TR Series Tilt and Roll Work Platform

Highly Mobile Rolling Platform with Tons of Work Area


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Tilt and Roll Work Platform

Highly Mobile Rolling Platform with Tons of Work Area

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Tilt and Roll Work Platform

Highly Mobile Rolling Platform with Tons of Work Area

TR Series

Tilt and Roll Work


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Six Square Feet of Lightweight, Highly Mobile Work Platform

The RollaStep tilt and roll was designed with room to get the job done, wherever it may be. The six square foot platform is large enough for an operator, tools and parts, with room to spare. The lightweight frame and unique side rolling wheels make this rolling platform highly mobile and easy to position in tight spaces.

A Tilt and Roll with Ample Room to Work

The TR Series' additional platform area brings a new level of safety to warehousing and loading and unloading tasks. It’s six square feet of work area allows operators to work at various angles and approaches without repositioning the platform.

The full toe board prevents slips and tool drops and the full length, full size handrails provide safe operation from height. The sturdy aluminum construction supports a 300lb load limit without sacrificing mobility.

Built to Last, Built for Safety

The TR series is built with an all aluminum structure to last either indoors or out doors. The self draining tread is provides an aggressive, non slip surface on both platforms and steps. This specialized tread provides safe, all weather access in both rain and snow and reduces ice build up.

Not your standard tilt and roll

6 sq feet of work area

Unique side rolling castors

The G Series is available in sizes ranging from 1 to 5 steps.

Download specifications for details.

Full size handrails

Full size handrails

Important safety and workability features make the TR Series much more than a standard, stick-built rolling ladder:

  • Full-size handrails
  • Wide base and stairs
  • Non-slip tread
  • 42" Handrail and mid-rail
  • Full toe-board
rolling ladder

The TR Series is at home both in doors and out, thanks to an all aluminum construction.

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