Barrier Gate System by YellowGate XL

Barrier Gate System Installation: the YellowGate XL in Action

barrier gate for vehicle traffic

Barrier Gate for Vehicle Access Control

A barrier gate, or boom barrier, is an integral part of most vehicle access control systems. A barrier gate functions by controlling and regulating the flow of traffic through restricted areas in order to secure your facility. Authorized traffic is permitted, while all other traffic is blocked.

Boom Barriers: What to Look For

  • Maintain a secure environment: theft prevention.
  • Maintain a safe environment: deny access to vulnerable zones.
  • Enable authorized traffic to load and offload efficiently.
  • Protect infrastructure access points.
  • Enable busy environments to operate seamlessly.
  • Manage multiple zones through nesting.
  • OSHA compliance.

Boom Barrier Challenges

Flexibility: in dynamic environments, needs frequently change. Look for:

  • Easily adjustable to adapt to changing footprint.
  • Wide range of configuration options.

Durability: environmental conditions can vary greatly. Look for:

Wear and tear, maintenance: get the most out of your investment. Look for:

  • Impact protection.
  • Construction of moving components.
  • Durability of springs.

Components of a Barrier Gate System

Barrier Gate physical blocking systems are usually made up of several components that work in harmony to provide comprehensive traffic regulation. Some of the more frequently seen components include:

  • Barrier gate boom arm.
  • Barrier gate operator, barrier gate controller, such as: card reader, keypad, telephone entry system.
  • Monitoring systems: audio and visual intercom systems.
  • Manual control at a guard station.

Common Barrier Gate Applications

Many industries and situations can benefit when a barrier gate system is in place:

  • Commercial and industrial applications for controlling access to parking lots and garages.
  • One or two way traffic.
  • Remote locations.
  • High risk locations.
  • Rail, airports, maritime ports.

Barrier Gate by YellowGate XL

barrier gate easily adjusts from 6 to 12 feet

  • YellowGate’s YellowGate XL Barrier Gate is precision manufactured to withstand the toughest conditions – indoors, or out.
  • YellowGate’s Patented Malbec Tensioner replaces the spring, eliminating the most common point of failure in a boom gate.
  • Quickly adjust tension in the field.
  • Telescoping extenders easily adapt from 6’ – 12’ wide, using only a wrench.
  • Universal mounting.
  • Simple 4-bolt installation.
  • Maintenance free design.
  • Powder coated safety yellow.
  • OSHA compliant.