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OPW Swivel Joints and Fittings

Swivel Joints

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OPW Swivel Joints and Fittings

Swivel Joints

Ordering Swivel Joints has never been easier!

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Simply go to our website, swiveljoints.com, and pick out the swivel you need. On the website you will find simple pictures and drop down menus to assist you in choosing swivels without the need to understand complicated part numbers. Replacement parts are equally available. Or you can simply call us for personal help; we're glad to help.

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  • Spark-proof Tank Car Sockets Keep Workers Safe

    We have done business with your company before and the results have been excellent. We unload a flammable product, and this product keeps our team members safe. The item is high quality, the price is lower than other products on the market, and the sales team delivered on the promise of a quick delivery.

    Dustin Conner

  • Swivel joint replacement parts

    A very good experience

    I had a very good experience with the SafeRack customer service, Sales and Engineering teams. They were all very helpful and responsive to all my questions and concerns. We like the High Temperature capability feature of the swivel product.

    Ed Stratton
    Tricor Refining, LLC


    A supplier that can make things happen

    SafeRack worked to get it out cross-country, on time, despite bad weather and shortage of employees due to it. Stayed in touch from order to delivery. A supplier that can make things happen.

    Morgan Pavement

  • Inlet Swivel joint

    Good design

    Good design, easy to replace seal, and easy to weld with pipe without damaging bearings or seal.

    Rakesh Panchal

  • 3

    Well informed

    Product was delivered on the date that we were told it would be delivered, in a timely fashion. The product met our needs, and the was of good quality. Our sales person was courteous and kept us well informed as to when the product would be delivered.

    Bill Mason
    Marysville Gas Liquids

  • 1

    Quickly verified what we needed

    Very responsive, with a great turnaround, and good quality product. Sam Ham quickly responded with a drawing, in order to to verify what we needed. Then shipped it quick.

    Gerald Lentz
    Smith Hardware and Auto Parts

  • OPW Swivel Joints and Fittings

    Better price, and service

    I appreciated the way our representative Sam Ham, provided information to us even before we requested it. Plus, along with the customer service, we received a better price than we had anticipated.

    Haskell Mitchell
    ALSCO Industrial Products Inc.

  • Swivel Joints, Couplers

    Fast, friendly service.

    I dont like buying over the phone but you guys make it pleasant, and your staff is very knowedgable( the best in the field )....

    Juan Garza
    Pacific Ethanol Magic Valley LLC

  • Swivel joints, couplers

    Extremely responsive

    The delivery came prior to the estimated delivery date and the customer service was extremely responsive and helpful with my product selection. Definitely and very good and useful product.

    Mark Ajemian
    CPI Automation, Inc.

  • Swivel joints, couplers

    Saved me thousands of dollars...

    SafeRack is not only more knowledgeable about loading rack parts than other suppliers there prices are better and the customer service is more responsive. With there help, knowledge and the ability to get spare parts for my swivel, SafeRack saved me thousands of dollars.

    Sean Flynn
    Flynn Petroleum LLC

  • Swivel joints, couplers

    Very fast!

    Very helpful as I was not sure what I really was ordering but they helped me and also did not make me feel stupid that I did not know what I was doing, and I didn't have to go through a computer telephone system to talk to someone.

    Bonnie Williams
    Armstrong Machine Company, Inc

  • Swivel joints

    Unbelievably fast service!

    Unbelievably fast service. I had these products on order for 6 weeks from a competitor of yours and when calling to check on them, they inform me that there would be an additional 9 weeks to recieve the product. You had them IN STOCK and in the material that the customer needed. The customer is in the process of installing this morning! Good price for high quality product!

    Don Cooper
    Coopers Consulting LLP

  • Swivel Joints

    Small purchase, BIG customer service

    John Bast, responded to our needs faster than almost all of our vendors, even our local ones. The level of quality was much better than products offered by other vendors and we received our swivel joints within a week of my placing the order. The people at SafeRack truly cared about providing me with prompt attention and and the same level of service you'd expect from a much larger purchase. I would recommend this product to everyone.

    James Lively

  • swivel joint

    Stephen Todd was very responsive

    The product was delivered fast.

    Tom Leonard
    Sevier Solid Waste

  • swivels

    It is a great quality product

    Quote response time was very quick..

    Megan Hayslett
    Process Instruments Inc.

  • swiveljoint

    Product was delivered quick

    Experience with Cal Floyd was positive!

    Azman Azmi
    Alltrust International

  • Delivered within the 1 week which we were quoted

    Linda Hardee got back to us within half an hour of our request.She is pleasant to work with, and I always talk to a real person, not like the automated phone systems.

    Chris Sholten
    Associated Northwest

  • swiveljoint

    Items arrived before due date - great service

    Phyllis Sikes was very helpful and detailed - a pleasure to work with.

    Mike Szlachetka
    Purac America

  • swivel swiveljoint swiveljoints

    The help was great!

    Very fast and effective feedback From Dana Hamor. The swivel joint was on my doorstep within the three weeks delivery that was quoted.

    Ken Pagan

  • swivels swiveljoints swivel joint

    Travis McCraine's responsiveness was good

    Jack Bonn
    Eden Cryogenics

  • swiveljoint swing joint

    Well constructed and works well

    Benefits of this product are less damage to hoses, less physical labor for controling hoses, less exposure to physical laborer injury. Dana Hamor was very responsive.

    Bob Gaffney
    Seaport Canaveral Corp

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