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70000 Series Tulsa Oil Thieves

truck sample catchers

Tulsa Oil Thieves are made in three models and in five sizes. The model A is equipped with an aluminum barrel. The Model B is equipped with a brass barrel. These two models of thieves are of riveted construction. The Model C is equipped with a clear barrel and has tie rod construction to hold the barrel. All Tulsa Oil Thieves have the following features: single trip (original with the Tulsa Thief), antifouling flat ball assembly, full opening horizontal closure system with rotating valve, two adjustable springs (one for closing tension and one for tripping tension for more flexible adjustment), side hanger on top casting for hanging thief on hatch or equipment case, and adjustable graduated trip rod (trip rod makes fourth leg for holding thief in upright position as a hydrometer cylinder). Petcocks may be installed at any point on any style oil thief, except near the top or base castings. We are using a new material for the plastic barrels that will not crack if the petcock strikes an object.

Tulsa Oil Thief: MODEL A

Model No. Size (inches) Capacity (oz) Weight (lbs) Shipping Wt (lbs)
70000 12 27 5-1/8 6
70001 16 36 5-1/2 7
70002 18 42 5-5/8 7
70003 24 56 6-1/8 8
70004 36 86 7-1/8 9

Tulsa Oil Thief: MODEL B

Model No. Size (inches) Capacity (oz) Weight (lbs) Shipping Wt (lbs)
70010 12 27 6-5/8 8
700011 16 36 7 8
700012 18 42 7-1/2 9
700013 24 56 8-1/2 10
70004 36 86 10-1/2 12

Tulsa Oil Thief: MODEL C

Model No. Size (inches) Capacity (oz) Weight (lbs) Shipping Wt (lbs)
70020 12 24 5 6
70021 16 33 5-1/8 7
70022 18 38 5-1/2 7
70023 24 51 6-1/8 8

16" Tulsa Oil Thief: MODEL C

Graduated in 10ths and 20ths of a foot. This thief was built specifically for customers who have made up tank tables in feet, 10ths and 100ths for easier conversion with positive displacement meters


truck sample catcher sampler

Used for taking a running sample. Bottle and cord are not included. Specify narrow mouth plastic or glass bottle below.


40821 Brass, 32 oz.
40822 Stainless Steel, 32 oz.
40823 Brass, 16 oz.
40824 Stainless Steel, 16 oz.


13352 Bottle, 16 oz., glass
13362 Bottle, 32 oz., glass
13652 Bottle, 16 oz., plastic
13662 Bottle, 32 oz., plastic

Bottles (Glass and Plastic)

The bottles listed below are stock items. Many other types and sizes of bottles are available. Cases may be broken. We solicit your inquiries. Glass bottles are made of flint glass.

sample bottles

OUND BOTTLE, Plastic, Wide Mouth with plastic screw caps, Polyethylene

  Capacity Oz. Material Mouth Type Case Lots
13634 4 Plastic Wide 72
13644 8 Plastic Wide 72
13654 16 Plastic Wide 48
13664 32 Plastic Wide 24
13666 32 Clear Wide 24

SQUARE BOTTLE, Wide Mouth, Flint Glass, with plastic screw caps

  Capacity Oz. Material Mouth Type Case Lots
13316 1 Glass Wide 280
13336 4 Glass Wide 96
13346 8 Glass Wide 84
13356 16 Glass Wide 40
13366 32 Glass Wide 24
sample bottle

ROUND BOTTLE, Plastic, Narrow Mouth with plastic screw caps, Polyethylene

  Capacity Oz. Material Mouth Type Case Lots
13632 4 Plastic Narrow 72
13642 8 Plastic Narrow 72
13652 16 Plastic Narrow 48
13662 32 Plastic Narrow 24
13682 128 Plastic Narrow 6

ROUND BOTTLE, Narrow Mouth, Flint Glass, with plastic screw caps

  Capacity Oz. Material Mouth Type Case Lots
13352 16 Glass Narrow 35
13362 16 Glass Narrow 20
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