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SafeRack Truck Canopy System

Avoid slips and falls while improving productivity at your terminal. SafeRack shelters and canopies protect workers from inclement weather. They're fast and easy to install so you'll quickly get a return on your investment from greater productivity.

Workers perform better when they're not battling the elements. SafeRack offers more options to deliver protection and productivity.

SafeRack products are proudly manufactured and assembled in the United States
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SafeRack Truck Canopy System

A SafeRack canopy system can include some or all of the below features and/or specifications: Full or half canopy versions for single or double sided loading facilities. Free standing or integrated with loading platform. Various fall protection and access systems designed around canopy design. Full vehicle protection or single hatch
or anywhere in between.

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single Canopy systems

Single platform or long platform, single canopy systems may work for your specific project. Get a quote and speak to our expert engineers about how you can find out what you need for your specific needs.

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SafeRack Canopy System

Don't let the environment stop the productivity of your project. SafeRack canopy systems provide the cover you need to get the job done right. View more options here.

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