Truck Loading Pedestal Platform With Offset Safety Cage

Truck Loading Pedestal Platforms With offset safety cage

Truck Loading Pedestal Platforms

This installation shows an anchored Truck loading safety platform made with the Erectestep system.The base of the platform is anchored to the deck which creates a very stable loading/unloading work environment. The addition of offset safety cages in high visibility orange adds another solid layer of fall protection that wraps around the vehicle to eliminate hazardous gaps, while increasing employee maneuverability. Workers move around different types of carriers with confidence which increases productivity.

It’s all about Fall Protection before a fall happens

Falls are among the most common causes of serious work-related injuries and deaths. OSHA recently announced the preliminary Top 10 most frequently cited workplace safety violations for fiscal year 2015 and fall protection (1926.501) ranks as its top violation with 6,721 citations for the year.

According to the Bureau Labor of Statistics (BLS), fatalities from falls, slips, and trips increased 10 percent to 793 in 2014 from 724 in 2013. Transportation and material moving occupations accounted for the largest share (28%) of fatal occupational injuries of any occupation group. Fatal work injuries in this group rose 3% to 1,289 in 2014, the highest total since 2008.

Proactively addressing areas in the work area where the potential falls could occur should be the most important part of your companies annual safety plan and assessment.

Using the ErectaStep modular metal staircase system allows you to place work platforms, crossovers, observation decks, and loading areas anywhere you need them. The 5 piece system can be configured any way you need it to be. There is no length or height that Erectastep cannot address with OSHA compliant safety built-in.

The components are made in the USA and are constructed from heavy-duty industrial support aluminum. The benefit is that you get a platform that is rigid, held in place, and secure. The addition of the MAUI safety cages extends safe maneuverability with OSHA compliance.