Mobile Cantilevered

Work Platform

In Stock and Ready to Ship via UPS Freight Made in the USA

Fixed Platform Height and Stability, Easy Mobility

The C Series’s gets operators over and/or on rail cars, trucks and other high machines without contacting machinery.

The design includes a steel base which adds exceptional counter balance, and a very lightweight aluminum upper to minimizes weight and allow for single user mobility.

Work Area

The C Series features a full six square feet of work area, allowing ample room for a user as well as any parts or tools required for the job. The cantilevered platform is self supporting and extends 2’-5” feet beyond the base of the chassis. This design provides access to delicate machinery with no contact required by the platform.

An agreessive safety tread covers the entire work surface and provides excelent draining of water for all weather use.

Easy To Roll

The C Series castors swivel 360° and provide perpendicular or parallel movement for easy positioning. Easy to roll, large no-flat tires allow a single user to easily roll and position the unit, even over rough ground. The 360° Wheels lock for stability. For efficient longer distance moves, forklift pockets allow rapid relocation.

Built for Safety

The full size 2” diameter handrails are 42” tall around the work platform and powder coated to meet OSHA standards. Our aggressive, self draining tread, is featured on both platforms and steps. This pattern provides safe, all weather access in both rain and snow and reduces ice build up.

Built To Last

From the galvanized base to the all aluminum upper, the C Series moble work platform is built to last, both indoors and out.

Mobile Cantilevered Platform

Locking 360º castors & large, no flat tires

Aggressive safety tread & 2 inch handrails

The C Series is available in sizes ranging from 7 to 11 steps.

Download specifications for details.

Optional safety gate protects workers off ladder.

Optional YellowGate safety gate protects ladder opening.

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SafeRack’s MAUI mobile access unit provides safe access to railcars of varying heights.

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