Chlorine Loading/Unloading

A leader in bulk chemical loading and unloading.

SafeRack offers products to improve the safety of regular chlorine handling, regardless of whether the chemical is being transported by truck or by railcar. Much like the industry itself, we are constantly innovating in order to bring you the best and most recent chlorine-transportation solutions.

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Ray Evans

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Bulk Chemical Loading Project Profiles

SafeRack Helps Chemical Company Create Safe Access with Track Mounted Gangway on Time and on Budget

In an industry where the handling of hazardous materials is routine, safe and accessible transport is paramount. A chemical manufacturing company sought out our assistance in creating a custom access solution to allow workers to spot bottom loading tanker trucks with access across multiple hatches. ...

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Clabber Girl Improves Employee Safety with Mobile Loading Platform

Located in Terre Haute, Indiana, Clabber Girl knows that the safety of their employees is the key to a successful operation. They purchased their first MAUI loading platform from SafeRack in 2010 and a second in 2016. The mobile loading platform serves as a portable truck loading rack, a necessity w...

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