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SPCC compliant drum spill containment

SafeRack's complete range of drum spill containment systems include pallets, berms, collectors, trays, cabinets, tourniquets, mounted shelves, drum vapor locks, shelf systems, trucks, lifters, wedges and funnels. These products satisfy requirements from oil and fuel spill containment hazmat hazardous waste such as acids and other hazardous bulk chemicals.

SafeRack's customer service representatives have extensive knowledge of chemical containment requirements and regulations required by industrial loading.

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UltraTech Drum Spill Pallets

Spill Pallets are Built for Heavy Loads and Convenient Handling.

Available in 2-drum and 4-drum configurations. Applications for the all-polyethylene units include satellite waste collection and storage of virgin chemicals. Removable grating - makes clean-up quick and easy. Meets SPCC, EPA Container Storage Regulation 40 CFR 264.175 and UFC Spill Containment Regulations. High Load Capacity: 6,000 lbs. for 4-Drum Model, 3000 lbs. for 2-Drum Model. Learn more

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UltraTech Hard Top Spill Pallets

Outdoor Secondary Containment Storage Systems Keep the Elements Out While Providing Convenient Access to Drums. Applications include storage of virgin chemicals, drum dispensing, hazardous waste collection and storage of spill response materials. All-polyethylene units feature a lockable, weather-proof design, allowing secure outdoor storage of hazardous materials and wastes. Hinged covers are easily opened by one person perfect for satellite waste collection. 66 gallon containment capacity meets EPA and Uniform Fire Code Spill Containment Regulations. Drums are positioned on a deck above the sump area, elevated from any spilled or leaked materials. Rugged steel brackets allow covers to be temporarily fixed in their open position - makes decanting of wastes safe and efficient. Deck grates are removable for easy cleaning of sump area. UV inhibitor in polyethylene resin resists degrading effects of sunlight, adding years to outdoor service life. Learn more

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Spill Decks

Hidden Containment Bladder Automatically Unfurls To Capture Large Spills Or Drum Leaks. The first and only low profile, single-drum containment unit which meets EPA Container Storage Regulation 40 CFR 264.175 and Uniform Fire Code Spill Containment Regulations.
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  • Compact 25 7/8" x 30 1/2" footprint saves valuable floor space - perfect for single-drum waste collection usage.
  • Small spills and leaks are captured in the 11-gallon sump.
  • Large, catastrophic leaks flow into the bladder through a bulkhead fitting. Protective "trap door" opens automatically to allow bladder to unfurl.
  • Rugged, double layer polyethylene bladder allows 66 gallons total containment. Learn more

UltraTech Drum Rack Systems

Polyethylene Drum Racks Capture Spills, Keep Your Workplace Clean And Safe. Drum Versatile Secondary Containment for Small Containers and Packages. Ultra-Drum Rack Containment Systems offer a safe and environmentally sound means of dispensing from 55 gallon, horizontal drums. Available in 1,2 and 4-drum configurations, the all-polyethylene designs eliminate rust and corrosion commonly found with metal drum racks. All models meet EPA Container Storage Regulation 40 CFR 264.175 and Uniform Fire Code Spill Containment Regulations. Ultra-Drum Rack Systems improve worker safety by keeping slippery chemicals and oils off the plant floor. All Drum Rack Models tilt the drums slightly forward, allowing maximum drainage - optimize your use of chemicals while minimizing waste. Learn more

UltraTech Drum Spill Trays - stop spills from going down the drain

Keeps floors free of spills — designed to collect and contain drips and overflows associated with filling of 55 and 30 gallon drums. Optional bottom grate elevates drums 2 5/8" and out of spilled liquid. Meets EPA Container Storage Regulations for 20 gallon or smaller containers with bottom grate in place. allowing maximum drainage - optimize your use of chemicals while minimizing waste. Learn more

UltraTech Safety Cabinet Bladder Systems Stop Spills Fast

Drum corrosion leaks can occur anytime, day or night. Significant leaks flow over the cabinet door sill and into the polyethylene containment bladder will automatically unfurl as the sump fills up. Learn more

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UltraTech Drum Leak Tourniquets

Drum Versatile Secondary Containment for Small Containers and Packages. Powerful magnets latch onto steel drums to seal off puncture and corrosion leaks. A chemical-resistant sealing pad is compressed against the damaged area to stop leaks on contact. Universal Model features a ratchet strap system. Works on all surfaces including polyethylene, steel and stainless steel.
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UltraTech Drum Tipper - Efficient Pumping Solution

Drum Tipper Makes Drum Pumping More Efficient. Residual liquids flow to one side of drum for efficient pumping valuable chemicals can be used, not wasted. Durable, all polyethylene construction designed for use with 30 gallon or 55 gallon drums. Learn more

Ultra-Drum Shelf - stop spills from going down the drain

Polyethylene Shelf attaches to the side of drums — supports containers while being filled from drum pumps. Adjustable brackets allow user to position fluid dispensing containers closer to drum pumps. Fits 30- and 55-gallon steel drums and most 55-gallon poly drums. Catches minor spillage; secure ribbed top holds up to 32 ounces of nuisance drips. Powder-coated steel strap brackets attach securely to drum chime with thumb screws. Easy to clean; resists chemicals and will not rust, dent or corrode. Not for use with flammables. Learn more

UltraTech Vapor Lock - prevent hazardous fumes from escaping

Ultra-Vapor Lock helps meet EPA Closed Container Regulations. Optional polyethylene fill tube allows filling below liquid level, eliminating agitation and splashing which contribute significantly to the evaporation process.

Easy to install - simply slide fill tube through 2" drum bung and securely thread bushing into drum bun. T-handle is easily hand-threaded into the busing to seal off potential vapor escape within seconds! Learn more

UltraTech Drum Truck

Drum Handling, Dispensing and Containment in One Unit. Drum Versatile Secondary Containment for Small Containers and Packages. Rugged polyethylene construction offers excellent chemical resistance. Large containment sump (66 gallons) meets SPCC and EPA Containment Regulations. Unlike alternative products, the open containment sump does not require spills to flow inside the double walls to meet. EPA regulations — easy to clean; eliminates residue concerns as related to compatibility. Can be used with 55- or 30-gallon drums — nylon strap keeps drums secure. Ergonomically designed for safe and easy handling. Large 10" wheels roll easily over shop and factory floors. Learn more

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UltraTech Drum Lifter - Transport drums safely and securely

Safely Lift 55 Gallon Steel Drums. Securely grips 55 gallon steel drums when loading and unloading salvage drums. Rugged, all-steel construction. Learn more

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UltraTech Drum-Top Funnel - Efficient Drum Filling Solution

The Bung Access Ultra-Funnel is the only full, drum-top funnel which allows access to the 3/4" drum bung. Installation of our pop-up liquid level gauge in the 3/4" bung allows visual monitoring of waste level in the drum and helps you plan ahead for drum removal. It also eliminates the mess caused by overfilling! Learn more

spill collectors

Mobile Secondary Container Provides Maximum Protection for the Inner Drum

  • Applications include satellite waste collection, general storage of chemical drums and portable drum pumping stations.
  • Rugged design allows Flat Bottom Model and Pallet Jack Model to be safely handled by forklift under top flange.
  • 66 gallon containment capacity.
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UltraTech Ultra-Collector Systems - Mobile Containment

Mobile System Provides Convenience to Waste Collection Activities Three-piece system includes Bung Access Funnel, Spill Collector and Dolly.* Can be used with steel or poly 55-gallon drums. Meets EPA Container Storage Regulation 40 CFR 264.175. Entire Systems can be quickly relocated for easier dispensing and collection.

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