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Truck Inspection Light Electric Reels

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Truck Inspection Light Electric Reels

Electric reel with inspection light comes with galvanized bracket to bolt to your existing platform.

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Class one inspection light for checking trucks and railcars.

Saferack inspection lights/reels

Light Type Part # Weight Cord Length
Explosion Proof SR-EP 85 lbs. 20 ft.
Non-explosion Proof SR-NEP 85 lbs. 20 ft.
Incandescent or fluorescent models available
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    We have done business with your company before and the results have been excellent. We unload a flammable product, and this product keeps our team members safe. The item is high quality, the price is lower than other products on the market, and the sales team delivered on the promise of a quick delivery.

    Dustin Conner

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    Dana is above any customer service

    Dana Brogden was absolutely heads above any customer service person I have ever dealt with. We had a few minor issues come up since our system was a modified version, but she answered any and all questions, and handled any requests that I had in regards to materials or shipping. If your entire team is anything close to her, your customers will never have anything negative to say.

    David Holbrook
    Crosstex Energy Services

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