attune foods erectastep case study

A Big Gap (and Savings) for Natural Foods Company

Attune Foods, one of North America’s leading natural foods companies, didn’t have easy access to the roof of one of their buildings. There was a five-foot height difference between it and the nearest building’s roof. And that wasn’t the only issue.

The nearest building to the building’s virtually inaccessible roof was nine feet away. That meant that whenever the mechanical system—or anything else on the subject roof, for that matter—needed to be accessed, the company had to rent a lift for around $1,000 a day.


Not long after paying yet another rental bill, the multinational company reached out to their local distributor, Peterson Industrial, for a solution. They didn’t want a temporary lift and they certainly didn’t want a rental bill; they wanted a permanent, safe and cost-effective option.

With ErectaStep, that’s exactly what they got. Not only did the prefabricated, precision-engineered crossover solve the company’s existing challenges, but the OSHA-compliant solution was assembled and installed in just a few days—with little more than a wrench.

The project was such a success that the project manager described the process as simple. In addition, he reports that the solution itself “has been flawless.”


  • Rust-Proof and Lightweight
  • Quick and Easy Installation
  • OSHA Compliant