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SafeRack Walkways & Gangways

Self Adjusting Stair Style (SAS) Loading Ramps


SafeRack’s patent pending G4Series truck and railcar gangways and bridges have been engineered for durability and ease of use. These access gangways are built to stand up to abuse with rugged, oversized parts and feature counterbalanced and adjustable springs which help raise and lower units with minimal effort.

Whether your walkway requires aluminum or stainless steel, G4Series design and construction will keep your operation running smoothly. If you need a replacement loading ramp or a simple spare part, our fast response time means your loading rack won’t be down long.

loading ramps

Self-Adjusting Stair Style Gangway

The SafeRack self-adjusting stair style walkway serves as a loading ramp for trucks or railcars. SafeRack self-adjusting stair style gangway loading ramps feature stair treads that articulate and self level to accommodate varying vehicle heights. The working range of the aluminum ramps is 40 degrees below to 45 degrees above horizontal. The gangway is available in various widths of 24 ½, 36, 48, 60, and 72 ½ inches; and lengths of 3 ½ to 7 ½ feet.

The SafeRack self-adjusting stair style gangway is built in the U.S.A. with durability and safety in mind. The adjusting stairs feature a spring counterbalance for easy use, an elongated last tread for sure footing at the end of the gangway, and an extra strong tube design available in aluminum, galvanized steel, or stainless steel. Canvas canopies, safety cages, and fiberglass treads are available as options.

loading gangway

Gangway with Optional Safety Cage

loading ramp

Walkway w/ Optional Fiberglass Walk Surface


Optional Canvas Canopy


Optional pneumatic package to raise and lower gangway. Your choice of hand pendant or control box option.

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  • Gangway Safety Cage

    Stable, robust, quality product

    A quality product that will be seen by many when installed! Benefits include stability, robustness, this product is going to make the existing catwalk look inferior!

    Rob Dickson
    SPEC (Sarnia) Ltd.

  • SAS Gangway

    Dana is one the most wonderful salespersons I have ever dealt with

    My gangway was delivered on the date requested. As a result of buying our gangway through SafeRack, we saved money and received wonderful responses in confirmations and follow ups.

    These are easily installed and replaced gangways. Dana is one the most wonderful salespersons I have ever dealt with in my 9 years in this position. The dates given for shipment and receiving are always on time and I am given updated throughout the entire process.

    Three benefits are dealing with SafeRack employees, getting a great gangway, and knowing any questions I have will be answered quickly as not to hold up any order.

    Robert Parras
    Buzzi Unicem

  • SAS Gangway

    Very pleased operators and maintenance workers

    This is the 2nd project (10 railcar access stations total) we have specified these gangways. Gangway is easily handled without use of pneumatics. The operators and maintenance workers are very pleased with the safety provided, the ease of use, & lightweight.

    Very helpful providing a budget quote. This is difficult with some vendors we work with, but very important to the customer to get the overall budget together. The final cost was also right in line with budget quote provided... also very important to us.

    Dan McNamara
    Marathon Petroleum Corporation

  • SAS Gangway

    Mark Garnder was very responsive

    Competitive cost, quick quoting, and quick construction and delivery. Positive experience with our rep Mark Garnder, very responsive. We received the gangway on Wednesday. We started installation on Thursday and it was installed by noon!

    Brent Gray
    Innophos Inc

  • SAS Gangway

    Jason McKnight is a superstar!

    Jason McKnight is a superstar! He responded to my call for help immediately with a damaged gangway immediately, and got my order placed and shipped in record time! Great Job, Jason!

    Kim Anderson followed up right away with an order acknowledgement and details about shipping. Since we were unable to load any trucks until the replacement equipment arrived, their assistance enabled our company to get back out on the road with as little delay as possible. Thanks Jason, Kim and SafeRack!!

    Bernie Kordelski
    Total Lubricants

  • SAS Gangway

    Increases safety for our drivers

    Dana Brogdon, Lead customer service representative with Molly Laqua, and Aubrey Laqua MEI (installation) worked very effectively together and kept communication lines open throughout the order and even followed up after installation that was earlier than anticipated.

    It wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be to replace our SafeRack. Increases safety for our drivers, easy access, even a child could operate it.

    Jennifer Rios
    Terracor Logistics (USA) Inc.

  • SAS Gangway

    I felt like I was number one

    SafeRack stood behind their product. Working to make sure I received the correct parts. The first person I talked with did not know what my equipment was, "BUT" instead of passing the buck, they found someone who did know and worked with all parties to get the part needed. Great team work. Not everyone knows it all but the great ones know how to find the right people to get the job done. I was very impressed.

    Best thing I can say is "follow through". I was not just a number. I felt like I was number one. This does not happen very much anymore. Most places have forgotten the customer is number one. You still have it. Keep up the good work.

    James Caban
    BASF Corp.

  • SAS Gangway

    SafeRack comes through AGAIN!

    Everyone I dealt with at SafeRack during this emergency did what it took to get our facility back up and runnning in the shortest time possible. The replacement unit bolted on even though it was a new model.

    SafeRack comes through AGAIN!

