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YellowGate Protection, Only Bigger

  • Field adjustable patent pending Malbec tensioner
  • Adjustable form 6-12 feet, 42" height
  • Powder coated safety yellow
  • Aluminum extruded, laser precision manufactured
  • Maintenance free ergonomic design

No Spring to Fail

This patent pending system provides field adjustable tension and maintenance free closure, every time.

Premium Finish

Power coated safety yellow. Built to last, outdoors and in.

Field Adjustable

Adjustable from 6 to 12 feet and 42 inches in height.

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The Most Versatile Traffic & Barrier Gate Solution Available

OSHA Compliant, Part Number 11792-XL

A South Carolina Startup That Hacked The Industrial Process To Reach $100 Million In Revenue
Created on: April 14, 2016

Rob Honeycutt’s success defies so many conventions within the entrepreneurial canon that it’s hard to pick which part of his tale merits telling first. As a salesman, he’s not supposed to be good with software. As somebody without a college degree, he’s not supposed to be able to, in a little over a decade, start and scale up a complicated set of businesses all under one holding company. As a company based in South Carolina, Honeycutt’s firm isn’t supposed to be able to recruit globally and draw engineering talent to what is, for tech, something of a desert, although it’s improving...
Video Game-Like Software Could Revolutionize Custom Manufacturing
Created on: March 17, 2016

Even in today's fast-paced economy, it can take manufacturers weeks or months to deliver customized products. The process begins with an initial conversation about what the customer needs, which is then relayed to engineers to see what's possible. Drafting, pricing and the manufacturing process itself add to turnaround time. Rob Honeycutt's company, SafeRack, is using a new software to drastically reduce wait time by placing the possibilities right in its customers' hands via iPad. In an exclusive interview with Manufacturing.net, SafeRack co-founder and CEO Honeycutt describes how this software works, how it has impacted his business and how the technology is poised to change manufacturing as a whole...