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    Met our needs perfectly

    I went to SafeRack based on past experience and knowing that you had the product I needed. Your quick response and delivery helped ensure that a safety issue at our facility was addressed promptly. SafeRack met our needs perfectly.

    Brian Waters
    FujiFilm Hunt Chemicals U.S.A., Inc.


    Just what I needed for my project

    Positives - Love my sales rep [Heather], ease of purchase, service, delivery. Negatives - None!

    Just what I needed for my project, My decision to use SafeRack first, to any other competitor is confirmed.

    Jerome Longton

  • Truck chocks

    Very responsive.

    Our sales rep, Molly Laqua, was very responsive, called to verify what was needed that accompanied the item ordered.

    Anngela Vogler
    Nustar Refining LLC

  • Wheel blocks

    She was on the ball...

    I like your metal wheel blocks, they are very durable. I also liked the fact that I was only charged for the item when they shipped.

    Kathleen Hart
    Canada Veltri

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