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Single Hatch Tank Truck Loading Rack

Single Hatch Tank Truck Loading Rack

Tall, Four Rail Cage designed for maximum fall protection.

Tall, Four Rail Cage designed for maximum fall protection

Counter Balanced action lifts and lowers smoothly.

Counter Balanced action lifts and lowers smoothly

Single Hatch Truck Loading Racks

SafeRack single hatch tank truck loading racks accommodate a wide variety of purposes including truck inspections, venting hatches, single hatch loading, and hose connection hookups. SafeRack loading racks can be coordinated with piping and loading arms, pneumatic packages to raise and lower the gangway, transfer augers , and canopies. These loading platforms can be customized to fit the needs of any size tank truck.

Loading racks are available in heights of 10' 6", 12', or 15' 9" tall, with platform sizes of 3'x 5' or 4' x 6', and come with a fall prevention safety cage, a gangway, and adjustable springs to help raise and lower units with minimal effort. SafeRack truck loading racks combine the durability of hot-dipped galvanized steel with patent pending, easy to use G4 Gangways and tall 4 rail safety cages. For ease of assembly, each platform ships as a 9-piece kit which bolts together, and is built to withstand years of abuse.

Recommended Uses:

  • Venting or opening hatches
  • Single hatch railcar loading and unloading
  • Inspection and sampling platform
  • Loading arm and hose connection hookups

Durability = Return On Investment

Downtime caused by poorly built racks can cost your operation more than the rack itself. SafeRack manufactures its loading rack products with high quality materials and rugged oversized parts. These racks are built to stand up to abuse and keep your loading operations running efficiently. Should you require replacement parts, SafeRack's in stock parts can be expedited to your location.

Built To Last

SafeRack uses only the highest quality materials in the construction of its loading racks to ensure that they operate dependably for years. Our engineering advancements have reduce the seams in each component for fewer welds and greater strength. Our robotic and laser manufacturing techniques build each part to tight tolerances and perfect welds, every time.


  • Counterbalanced G4 gangway for smooth, reliable action
  • Tall cage to truck design provides 42" of fall protection
  • Self adjusting gangways allow access to a wide range of truck heights
  • Stamped construction reduces welds
  • Robotic welds insure strength and long life
  • Non slip gangway tread

Platform Roof Shelter Option

These cost effective platform roofs offer weather protection for loading arm and platform operators at fractions of the cost and faster install times than our full canopy systems.

Platform Roof Shelter Option

Loading Arm Support Option

Loading arm supports off-set the weight of a loading arm, allowing plumb horizontal base swivel rotation. Supports can also allow the loading arm to be installed before piping.

Loading Arm Support Option

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  • Tank truck fall protection

    A happy loading team

    Safety, Functionality, well engineered product and good communication through Gunny Smith, equals a HAPPY LOADING TEAM.

    James Waldrep
    LANXESS Corporation

  • Loading racks, gangways, loading arms

    Marvelous job!

    John Nance did a marvelous job with me, he always made sure the service was A1 when I had a question, he was always answering right away. I really appreciate working with him on in this project. Project was delivered right on time. I really enjoyed working with the SafeRack team.

    Benjamin Houde
    Dyno Nobel Canada

  • Loading racks, gangways, loading arms

    Travis is a gem sewn into the fabric of your company.

    SafeRack was able to ship the platform in perfect time and the loading arm shipped early making the installation flawless. A very well built and serviced product, seamless, painless choreography. SafeRack is a well oiled machine in all departments from sales, engineered drawings, manufacturing, and delivery. Our sales rep, Travis McCraine is a gem sewn into the fabric of your company. I look forward to our next experience. This one was so much fun, I want to do it again!

    Rob Dickson
    IndustraTech Inc.

  • Truck Loading Platforms and Racks

    Travis was perfect.

    Your product was cost effective, delivered very quickly and it's ease of use will improve safety. It's always a pleasure to deal with SafeRack.

    TJ Galloway
    The Andersons, Inc.

  • truck loading racks

    Functions very nice , looks very good, Drivers love it.

    Travis McCraine was very responsive. The system is a safe means of loading our trucks. I'd recommend it.

    Stacey Hoover
    CMS Land

  • loading racks

    Like a cheetah with a booster rocket attached to its back.

    The product was delivered like a cheetah with a booster rocket attached to it's back! I've found that I never have to look for another supplier for anything having to do with loading or unloading racks again.What's left to say? Buy from SafeRack! You will be completely satisfied.

    Hal Wilday
    Reichhold Inc.

  • gangways

    Stephen Todd responded to voice message within 24 hrs.

    I would recommend the product. The platform and gangway serve the intended purpose of providing safe access atop delivery tankers. It provides safe access atop delivery tankers for unloading connection. The unloading platform is built narrowly to prevent drive alley encroachment. The aluminum gangway and galvanized platform will resist corrosion for long life.

    Andy Shumaker
    American Water Heater Company

  • truck racks

    Product was shipped as scheduled

    The SafeRack is safe, easy to put up and it took away the hassle of us designing our own system. Saved us alot of time. Phyllis answered all my questions within that day, if not within the hour! I really appreciated that, communication is key, especially when buying things online.

    Lyle Kriener
    Soy Basics

  • truck loading racks ramps

    Our orders were shipped on the date that we were told. A+ for your turnaround time.

    John Bast was great to work with. The quality is great and it was such an easy process to deal with Saferack i would recommend you to others and I will be pushing Saferack to our customers.

    Geoff Powers
    Diamond Pet Food

  • truck loading racks ramps

    It was delivered in the time frame that was promised.

    I'd recommend your product. The quality looks to be very good.

    Gary Worthen
    Schlumberger Oilfield Services

  • From the time I gave them a purchase order until I recived my unit was 29 days. Outstanding!!

    Phillis Sikes in Customer Service is a GREAT person and a treat to work with.also we have had our first unit about 5 years and love it!! Scott Hite is a very nice man and knows his product!

    Rex Rimmer
    Quad County Corn Processors

  • Why we didn't purchase the product sooner!!!

    David Daniel was an excellent rep. He checked in with me periodically on status of the project. He was "extremely" patient with our process. He was "never" pushy.. Responded quickly on our requests to furnish additional information or clarified any questions we had.... Service has been excellent.... Also, delivery was quicker than anticipated. Well within the 3 week time frame....Received a call to anticipate delivery, truck driver didn't "just show up" We could plan for the off loading in a timely manner. Great communication!!! Last, installation was NOT complicated..ready to use in a few hours after foundation is completed.

    Randall Landry
    Newpark Environmental Services

  • Phyllis Sikes was great to work with on this project!

    The G4 gangway is a very nice unit, very easy to use. Delivery time was as expected. Easy to setup, easy to train on, great customer service. Overall a good value and good quality.

    Chad Niles
    Kemin Agrifoods North America, Inc.

  • We are not first time customers

    We like the product and have had very few problems with regards to maintenance. The platforms and gangways look better than the competitors product. The coating is very thick and we have not seen any rusting even on our older installation Charles MacEachern has a great way of dealing with customers -his communication skills are very good , he is there for the customer when needed .

    Len Trevena
    Bayer Crop Science

  • Scott Hite was very responsive

    Scott Hite was very responsive. The product looks great.

    Jeff Rhude
    Milk Specialties

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