SafeRack single sided track mounted SAS gangway

Titanium vs. Aluminum

Titanium is a strong, lightweight metal with a wide range of applications. Yet, it frequently gets compared to aluminum because of its cost, which is likewise a very strong metal but costs less. Aside from the cost, however, several factors can influence the final metal selection for a given application, including the metal properties. With
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fall protection lifeline harness

Calculating Fall Arrest Distance

If one reaches the ground before fall gets halted while doing work at a height, the fall arrest system is useless. Therefore, learning how to calculate the fall distance and leave enough clearance is essential. Fall Arrest System and its Components A fall arrest system has an anchorage system, a body harness, and a fall-arrest
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OSHA Inspection


Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) are both Department of Labor agencies. Each agency has its own separate laws or rules; however, the jurisdiction of the two agencies is mutually exclusive. Occasionally, mine inspectors will claim a right to inspect a location not previously considered a mine.
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Portable Spill Containment 1 pg110 111 web

OSHA Spill Containment Requirements

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OHSA) regulate safety at work in all areas. And when it comes to OHSA regulations on spill containment these are far-reaching and extensive both in the prevention of spills and in how you should deal with them should they occur.  The OSHA regulations on hazardous materials require that all
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SafeRack Railcar Top Loading Arm FRT Gangway Transloader

What you need to know about the Rail Tank Car

We are all used to seeing lines of rail tank cars being transported on the railroad. But do you know what the information on each truck means and what to do if there is an accident? The good news is that the information is all there for you, so let’s first take a look at
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Part1 Search For The Perfect Gangway SafeRack G4 Safety Gangways YouTube

Field Testing

The SafeRack GX Series Gangway for Fuel Loading is the result of thousands of hours of behind the scene events. 1. SafeRack consulted with users of all kinds of industrial gangways all over the country. They filmed and identified the multiple problems that users encounter every day when they use run of the mill gangways.
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Elevated Safety Cage for Railcars

Crash Box Loading Safety

Why offset crash boxes are a leading cause of death in the railway transport industry.  Railway loading gangways are important for speed and for safety. They enable fast loading and unloading from railcars but it is important to remember that this is a risky environment with many potential hazards including falls, trips, and spills. Every
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The first gas stations

The First Gas Station

In the early years of motoring, before dedicated gasoline stations existed, motorists bought gasoline from hardware stores, general stores, pharmacies, and even blacksmiths. These businesses had pre-existing relationships with the refineries through their sale of kerosene, used for stoves and as a lighting fuel. Stored in five-gallon cans stacked curbside or in large above-ground tanks,
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Marine Gangway parts labeled

What is a Gangway?

A gangway is a narrow walkway or platform that provides safe access to a ship, truck, or train. Gangways are typically used for two purposes: to allow passage or people and/or cargo to/from docks, moored marine vessels, or aircraft, or in the maintenance and loading/unloading of land-based trucks and trains. The models used for ships
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OSHA Inspection

The Importance of OSHA Compliance

When it comes to keeping your workplace productive, there’s nothing more important than safety. The safer your employees feel on the job, the more they will enjoy coming to work. And the happier they are at work, the more productive they will be. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) was established to regulate and
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railroad track construction cross section

Railroad Facts… Construction, Safety and More.

Since the first railroads were built almost 200 years ago, locomotive/train design and technology has advanced significantly, from steam-powered engines to super-fast maglev trains. Often overlooked, however, is the technology behind the thing that keeps these trains moving in the right direction: the tracks. Railroad track construction has undergone plenty of reform since the 19th
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opw bottom loading arm for trucks 11

Loading Arms vs. Hoses: Our Pick

When it comes to load and unloading tankers or rail cars safely, operators have two primary options: loading arms and hoses. But which works best? While there can be times when a hose is the best option for a particular job, loading arms have been designed to improve safety and efficiency and have steadily become
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fall protection

Keys to Scaffold Safety

Approximately 2.3 million U.S. construction workers — or roughly 65% of our construction industry — work on scaffolds. While these temporary elevated platforms help workers elevate themselves, materials, and equipment each day, they can also put workers at risk for injury or death if not used properly. According to the United States Bureau of Labor
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tanker truck baffles

Road Tanker Safety: Design, Equipment, and the Human Factor

Roughly one-quarter of all freight hauled in the United States is transported in tanker trucks, and of that, nearly half is petroleum products like gasoline, diesel, and aviation fuel. With so much hazardous cargo on the nation’s roads — and accidents involving cars and road tankers not exactly uncommon — why are there surprisingly few
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Robot welding metal

Aluminum Or Steel: Which Metal is Better for Your Product?

Within our industrial niche, products can be made out of a wide variety of materials. Each vendor likely has their reasons for choosing a particular type of material to build their products with, be it metal stairs, crossover platforms, or ship ladders. And each customer may also have reasons why they prefer one material over
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SafeRack’s GX Awarded Fall Protection/Prevention Product of the Year

GX Awarded 2020 Fall Protection/Prevention New Product of the Year by Occupational Health & Safety Andrews, South Carolina, October 5, 2020 — The Occupational and Health Safety New Product of the Year Awards were announced last month and SafeRack’s new GX Gangway claimed top prize in the Fall Protection/Prevention category. Now in their 11th year,
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HollyFrontier Asphalt Terminal

3D scan technology eliminates human error on complicated industrial applications

Location Glendale, AZ Project Asphalt Loading Terminal Product 720′ loading platform, tracking gangways and pivoting safety cage, vapor fans & many other terminal safety features. Client HollyFrontier Materials/Product Asphalt Retrofitting new equipment in an industrial facility can be challenging, especially with pipes, pipe bridges, and many other obstacles. SafeRack, leading the industry in innovation, manufactured
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Project Profile – RollaStep as a Scaffolding Alternative

A large tire manufacturing plant had to regularly access their heat exchangers, a piece of equipment that is used in transferring heat between a solid object and a fluid, or between two or more fluids. Workers needed a work platform to access these heat exchangers for maintenance every 4-6 weeks throughout the year. Each time scaffolding was rented and
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Hazmat Placards

Hazmat Placards and UN Numbers: What You Need to Know

Have you ever seen a truck, railcar, container or large tanks at a tank farm and wondered what types of chemicals it was transporting or storing? The answer can be found in its UN numbers and hazmat placards. What Are UN Numbers? Located on the back or sides of trailers or other containers, UN numbers
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