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grounding systems

New technology in this product provides an out of the box solution to insure your truck or railcare is properly grounding before loading begins.

The Earth-Rite PLUS® provides positive verification of static ground connection on a wide range of industrial plant equipment, including tanker trucks, railcars, drums, containers and other conductive equipment. Whenever flammable liquids or powders are transferred, or wherever there is a risk of conductive plant items becoming isolated from ground within hazardous locations, effective grounding and bonding is necessary to ensure safe dissipation of static electricity to prevent fires and explosions which can be ignited by static.

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Tanker truck grounding

When connected to a tanker truck or other conductive equipment, the intrinsically safe monitoring circuit verifies a low resistance connection and dissipation path to ground. Good connection is confirmed by an indicator light and the interlock is released (switch contact), enabling the transfer/process to start. The Earth-Rite PLUS is approved for safe use in hazardous locations, and conforms to the requirements of all major US and International static control codes of practice.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Key Features and Benefits
  • Easy to install, operate, and maintain
  • Ground connection junction box simplifies I.S. field wiring, system set-up and repairs in hazardous atmospheres
  • Every unit supplied with full installation and operating manual Meets requirements of NFPA 77 recommended practice on static electricity
  • Confirms safe, low-resistance static dissipation path <10 Ohms from tanker, drum etc. to designated ground point
  • Universal ground clamp suits all common tankers, drums, conductive plant equipment

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CIVACON™ Cane Probe

Cane probes are used to provide overall detection where a permanent sensor cannot be properly affixed to a tank or railcar. They provide a portable, flexible solution to meet a variety of overfill requirements for safe top loading. Cane probes utilize modern, instant-on optic principals. Adjusting the sensor position in the tank easily sets the sensing point. This is accomplished with a large adjustment knob on the cane probe clamp.

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Plug and Cord Sets

CIVACON™ brand plugs and cords are used with junction boxes to connect the overfill detection monitor to the tank transport at the terminal. Basically, there are two types of systems: optic (blue, 6-pin) and thermistor (green, 8-pin).

8130 Series Optic Ground Verification Monitor

The 8130 Series Optic monitor is compatible with up to eight optic level sensors or onboard monitors to monitor the status of liquid within a tank. The 8130 provides automatic warning of product overflow at predetermined levels. The system uses the standard optic signal format to communicate with an onboard control monitor or straight optic system. The system also includes ground verification.

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8460 Series Diagnostic Opti-Therm Monitor

The 8460 Opti-Therm Overfill Detection System recognizes the signal technology on the transport, verifies grounding, and communicates with the terminal automation system (T.A.S). The 8460SRC is a direct replacement chassis upgrading other systems with a simple drop-in technology.