YellowGate XL safety gate for workstation Control.

YellowGate XL installed for safe equipment handling.

Large swing gate

YellowGates XL barrier gate provides 6 feet of adjustability protects every pathway in your facility WITH ONE SKU.

  • Adjustable from 6′ [1829 mm] -12′ [3658 mm]
  • Effortless raising and lowering – Field adjustable spring-assisted tension.
    • Electric power-assist options.
  • Aluminum extruded, laser precision manufactured
  • Maintenance-free ergonomic design
  • Great for traffic control, mezzanines, loading docks, lockout/tagout, warehouses…

Our field-adjustable, YellowGate XL extra-wide safety gate is perfect for all industrial and warehouse applications that need an extra-wide safety gate for traffic control, forklifts, and mezzanine safety.  The gate does not require a receiver on the adjacent side to meet load requirements, which means fewer holes in your floor and less clutter in your facility. The powder-coated, heavy-duty aluminum is built to last both indoors and out. Plus, as with all SafeRack systems, YellowGate solutions are designed to help your business comply with OSHA regulations.