Construction Chemicals Division of BASF Relies on SafeRack to Ensure Optimal Operator Safety

BASF Corp.As the global leader in sustainable chemicals, Master Builder Solutions from BASF offers advanced chemical solutions for new construction, maintenance, and repair and renovation of structures all over the world. The Construction Chemicals Division plant, located in Dubai, UAE employs 6500 people and boasts annual sales of approximately €2.4 billion. They are responsible for helping to construct the tallest building, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai and the Akashi Kaikyō Bridge, the world’s longest suspension bridge located in Japan. For BASF, safety is no joke, which is why they rely on SafeRack.

SafeRack sales team members visited the plant and offered a number of safety recommendations, including the addition of safety gates at all access points above 1.2 meters high. YellowGates proved to be the perfect solution and were purchased and installed within days. Once hundreds of gates were installed to ensure operator safety, BASF was ready to review their existing tanker lifeline systems. Access to tankers requires operators to wear harnesses and can be one of the most dangerous duties on site.

yellow gate installations at BASF

John Verlander, SafeRack’s International Sales Manager knew he could provide the company with safety solutions that would help improve safety for operators greatly. “That’s what we’re here for,” says Verlander. “Global companies like BASF don’t want to take any chances when it comes to safety and efficiency. SafeRack makes sure their operations run smoothly and workers stay safe, period.” Verlander continues, “BASF has contracted with SafeRack to review safety measures at other plants, and we look forward to delivering excellent products and superior service.”

Our rugged stage and truss gangway construction provides a standard distributed load capacity of 750-pound live-load and can be made-to-order to accommodate even higher load capacities.

  • Standard lengths available up to 50′
  • Standard widths up to 5′
  • Variable truss depth to accommodate your specific gangway length and capacity requirements

Additionally, you can choose from multiple different walk surfaces to maximize your footing throughout the entire operating range. We offer extruded and open-grating decking as a flat walk surface, cleated flat walk surfaces to allow for greater operating angles or extruded curved treads for the most aggressive operating angles. Handrails are powder-coated to ensure long-lasting user safety and stability. Stage gangways can span up to 20 feet and truss gangways span up to 50’.