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SafeRack Safety Cages

Bulk loading and unloading facilities depend on SafeRack safety cages to help them run on slim margins and tight schedules, safely turning more tanker trucks, railcars and isotainers in less time. They also help meet OSHA fall protection requirements including a 4th rail for added fall protection.

Safety 12” Deep safety cage for tank cars
Vertical mount option

This option is popular when the gangway working position is precisely horizontal and the walk surface of the gangway matches up with the Tank Car walk surface. The safety cage rotates in the vertical position, usually outside the common railroad envelope. This option is not popular when varying heights of railcars are present, or the range of the gangway can vary above or below horizontal, since the cage is only horizontal when the gangway is as well.

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Safety 12” Deep safety cage for tank cars Pivoting / counterweight model

This option provides a secondary pivot motion to the safety cage, allowing for it to work horizontal even with varying heights of railcars. It is counterweighted and pivots up for clearance issues.

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Safety cages protect your employees and save you money

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Close off unsafe opening on railcars

  • Lightweight aluminum construction
  • 4' length x 11" depth (approximate dimensions)
  • Carry Handle
  • Quantity discounts available
  • Immediate shipping
  • Part No. TG-02 (Powder coated Aluminum)
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