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Forklift Loading Mobile Ramp

Portable Forklift Loading Ramp

This mobile loading ramp permits a forklift to load trailers or railcars from the ground. The 36 ft. long forklift loading ramp creates a gradual incline, with a 6-foot level-off area at the top for tailgate loads. This portable truck loading ramp is built of heavy steel channel and tubing. Side curbs are 8" high, and the ramp deck is made of self-cleaning grating. Twin hydraulic cylinders raise the mobile forklift ramp to trailer or car floor height. The optional fork clamp and tow bar enable a forklift driver to maneuver the two-wheel ramp into position. Chains hold the ramp in place after contact is made. #4128-03

Forklift Loading Ramp
Forklift Loading Mobile Ramp

Forklift Loading Ramp Clamp

Your loading ramp is easily mobile with a few accessories that attach to your forklift.

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Industrial Forklift Ramp Clip Clamp