    Douglas Pumphrey

  • SAS Gangway

    I strongly recommend SafeRack

    I would strongly recommend the SafeRack brand to anyone requiring safe means to unload railcars and tanker trucks. The systems are designed to be used in many different applications. I was able to get my railcar rack back in service in only a short period of time. It took longer for me to generate a purchase order than it took the parts to ship to me.

    Customer sales and field sales help is excellent, could not be more pleased. I've always gotten a quick response back with any question I might have. Good folks to work with!

    Billy Parrott
    CertainTeed Corporation

  • SAS Gangway

    No obstacle would keep me from buying from SafeRack

    The sales people, the sales people, and the sales people. Wonderful people take care of you through the whole process.

    I can always count on my rep to help me. I inadvertently placed 2 orders for a gangway when I just needed one. My rep called me to verify before she placed the order and I was able to cancel one of them. Not many places would be that caring or honest if they saw 2 orders come through. No obstacle would keep me from buying from SafeRack.

    Robert Parras
    Buzzi Unicem

  • SAS Gangway

    Our customers request Saferack by name

    Our first experience with Saferack was very satisfying. Our sales rep Amber Graham provided fast, informed responses that we needed to make the sale of these units possible. the products shipped on time well packed and in great shape.

    Our customers request Saferack by name because of the flexibility in options they present and the versatility of the units. Aside from the units themselves, we find the customer support, realistic delivery times and the backing of an established reliable brand to be key benefits.

    Mauricio Madrid
    Eymaq, Inc.

  • SAS Gangway safety cage

    Safety for your employees

    I think SafeRack is an outstanding company that offers an outstanding product at a very competetive price. Their engineering is second to none and they have a outstanding sales and service department. You can count on your order being delivered in the time frame they tell you it will be.

    I would recommend that any company that is involved in loading tanker trailers to contact them, if for no other reason but safety for your employees, easy access for loading trucks and a time saver. This product is durable and will save you time and money in lost production because of injuries and/or insurance claims.

    Bobby Scarborough
    Helena Chemical Fertilizer Terminal

  • SAS Gangway

    Sturdy... Well built and Safe

    The product was delivered sooner than expected. The improved structure features was one of the draws to this product. Sturdy... Well built and Safe. SafeRack understands that you should have the ability to replace broken parts without being forced to buy a whole new unit.

    Chris Grooms

  • SAS Gangway

    Do the right thing and upgrade to a SafeRack System

    Excellent product, and service, as expected. Ease of installation and operation, proven durability and reliable customer service are a few reason Safe-Rack is becoming the "norm" on this site for various applications, from loading platforms to fixed platforms. Responsive service before, during, and after the sale.

    The main reason for this purchase was to improve the safety, ergonomics, and reliability of this loading station, which is probably the most used on the site. The existing platform was purchased / installed by a competitor, who has not been responsive to inquiries regarding assistance, and advise for service and parts. After several attempts with limited useful response or support, I chose to do the right thing and upgrade to a Safe Rack system, with confidence.

    Tim Osborne
    Solvay USA Inc.

  • SAS Gangway

    Safety, Reliability and Robust Construction

    Louis Schuckman took all the time required to ensure that my platform was exactly what I needed. I went with SafeRack because of reputation not price. I have had a bad experience with other vendors chancing price without notice. SafeRack stayed firm on their original estimate.

    Safety, Reliability and Robust construction are all factors that would cause me to highly recommend SafeRack to my colleagues and outside associates. As a matter of fact I already have.

    Roy Schnebelen
    Solvay USA Inc.


    Easy to install and use

    The project product was delivered very fast and not damaged during trucking. Light weight well balanced, and very well made, easy to install and use. Our salesman was very responsive.

    Matt Fairbrother
    Aloi Materials Handling

  • SAS Gangway

    It seems to be a superior product

    Delivered in about a week. These units are made heavier, with better construction, ease of installation and a larger cage, than the Carbis units we had before. Plus they seem to be more sturdy. It seems to be a superior product.

    Ray Modlin
    Essroc Cement Services

  • SAS Gangway

    They take care of their customers

    Safe, Good Quality, Looks good. I would recommend SafeRack for the simple fact they take care of their customers.

    Richard Harris
    Terra International Inc.

  • SAS Gangway and Cage

    Ready for shipment

    Saferack had material ready for shipment within 1 month or order placement. Other competitors offered 3 to 4 months. The product was easy to assemble, worked very well and came in different sizes. Saferack was the only company I wanted to provide me with the Gangway. I found that Saferack offered more quality items that I will purchase in the future.

    Gene Carter
    Accounts Payable - Cartagena Refinery

  • SAS Gangway safety cage

    Exceeded our delivery we request

    Heather Schaller, my inside salesperson, was very helpful in getting proposals to me, and getting order placed. We have a number of your gangways with safety cages, and our operators find them very user friendly. Construction is very good and the units look good in the plant. Saferack exceeded our delivery we request, receiving the product early. Thank you SafeRack and the SafeRack Team.

    James Stec
    Rohm & Haas Chemicals LLC

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