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Truck Safety Cages

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Safety Cages and Fall Protection Options

Truck Safety Cages

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Optional canvas canopy

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  • Modified Safety Cage

    Would definitely purchase again

    Very positive. Delivered within the estimated time frame. Easy installation, light weight and east to operation. I would definitely purchase again

    Bruce Nelms
    CRS Proppants LLC

  • The product was very functional, easy to operate, and made a lot of operators happy

    Kenny Rogers was very responsive. I was very happy with the attention he gave to our order SafeRack has a response crew of people working for them. Customer service was very accommodating. Sales were very professional, accommodating, quick to respond and knowledgeable of their product. Engineering were quick to respond to any changes we requested. Product quality I would say is second to none. We are very happy with the operation of the equipment. The lightweight design was the most attractive feature for us. The delivery of the majority of the order was either on time or delivered early. The product is very functional and easy to operate, these are the features that were most appealing to operations.

    Ralph Halligan

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